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5 Videos That Will Make You Cry (If You’re Kind of a Softy)

June 15th, 2010 by

OK this has nothing to do with waiting till marriage, but I just wanted to post it. Most great internet videos make you laugh out loud, or maybe shock you. These videos make you cry. But don’t worry. It’s a happy cry, not a sad cry. This has nothing to do with waiting till marriage, but given that many of you are hopeless romantics to the core (or at least idealists), I figured you might like them. So grab a tissue box, and click play.

1. Christian the Lion

For all the details on the life that Christian had as a lion cub living in London with owners John Rendall and Ace Berg, including how they purchased him from Harod’s department store as a cub, check out this article “Christian, the lion who lived in my London living room

YouTube Preview Image

2. Man returns to Vietnam to meet the daughter of the man he killed 30 years ago

Note: Embedding has been disabled on this video, so you have to click over to watch it at YouTube. Sorry about that. If anybody has a workaround for this let me know.

YouTube Preview Image

3. Little girl is about to tell her class about her dad who’s in Iraq. He comes home early and surprises her.

This fourth grader made a video about her dad, the soldier who’s currently fighting in Iraq. The next day, when she’s about to present the video to her class, her dad comes in…home early.

4. Dan Jansen Visa Commercial

OK, maybe I’m just a wimp. But hero stories bust me up. Short and sweet. Damn you, Visa *sniff*, damn you.
YouTube Preview Image

5. The Story of Dannie and Annie

This is a true story, as told by the real people involved, illustrated by StoryCorps. Stay with it till the end for the waterworks.

YouTube Preview Image

Author: Mike

Mike handles all of the programming and design work for Although he still writes the occasional article, he spends most of his time these days creating new site features and keeping everything organized. Mike is web software developer by day, and is in school to become a psychologist. In his free time Mike enjoys running, biking, and movies.

23 Responses to “5 Videos That Will Make You Cry (If You’re Kind of a Softy)”

  1. shelby says:

    wow im not a softy but that did make me cry:(:(

  2. Jesse says:

    i didn’t cry.
    i guess im just not a sensitive person….
    i hope that’s not a bad thing ._.

  3. Mike says:

    @Jesse – Yeah that pretty much means you’re a sociopath, sorry. Haha j/k. It’s definitely not a bad thing! Maybe you’re just a thinker, not a feeler. :-p

  4. Samantha says:

    I love Christian the Lion, but I had never seen the other videos. All of them made me cry. I feel so bad for the veteran and the daughter of the Vietnamese soldier killed. I am happy that the daughter could forgive the vet.
    The story of Dannie and Annie was so cute! That’s true love! It reminded me of the book “Tuesdays with Morrie” by Mitch Albom. I recommend that book for all you softies out there!
    I love videos that make me cry. Some of these are going to go up on my site

  5. Jessica says:

    I absolutely loved these <3 and yes they made me cry, and I'm not a softy either. Thanks for sharing Mike!

  6. Jordan says:

    I am not usually a softy, but i cried. Especially at the one where the little girls dad surprises her at her school. :’)

  7. Chloe says:

    CRIED !

  8. Helna says:

    Perfect cried soo hard!

  9. NANCY says:


  10. Cath says:

    nope it don’t make me cry

  11. jordan says:

    this reminds me of my husband a i love it

  12. Driven Forward says:

    The story of Dannie and Annie also of Christian I think are two stories I will never forget. I was sitting on the edge of my sit waiting for them to get bit but no never and they walk away like a big happy family. o, i think i’m going to cry again. Then Dannie and Annie to be blessed to find true love such as theirs is a miracle that everyone longs for.

  13. rebaone says:

    im a stuborn i didnt cry heish!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Derpy hooves says:

    You forgot my little dashie.
    Balled my eyes out when I read that.

  15. ameruggjyuh says:

    this thing sucs

  16. Jasmin says:

    ok ok I cried! All of those videos were touching in some way!

  17. sarah says:

    not sad at all :()

  18. grace says:

    no make me cry

  19. Leandra says:

    That made me cry so much. Thank you for uploading this!

  20. aaliyah freeman says:

    its not that serious-_-

  21. christy says:

    christian the lion was a big hit

  22. Wonderwoman says:

    The Story of Dannie and Annie Is one of my top favorite stories( I always cry when I watch). I love story core. Christian is a new story for me. I thought it was all cute~

  23. Anonymous says:

    GOTTA LOVE Danny and Annie!!! This guy is HILARIOUS!!! So many great quotes.

    “too tired, too sick, and too sore to do any other damn thing.”
    “it’s nice of you to keep the radio around the house.”
    “there’s a knowledge knowing when you get home you can hug somebody without them throwing you down the stairs and saying ‘Get your hands off me.'”
    “I always said ‘The only thing I have to give you is a poor gift and it’s myself.'” (The next part about coming back if possible is kinda creepy, though.)
    “Would you please drink for water”?

    I’m not a big believer in the idea that each of us has one specific “soulmate”, but it sure seems like Danny has met “the one”.

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