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How to Survive a Sexual Dry Spell

November 6th, 2009 by

Sally Fields as the Flying Nun

Sally Fields as the Flying Nun

Good article over at LemonDrop about sexual dry spells. It’s written to a target audience that isn’t necessarily saving sex for marriage, but it’s still discussing the notion of abstaining from sex for a prolonged period of time, so it definitely applies to the Waiting Till Marriage situation.

Valueable exerpt:

The good news? Almost every dry-speller we spoke to said that celibacy — voluntary or not — was a valuable growth experience, helping some feel more confident while others relished the surplus of “me time.”

As somebody who is waiting till marriage, you’re basically locking yourself into the rapid growth phase that the interviewees in this article spoke of. If used correctly, waiting till marriage can yield some great personal accomplishments and high level of self-knowledge.

Read the full article here.

Author: Mike

Mike handles all of the programming and design work for Although he still writes the occasional article, he spends most of his time these days creating new site features and keeping everything organized. Mike is web software developer by day, and is in school to become a psychologist. In his free time Mike enjoys running, biking, and movies.

1 Response to “How to Survive a Sexual Dry Spell”

  1. Sally says:

    So this describes me right now. lol. I do a workout dance class 2x/wk which helps a lot and I play tennis which really works up a sweat and make me tired so I actually get to bed at a good time =P Idk what else to do though….I just think about it a lot and really know I need to focus thoughts somewhere else–not about not having a bf. Chick flicks, chick lit don’t help so I try not to. I also don’t read women’s magazines either. I also deleted my acct where I gave relationship advice… more reminder–gone. I do go to church every wk and try to pray daily/read Daily Word, but I dont’ know what I’m missing in my life….

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