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Adriana Lima – Virgin Until Age 27

April 20th, 2011 by

They have to respect that this is my choice. If there’s no respect, that means they don’t want me.

It’s easy to say that beauty is not an ability. That a successful modeling career is more a factor of genetic luck than hard work and character. But think of how much effort you put into making yourself presentable for a first date or a job interview. Imagine that kind of meticulous physical preparation, but with a hundred times bigger stakes, fierce competition, and all the time. All day, every day you must look not only incredible, but winningly incredible.

As many ex-supermodels later admit to, maintaining that high level beauty is very hard work. Like success in other industries, it often takes equal parts talent and persistence to make something of yourself. Unless you’re born a supergenius, in which case success comes rather easily. In this sense, Adriana Lima is to beauty what Stephen Hawking is to brains, because people have been virtually showering her with beauty contest crowns and modeling contracts since she was 15 years old.

Quotes from Adriana on love and waiting…

I believe love just happens once. You can be mistaken, you can think you are in love, but after a while you discover that you’re really not. Real love is different.

On waiting till marriage…

Sex is for after marriage [emphasis hers].

On guy’s reacting to her decision to wait until marriage…

They have to respect that this is my choice. If there’s no respect, that means they don’t want me.

When asked to talk about sex by a magazine interviewer…

I’m not very experienced, okay?

On boyfriends…

I have just three boyfriends in my life.

On meeting Marko Jaric, her future husband…

I never saw myself being married and having a child. Not because I did not want to. But it’s tough to find somebody. [When I met Marko] everything changed. I knew he was the one and I could see myself married with him and with a big family.”


Born: June 12, 1981 in Salvador, Brazil

Age 0.5: Her father, Nelson Torres, abandons Adriana and her mother. Adriana will be raised by her mother.

Age 6-11: Wins a few chid-beauty pageants, but has no interest in pursuing a career in modeling/pageants. Has no idea what she wants to do with her life.

Age 14: A highschool friend of Adriana’s wants to enter Ford’s “Supermodel of Brazil” modeling contest, but feels nervous and doesn’t want to enter by herself. To support her friend, Adriana enters the contest with her. The agency likes Adriana’s headshots so much that they accept Adriana into the competition (no word on how the friend fared).

Age 15: 1st place in Ford’s “Supermodel of Brazil”. Enters Ford’s “Supermodel of the World” contest, and finishes 2nd.

Age 18: Moves from Brazil to New York, signs with Elite Modeling

Age 19: Becomes an official Victoria’s Secret Angel and a GUESS Girl in the same year.

Age 20: First acting role in The Follow, an episode of the excellent short film series The Hire  produced by BMW. She plays a beautiful damsel in distress (and appears alongside Clive Owen, Mickey Rorke, and Forest Whitaker). She also begins dating Lenny Kravitz (her longtime favorite musician). Watch the BMW short film The Follow with Adriana Lima here.

Age 21: Lenny Kravitz, somewhat of a playboy, tries to lock down Adriana Lima and proposes to her. They are engaged for several months before ending their relationship (for reasons she refuses to talk about).

Age 22: Signs as spokesperson for Maybeline cosmetics. Begins dating Prince Wenzeslaus. Appears in controversial “Angel in Venice” commercial with Bob Dylan. Watch Adriana’s commercial with Bob Dylan here.

Age 23: Ranks #1 on’s Most Desirable Women 2004

Age 24: Again ranks #1 on’s Most Desireable Women. Becomes official spokesperson for Telcom Italia Mobile, earning her the nickname “Italy’s Catherine-Zeta Jones”. Listed in Forbes “25 Best-paid Celebrities under 25”. Ends relationship with Prince Wenzeslaus after three years. Goes on a couple dates with Derek Jeter. April issue of GQ with her on the cover is highest selling GQ issue ever.

Age 25: Meets Serbian basketball player Marko Jaric and falls in love instantly, tells interviewers that she’s met the One. Ranks 99th on Forbes Celebrity 100 (highest paid celebrities in the world), and is the fifth highest-paid supermodel in the world.

Age 26: Officially admits that she is dating Marko Jaric. Ranked by Forbes as the fourth highest-paid supermodel in the world.

Age 27 (Valentines Day): Marries Marko Jaric in small private civil ceremony on Valentine’s day.

Age 27: Featured on the cover of Esquire’s 75th Anniversary Issue. Adriana’s superbowl ad is the most-watched ad of the whole game. A fan of Ugly Betty, she makes a memorable guest appearance on the show as herself.

Age 28: Gives birth to her first daughter, Valentina

Other interesting Adriana Lima facts:

  1. She is precisely on-time for interviews, even in the morning. This is a quality, one interviewer notes, that is atypical of supermodels, New Yorkers, and the wealthy (of which Adriana is all three), who usually arrive late.
  2. When asks, says she just kind of fell into modeling. She wants to be a pediatrician now.
  3. An enthusiastic Catholic, she goes to church every Sunday and wears a scapular (prayer and a sacred symbol, like a locket) around her neck when not modeling.
  4. The term “adriana lima” is defined in the Urban Dictionary as “someone beyond perfection”.

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75 Responses to “Adriana Lima – Virgin Until Age 27”

  1. Sara says:

    I know she waited til marriage, but this article says nothing about her struggle to wait or what her level was. (Kissing/hold hands only or everything but) I know this is a bad assumption, but I assume is was everything but since she was dating high profile celebrities.

  2. Mike says:

    @Sara – It’s hard to get straight answers on those kind of things, because most celebrities don’t go into detail about it (because nobody asks). Once this site gets a little bigger, I’d like to start chasing down our OWN interviews and see who we can get to talk to us and give us the real scoop.

  3. Zaire says:

    I think she is a very talented model, but isn’t it kind of normal that guys would do anything to sleep with her since she is a bra model and shows off her body and stuff, I mean, yes, I too am waiting for after marriage, but if you want the struggle to be less hard, Í suggests she covers up… thats just my opinion.

  4. Stevo says:

    @Mike: I’m male, 26, ruggedly handsome, and waiting for both spiritual and physical purposes. America is like a teenager going through puberty. The temptation for sex is everywhere, laced in everything that we see and experience. In some circumstances, my buddies aren’t much support either. I struggle with this on a daily basis and it would be a great inspiration if I could find out that others are as well.

  5. kiwi777 says:

    Its only a struggle if you put yourself in temptation situations. Thats why you dont kiss before marriage or do anything that leads up to it and you should be okay.

  6. Sophie says:

    This is when I learned just how judgmental I am: I was reading in the Hello magazine an interview with Adriana and pictures of her and her child and I thought, “Wow she’s gorgeous. I bet she was a total slut before getting married, and now Valentina will be as well when she gets older. And that marriage is NOT lasting – why would a girl that hot remain loyal?” So that isn’t word-for-word, but that’s roughly what I thought. She just looked like a slut in those pictures cuz she was wearing pretty skimpy skirts and dresses, and she models lingerie and stuff. AND THEN I FOUND OUT SHE WAITED UNTIL MARRIAGE. Man I felt stupid. I have been, and always will be, judgmental (a big personality flaw of mine,) but I am going to try and tone it down a little!

  7. easily_amused says:

    So you people just believe whatever you read in the tabloids?
    Not only does this generate a huge storm of crap, but saying this afterwards the statement at hand is “over” is the easiest thing in the world…

  8. Mike says:

    @easily_amused – No, I believe whatever I read in lengthy, well-written, reputable-sounding interviews from GQ Magazine.

    But if you have better evidence stating the contrary, link me and I’ll update the article.

  9. Gabe says:

    if she can… so can i… I’m only 21… but i won’t betray my future wife… wherever you are!!!…:'(

  10. head girl says:

    i find her inspiring, it has always been a deem of mine to model (defiantly with more cloths than that to sorry lol) it shows that her crier should not define here chose to wtm

  11. Damion Deek says:

    We all struggle. Even if she did wait til marriage like someone said, what were her real struggles? That’s good what she did but for others to grasp from it we need more info. To just say wait until marriage don’t equip anyone for anything. That’s good she did it tho!

  12. Trisha says:

    Here’s a quick fact, she models in her bra and underwear because she’s a lingerie model for Victoria’s Secret. But, if you haven’t got your nose so high up in the air to have picked up a catalogue for the store, you’d see she also models clothes, some completely covering her entire body. So before you’re so quick to judge a gorgeous girl, who makes more money in a day then you will in your life time, get your facts straight or keep your mouths shut. Jealousy is a horrible personality trait that most of you on here seem to have. And p.s. Guys will want to fuck her whether she’s got her entire body covered or not. Half the percentage of men these days will fuck any woman breathing. Stop hating. Have a good rest of your day.

  13. Marla says:

    While modeling lingerie, etc, is very unusual for someone who is trying to remain pure until marriage, it speaks volumes about her character in a way. She is taking advantage of opportunities she receives because she is so beautiful, but isn’t letting any of this go to her head. She understands that this is a job and that’s all. When she’s not posing for photoshoots, she remains someone who is proud to follow God.

  14. Tiannah says:

    I love what she said about not seeing herself married and having kids, not because she didn’t want to, but because it’s hard to find someone. I’m 20 right now and still a virgin by choice and still waiting until marriage, but I’m not sure if I’ll get married or have kids. Like she said, it’s not because I don’t want to, I totally do, but it’s really hard finding someone and since I have yet to, I know I’ll be okay on my own. I already admired Adriana Lima so much before, it’s so great to find out she was successful at waiting until marriage. Thanks for this. This helps a lot.

  15. Silver says:

    Ive loved her and her personality. Shes an amazing gorgeous drop dead beauty and one of the most famous supermodels, makes millions and millions of dollar, also is a great mom and wife. Eventhough shes been a body of victorias secret for more than a decade now, she stays a humble person. I know she was a virgin and waited til marriage and its a good inspiration for me. I think her life is perfect now bc shes living life in her own good way. Everybody could judge her but i believe shes proud to follow God. Thats why she gets more beautiful everyday 🙂

  16. Inner beauty says:

    I very much understand Adriana and her decisions. When you’re in the spotlight and your job entails cashing in on your looks and body, it’s hard to discern who and what is real around you. I am happy to see that her career didn’t change her character, and that she was able to weed out low quality people from her life by staying true to her values, limits and wishes. I’m sure the wait was hard (I know from personal experience), but it would have been much harder to deal with being used and broken-hearted over men who don’t deserve you. You’re awesome, Adriana!!

  17. Marat says:

    I do not believe, do not believe, do not believe it. 2, along with Lenny without sex?? she is a virgin, ha ha.

  18. Reema says:

    I don’t find it hard to believe that she remained pure untill marriage, when you watch interview of Adriana you can easily sense that she’s a beautiful gentle soul and isn’t your typical person. Beautiful inside and out

  19. Gamu Mikayla M says:

    Yes i completely get her….im 19,and i get misjudged a lotta times.people assume that im slutty just because im pretty,i like to wear shorts,short shirts and heels,but its because im short so heels and high hemlines really flatter my body besides im fashion concious…also because mostly im around guys just hanging and “snobby”to other people bt thats bcoz im used to hanging with guys most of my family is male and im shy tho wld suprise ppl as i talk a lot……………but yeah I AM A VIRGIN like im more virgin than other girls no fingers in way!and also that part she siad she ddnt think shd eva get married coz finding someone is hard#i know

  20. Gamu Mikayla M says:

    But yes i want to stay virgin till marriage…im calling on God to help me and your support thats why im sooooooo glad i found this site…and adrianna lima is my new u know what i mean..xoxo

  21. College student says:

    Don’t hate. Just be inspired. I’m sure it was very difficult for her to save it. I’m 20 and planning on saving sex for marriage. I’m pretty cute, and I also have been dating a very handsome great guy for almost 3 years. It is always a temptation. The hardest part is deciding in your own mind and choosing to keep your mind from thinking about sex. If you can stand firm in your choice than it’ll be a lot easier to tell the other person that you want to save it. We have way less problems than all my friends relationships that involve sex and living together and such. I mean of course we have problem, but they aren’t so dramatic and there is no baggage really.
    Also, I don’t want to regret something that could be so great (if you are indecisive at all than you’ll probably regret it). If you wait till marriage or for the right time and person then you wont be paranoid everytime and you won’t have to do it in a car or a nasty dorm room or your moms house … Ewww haha. But I must say everyone is different and some people don’t save it and have fine relationships. It’s a personal choice and don’t let anybody make that choice for you even though it’s a good idea to save it for the right person at least.

  22. Jessica says:

    @Marat why would Adriana lie about it? In the adult world, literally no one cares whether you saved it or not except for maybe parents and the one you’ll marry. It’s not “cool” for celebrities to be virgins, so I’m pretty sure she wouldnt lie about something like that to several interviewers and millions of people.

  23. College student says:

    @Gamu Mikayla M I’m on the same page as you. People always asume I am slutty. No one understands that you can be good looking and still be a virgin or that you can be not good looking and be sleazy. Congrats though!

  24. Gamu Mikayla M says:

    Yes people are messed up like who says “pretty=slutty”?hahaha i bet its the same people nothing bad like herpes will happen to them…..AND THANK you……if you have on account here follow me i have the same name i could use people like you,itd be fun

  25. behrooz says:

    I think she is a big lier and I’m pretty sure she had sex before marriage but i like her body because it’s so hot

  26. monica v says:

    I am a 29 ye old and I waited until after marriage to have sex.I respected my self and remain my self that waiting was the best for me and now I glad and proud of myself that I did.every one can as long as you keep your mind in to it

  27. soukyy says:

    Chapeau Adriana ! I am 26 still virgin, but I struggle to keep it up. working in such environment is even tougher I do understand it. It is hard giving up having a nice time with a cute guy who likes you. He finds it just silly when you say “sorry I am still virgin” haha he just runs away!

  28. Omster says:

    Why wait? Sex is natural… that’s why we have vaginas and penises… they’re meant to be used. Certain religions came along and made people feel ashamed of their body and sexual desires. E.i.the snake and apple in Eden are sexual metaphors. The snake tempts Eve and Adam eats the forbidden fruit and all humanity is doomed. Ofcourse, it’s all Eve’s fault. WTF?? This sexist agenda.
    People need to learn to embrace sex as a natural thing… not a disease or evil. Sex is great and it feels good.. so go get FUCKED!!!!

  29. Jegsy Scarr says:

    @Omster – Interesting interpretation of Genesis. Of course, Christianity doesn’t teach that sex is a “disease” or “evil”, or that people should be ashamed of their bodies or of their sexual desires. Rather, it teaches that the human body was made in the image and likeness of God and that sex between a husband and wife is in many ways a foretaste of the divine.

    It’s funny that you think that Genesis portrays the eating of the forbidden fruit as being “Eve’s fault”, since there’s no suggestion of that anywhere. And I know it’s a ‘snake’, but it’s not a sexual metaphor! I think it’s weird that you’ve decided that Christianity is anti-sex, or something, based on just a few verses of Genesis. May I suggest you read Song of Songs? It’s basically erotic love poetry in the heart of the Bible, so…


  30. Cuba says:

    It is definitely interesting reading something like this. And I agree with some of the comments. Its easy for people to look at someone like Adriana and certain others & make assumptions about what they do or do not get up to. I am 24, 5 ft 9 and have done part time modeling in the past. Guys don’t believe me when I say I am single let alone a virgin. Temptation is all around (of course nothing like what Adriana has had i’m sure) but I have still held onto my virginity. First it was for religion .. and now its the thought ‘if I have waited this long then I can certainly hold on to till marriage’ And in this day an age I see it as a little something special/extra that I have which others have given away so soon and regretted

  31. natasja says:

    adriana – you are my biggest inspiration… i love and respect you as a role model for young girls mwah xo

  32. Espanola says:

    La pollita se corrió cuando vi la concha de Adriana Lima en la playa. Luego, se vino una mas grande, y se la comio!

  33. some girl says:

    I am a huge adriana lima fan and i admire her. I find her desion to wait until marriage honorable. I am 18 years old and a virgin. I don’t plan to be physical with anyone and wont until i know ive met the one. I don’t know if it will be until after marriage but for sure only if i love someone and knew he was the one. I already have my sights set on someone who has morals i agree with even though we are of different religions. I love and care for him. He is also a virgin and we agreed to wait for each other :3 (long distance) My advice to other girls is don’t do anything unless you are totally ready and don’t let anyone pressure you. I also believe in the personal choice whether to be sexually active or not before marriage because my views are pretty liberal. Waiting for the right one is a decision thats right for me and thats something i want to do.

  34. some person says:

    Wow, adriana lima was a virgin until she was 27! Now i dont feel so abnormal being a 24 year old virgin. I am a huge fan of hers and think she is so beautiful. After reading that i realise its not so unusual (as what i thought) to be a virgin still in your twenties!
    When the time is right and i meet the right person it will happen for me 🙂

  35. sasa says:

    you are ameizing girl ,you are like the deva maria,,.werewer you are nice gerl i m think

  36. Mary says:

    Wow she’s amazing & I admire her because she’s humble & she waited until marriage .

  37. Sharon says:

    @Stevo it’s great that you chose to remain pure. I as a female waiter, find it hard to meet guys that actually have strong beliefs in waiting. I currently know of two x_x. So don’t worry, you are a rare jewel in this over-sexualized world and when the right girl comes your way and realizes that, it will be worth the wait.

    Good luck xoxo

  38. Kat says:

    It is so nice to hear women still wait or are bit more conservative! I lost my virginity at 21 to a nice guy that i liked. i wasnt waiting for marriage but when i felt more mature and ready. I hadn’t even kissed or gone out with a boy till about 20. Everyone at my college (who had like lost it at ages 15 or 16 had obvious issues and were sleeping around the most) around me were like oh my Gosh ur still a virgin??? you are missing out!!! But I didn’t feel that way. I wasn’t in a hurry. Sex is everywhere And anywhere, it’s holding your ground and not being tempted by it that makes u stronger.
    Actually I noticed my male friends treat or talk to me differently (in a kinda good way) compared to the other girls (that had many many partners).
    I think she makes a great role model and refreshing to know she isn’t skanky because we all know Hollywood is cootie central lol evetyone sleeps with everyone

  39. noona says:

    i love her man she is hottest thn the hotest

  40. atusa says:

    it’s not a honor being a virgin, i’m beautiful and i was virgin till 1 month ago i’m 28, i decided to lose my virginity cuz i think i never would get married, so i don’t think its a reason of being an angel if u r virgin, i live in iran one of the most limited countries about women and i hate that when ppl just care about women virginity and men are free to do everything they want

  41. hayley says:

    Adriana…u are a great inspiration to me and u have also taught me not to judge a book by its cover.I mean who who would think that a Victoria secret model of all people would remain a virgin till marriage and hold such high morals. Shes inspired me to hold my morals high to and not conform to the slutty ways of this world 🙂

  42. College Gurl says:

    I don’t find it hard to believe that Adriana waited. It’s really a shame that in today’s society, if you’re screwing anything with a pulse you’re considered better than if you choose to save yourself. I applaud Adriana in her decision and I think she is a good role model for young girls, especially the ones who are very beautiful. Boys automatically assume that if a girl is attractive she’ll sleep with them and maybe more girls will follow Adriana’s lead.

  43. […] the stunning Adriana Lima admitted that she was waiting until she met The One before taking the plunge in the […]

  44. Charles E. Hughes says:

    To all women who want a real man, a husband, a Real man, I have no time to talk about how much I agree with all virgin status….get the book…”How to get a Man that Doesn’t Cheat”, by me. go to and order, and tell as many women who really want a man (husband), beyond what normal logic says. One has to believe, I am living proof.

  45. miki says:

    i love you lima

  46. katie says:

    Wow 27…i must say i feel a lot better…im 24 nd still a virgin…and she is smoking hot and lost her virginity so late….u rock adriana…she is amazing…now im not that worried about losing my virginity

  47. Laura says:

    For Sara
    She is a devout catholic, there for she under stands and knows the teaching of the church. I guess it’s hard to believe some one is a virgin in all sense. I’m 24 I’m a virgin no sex… Like no touch etc not even kissing. My best friend 25 just only kissed her bf. my sister was a virgin until 32 year old. If someone is truly a catholic they will be a virgin, and perhaps that’s why all the Alisters never lasted because they couldn’t wait and wanted more. From her. It is sad how the secular world finds this hard to believe that she was a virgin in all sense. Hey she kissed her past pass 2 bfs thats find, but you can’t assume she did everything but intercourse that is not being a virgin. This wonder example of what a real woman lady is the real deal. Yes, I also get that there are a lot of Catholics in this world that don’t follow the church they sleep with people, they don’t care but this girl did, just like me, like I said I’ve dated but I haven’t even kissed a guy and I just turned 24! There’s nothing wrong with me, I just have meet anyone who is for me. I haven’t met a guy I’m actually interested. My focus is God, family and education. The rest will follow as gods will

  48. Laura says:

    My typing is bad I wrote this on a cell sorry

  49. walusimbi remmy says:

    That’s good because at that age you are in position to determine your future.Iloved that name to the extent I named it to my doughter.

  50. Wertoxhide says:

    That is a very inspiring choice that she made. You should always hold true to your beliefs if you are a Catholic. Since she is a Catholic, it would make since that she believes in chastity(no sex before marriage).

  51. Jenn says:

    Honestly, I have to say that I think her values are a little inconsistent. If she is a Catholic, and values chastity until marriage, then it doesn’t make sense to me that she models sexy lingerie for a living. She has also modeled in the nude (even though you can’t “see” anything). I understand that she does model clothes as well, but if she has good Catholic morals, then why not focus on finding modeling gigs that are more consistent with them? Seems there’s a bit of a disconnect there.

  52. Lie says:

    She suddenly eloped and then announced she was pregnant 3 months later.. its called shotgun wedding.. as soon as she found out she was pregnant she eloped and then tried to play it off as if it happened right away after the wedding.. I hate liars

  53. Coco says:

    Why is it so hard to people to accept her choices. Once someone says something a lot of people quickly jump on the bandwagon claiming she is a liar because you all think it can’t possibly be true!
    What does she have to lie about
    See that’s the problem with society. You quickly assume, and as a fellow catholic also waiting until marriage it sickens me that people complain about girls sleeping around but once actually someone waits until marriage everyone loses their minds.
    Yeah she is a lingerie model but people, seriously, have some respect and admire her for that.
    And for people saying she got pregnant quickly, maybe she isn’t on contraception because guess what the church is against that too. Research before opening your stupid mouths.

  54. Charlotte says:

    She is brazilian and they are really fervant catholics.Bu right now she is divorcing so the whole thing “Wating till marriage” it’s not the one and only formule to be together forever.Probably she would find that he is not the guy for her and this is totally normal.
    I haven’t waited and I am fine with.I knew for myself that I should go out with more than one guy to be totally sure what kind of man I need.Right now I am really happy in my relationship and I am totally sure that I want that kind of guy.Because when I was younger I had a totally different idea of that qualities I want in a guy and this turned out to be really wrong for me.WIth the experience I found out who I really am and with who I want to be.

  55. Marco says:

    Before she got married, she had dated prince Wenzeslaus of Liechtenstein (check their pictures together – drunk and kissing), Danny from the Brazilian Bahia band, Timbalada Group, Lenny Krawitz etc. What do you think these guys were picking flowers with her?! Wake up people from this deception. Virgin or the rich men escort? Do you rally think that she would have suceeded so far if she had not had to “pay the price”. She has sold her soul to devil long time ago.

  56. Christi Luv says:

    I LOVE IT LOL!!! AWESOME!! <3 <3 <3

  57. @ coco says:

    Yeah, too catholic not to use contraceptives but not enough, not to get a divorce when the going becomes tough. Thought that was against the church too. Ughh some people’s logic!!!

  58. pradeepta mazumdar says:

    Congratulations!!Happy married life I bless You and your family members to have a great future

  59. Maria Peru says:

    Congratulation when, you true choose is wait VIRGEN until get married with you thuth man, I waited 37 year I am so happy for my decitions GOD BLESS YOU!!!

  60. Western says:

    I must say I’m surprised she got a divorce if she truly is a devout Catholic, because Catholic’s aren’t supposed to do that. She could get an anulment(there was never a marriage in the first place), but after have kids, it’s kind of weird. I hope she stays a good Catholic though, because divorce with young children is never good.

  61. pradeepta mazumdar says:

    Yes You are right men Dont like or loves women who is not virgin and a prostitute get lost

  62. pradeepta mazumdar says:

    I want to sput at You because I like virgin not a prostitute and You are not in this list

  63. pradeepta mazumdar says:

    Sorry please forgive me all of You and You specially Victoria’s secret and supermodel Adriana Lima please

  64. Guest says:

    Good for her, if it’s true – means she’s a rare kind of girl nowadays.
    Too bad her marriage didn’t last that long though.

  65. lilkunta says:

    adriana married 14 feb 2009 and gave birth 15 november 2009.
    is that waiting for sex before marriage?
    it would explain why she married unexpectedly and quietly in jackson hole wyoming.

    another model giselle did same thing. calling herself catholic she was livng with men before marriage. she even had the audacity to marry in the catholic church in california that bridget moynahan introduced tom too! they married 26feb2009 and son ben was born 8dece 2009( and daughter also dec: 5 dec 2012).

  66. Justin styles says:

    Adriana,I’m a fan of you….after reading all these comments about you,it does not matter to me that you had sex or not…all that matter to me is that i really appreciate you for being the best model i have ever known since 2000…I have been watching you and Alessandra Ambrosio on the runway of victoria’s secret

  67. Lance Terry says:

    I will respect you with a lot of love… I will give you the respect you deserve!!!!! So will you marry meither? You are the hottest girl ever!!!!!!!! ♡ Lance Terry♡

  68. Honey bebs says:

    My dearest Adriana,nowadays,people are either sex maniac or drug takers..people will want to have sex with you…cause you re so hot..they have to respect your decisions,cause your body is all yours…and if they want hot girls,i say they should go to sluts and not a beautiful model like you…

  69. Solomon Islands female Law student says:

    I love you Lima you are great..many had used their body doing evil before marriage and am afraid what the husband will say when he know…But am sure it is far better to live pure (virgin) till we marry….

    Hi, let us keep ourselves safe till the day we marry because we are God’s children and our body is the temple of the lord……I pray that God will help me to find a virgin boy to be my dearest husband…I have faith he will give me that fellow one day.

  70. kapoor Ria says:

    The Victoria’s Secret models are considered among the most beautiful women in the world, unfortunately for the guys out there, most of them are taken, some are married and some are even moms. It is nice to see their life outside the glamour world of being a Victoria’s Secret angel and to know the men they go home to. Everyone should know that along with being beautiful models they are beautiful women to many boyfriends, husbands and children!

  71. God says:

    Well Adriana got married and lost her “virginity” got divorced and giving her pussy to many guys, now she is sex addict making up for lost sex years when she was a virgin

  72. God says:

    But people don’t ask other questions for example, if she was virgin and didn’t want to give pussy she could still give blowjobs and handjobs, and get fucked in the ass, and also men can eat her pussy also and also there is a surgical procedures that make a woman’s pussy a virgin again and guess what she got lots of money to cover that,

  73. Kwerie says:

    Oral sex and foreplay is not considered loosing your virginity also not masturbating, so she could’ve been that nasty and still be a virgin lmao… and it also doesn’t mean she didn’t suck dick…

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