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Author: Olivier

Olivier writes many of the site's articles, some articles requiring many hours of research; he also helps with site strategy/focus. He has a Bachelors in Accounting, Masters in Theology, and is currently an accounting manager for a teleconferencing solutions company. In his spare time he enjoys reading, writing, NFL, and movies.

Sex Is No Sport: The Hypocrisies of Hookup Culture

While much of the waiting-till-marriage movement incorporates religious beliefs, many religious and non-religious adherents will also explain that there are other reasons for choosing to wait as well. “Sex Is No Sport” presents a philosophical look at casual sex, describing the unnaturalness and hypocrisies of “casual” sex and hookup culture.

Interview With Successful Waiters: Billy And April

Another waiting till marriage success story! Billy and April, a married couple, are two successful waiters who agreed to share their story via an interview with Learn more about their abstinence journey in this exciting “2 for 1” interview. You should also check out their hubpage to read even more about them!

The Birth of Super Gonorrhea

In Japan, a sex worker was discovered to have a new “super” strain of gonorrhea. This form of gonorrhea can not be treated. A team of Japanese and Swedish scientists wrote, in the July 2011 issue of Antimicrobial Agents and Chemotherapy, that this new form may represent “a true superbug that initiates a future era of untreatable gonorrhea”.

10 Signs That True Love Still Exists

It’s been said that chivalry is dead and that the sands of time have corroded true love into a thing of the past. Though chivalry and true love are rare, they are still very much a reality. Here are 10 signs that true love still exists.

Losing Virginity as a Teen Associated With Higher Chance of Divorce

Is losing your virginity a big deal? A recent University of Iowa study compares the divorce rates between women who lost their virginity as teens and women who waited until adulthood. The results show that the loss of one’s virginity may be more serious than some think.

What Virgins Should Know About The Pill

Undoubtedly, the decision to wait is a challenging one. But when sexual activity is right around the corner, waiters are faced with another difficult choice: birth control method. This decision should not be taken lightly and emerging research is uncovering some surprising facts about hormonal contraception.

STDs and Pregnancy Rates Among U.S. Teens and Young Adults

STDs and out of wedlock pregnancy are threats especially for teens and young adults. For a considerable period of time, these risks were mitigated. Is this trend continuing? The CDC’s most recent numbers on these may surprise you.

Book Review: Hooked: New Science on How Casual Sex is Affecting Our Children

The negative physical consequences of premarital sex (e.g., STDs and out of wedlock pregnancy) are universally acknowledged. However, only until recently has the scientific community been able to produce concrete evidence regarding the emotional impacts. Hooked provides an in depth look at this cutting-edge research, explaining the effects that premarital sex has on the brain and human psyche.

Study: Definite Link between Premarital Sex, Cohabitation, and Divorce

Does moving in together and having sex before marriage affect your chances of divorce? Sociology Professor Jay Teachman conducted a study to determine whether the common practice of living with and having sex with multiple partners before marriage has any effect on divorce rates. His findings bode well for those who wait.

5 Reasons Why Waiting Gets Easier After College

The high school and college years are incredibly discouraging for those waiting until marriage to have sex. Among other things, those years can be marked by isolation, frustration, and doubt. You may ask yourself if things will ever get better. Well, the world won’t be a utopia after college, but here are 5 reasons why waiting just might get easier.