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Author: Jegsy Scarr

Jegsy is a long-time member of She contributes to the site in a number of important ways, such as by suggesting new material for articles, forgetting to complete articles she said she would write, and by sharing her dry Scottish humour with everyone. She is interested in fan-fiction, dystopian novels, singing, anything to do with the Phantom of the Opera, and learning French.

7 Reasons Why Catholics Wait Till Marriage

As a Catholic, I don’t think there’s any teaching of my faith that’s more misunderstood than the Catholic teaching on sex. It’s at the point where if I had a bead for every time I heard someone say “the Catholic Church hates sex,” I could outfit the whole of Vatican City with rosaries.

Video: Heartstrings

Ah, love. That mysterious bond, seemingly so fragile, yet able to withstand the difficulties of life with surprising resilience. What better way to explain the power of love than by using…a piece of string?

The Invention of Love

A dark and twisted love story, just in time for the U.S. holiday of Halloween. This is not a cute, uplifting video like the stories we normally post. This is a bit darker, and also a bit deeper. But it’s not where it takes you that matters; it’s where it leaves you. Happy Halloween.

What is love?

Check out the latest entry in our growing collection of cool love story videos. Again, this is not directly about waiting till marriage, but it’s funny and sweet and I think you’ll like it. So enjoy!