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Beyoncé – Virgin Until Age 23 (ish)

October 23rd, 2011 by

“People would be surprised as to the lack of experiences I’ve had. When I was 12 or 13 I had my first boyfriend, and he was my boyfriend until I was 17. At that age, that was a long time.

I’ve always been very loyal and a little more mature. Though I was too young for it to really be a boyfriend – we didn’t live together, we didn’t, you know . . . That was my only experience with a guy, and since then I’ve only had one other boyfriend in my life – Jay.”


People take different pathways to stardom. Some people get lucky. Some people are smart and hard-working. And a very few people are, plainly, born for it. Beyoncé Knowles is in that last category. By the age of 10 she had accomplished more as a musician than most do in a lifetime, and she kept building from there, all the way up into the stratosphere of mega-stardom.

When asked to describe herself in a word, Beyoncé chose “loyal”. She has proven that loyalty time and again: to her talent, and to her faith, and to her noble idea of love and relationships. To date, she has only had two boyfriends: Her childhood sweetheart and her now-husband, hip-hop legend Jay-Z.

Beyoncé’s Song about Waiting on Sex

Beyoncé’s song Yes describes what it’s like to be broken up with because you’re not ready to have sex. Have a listen below:

YouTube Preview Image


Born: September 4th, 1981 in Texas to parents Matthew (a professional record executive) and Tina (a costume designer and hair stylist).

Age 6: In elementary school, she enrolls in ballet and jazz classes. One day, her dance instructor starts humming a song and little Beyonce Knowles finishes it, hitting all the high-pitched parts that the other kids can’t reach. Soon after, she enters the school talent show for singing and wins it.

Age 7: Mentioned in the Houston Chronicle as a nominee for the local performing arts award.

Age 8: Meets future Grammy winner LaTavia Roberson at an audition for an all-group signing group. Together with friend (and future bandmate) Kelly Rowland, they are placed in a wrapping and dancing group called Girl’s Tyme.

Age 9: A major record label becomes interested in Girl’s Tyme, so flies them to California and puts them on StarSearch. They don’t win, but mostly because the song they choose to perform. Transfers to a music magnet school, where she will spend more time on stage in the choir.

Age 12: LeToya Luckett joins the band, which is renamed Destiny’s Child, based on a package in the Book of Isaiah.

Age 13: After opening for several mainstream R&B groups, Girl’s Tyme signs a record deal with Elektra Records.

Age 14: Attends a special high school for the performing arts. Her father resigns from his job to manage Destiny’s Child full time, reducing the family income in half and forcing the family to move into separate apartments. Her father establishes a kind of “boot camp” for the girls. Moves family to Atlanta, and then Elektra Records dumps them so they move back home to Texas. The strain is too great on the family, and her parents separate.

Age 15: Her family reunites

Age 16: Destiny’s Child is signed with Columbia Records, and record their first wide-release song Killing Time for the Men in Black soundtrack.

Age 17: Destiny’s Child releases debut album, which includes the song “No, No, No” which becomes their first major hit. Their self-titled album wins three Soul Train Awards.

Age 18: Releases Destiny Child’s second album, The Writing’s on The Wall. Album goes multi-platinum, sells 8 million copies, and wins two Grammys.

Age 19: LeToya Luckett and LaTavia Roberson, who have been with Beyonce since before the age of 10, feel like they are being replaced. They file a lawsuit against the other band members for breach of contract and leave the group. The remaining member, Farray Franklin, gradually pulls away from the band because she’s disheartened by all the drama. The media blames Beyonce for the split up. Beyonce’s boyfriend, who had been with her since the age of 12, leaves her. Beyonce falls into a deep depression.

Age 20: Makes acting debut in the TV Movie Carmen. Releases third album with Destiny’s Child, Survivor, which includes several number-one hits like Bottylicious. Remaining members of the group announce that they will suspend the band so they can pursue solo careers.

Age 21: Stars in Austin Powers in Goldmember as Foxxy Cleopatra. Records first solo single, Work It Out, for the soundtrack. Starts dating Jay-Z.

Age 22: Stars in The Fighting Tempatations. Releases first solo album, which births five consecutive top-five hits, including two number-one hits, and wins five Grammys.

Age 23: Rejoins other members of Destiny’s Child to release their final album, Destiny Fulfilled, which peaks at number two on the Billboard 200 and goes triple-platinum.

Age 24: Goes on tour with Destiny’s Child for the last time, then disbands.

Age 25: Temporarily reuninites with Destiny’s Child to receive a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Stars with Steve Martin in The Pink Panther. Releases her second studio album, B’Day, which hits number one and goes triple-platinum. Also stars in Dream Girls with Jamie Fox and Eddie Murphy. Listed with Jay-Z as Time Magazine’s Most Powerful Couple.

Age 26: Marries Jay-Z. Wins two Golden Globes for Dream Girls. Goes on her first solo concert tour, The Beyonce Experience.

Age 27: Releases third album, I Am Sasha Fierce, which wins six Gammys

Age 28: Ranks with Jay-Z as Forbe’s top-earning couple in Hollywood, with a combined totaly income of $162 million (they also made the list again with $122 million the next year).

Age 29: Listed at #3 on Forbes’ Top-Earning Musicians. Releases fourth consecutive number-one album. Decides to take a break from music for a while.

Age 30: Announces at the MTV Video Music Awards that she is pregnant with her first child.

Interesting facts about Beyoncé


49 Responses to “Beyoncé – Virgin Until Age 23 (ish)”

  1. Sally says:

    While this is really great, she still had sex with a bf for a few years before marrying—my struggle is WAITING until then lol—but she is an EXCELLENT example of loyaly and trustworthiness.

  2. ThatGuy says:


    I agree with you 100%. This is a great article, and Beyonce is incredibly talented and loyal, but she did not wait until marriage. This doesn’t make her a bad person, but I’m really inspired by people who actually waited. When I hear successful stories of people who waited, it makes my struggle seem like so much more worth it.

  3. Sally says:

    Thanks, TG. I agree—those successful stories are what really help!

  4. Mike says:

    Alright I’m going to take a different angle on this, ThatGuy and Sally (though, as you know, I love you both).

    1. I couldn’t actually confirm whether she first had sex with Jay-Z before or after they were married. So there’s still the POSSIBILITY she waited all the way.

    2. Even if she didn’t wait all the way until marriage, she DID wait until she met the guy she was going to marry. As her song above shows, she specifically said “No” to sex with several suitors, including her first long-term boyfriend.

    Having sex with the guy that you end up marrying is not the same thing has having sex with some random boyfriend. If you’re going to end up marrying the guy, that super-compatibility and deep affection will be felt early on in the relationship. I think most people can generally tell that it’s “the one” long before the wedding.

    So in my view, she waited until she was sure…until it was glaringly obvious that she had found “the one”. To me, that counts for a TON and is almost as good as waiting till the ceremony. She did the hard part.

    3. Many of the arguments against waiting till marriage are arguments against absolute sexual monogamy in general. Anti-waiters argue for having lots of sexual partners, with marriage being the final one. They say that the idea of being with only one person for your whole life is silly and undesirable.

    So to hear of stories where some awesome famous person ends up —through luck or will — only being physical with the one love of their life and they’re gloriously happy with it…it’s a nice example of that absolute monogamy working out very, very well. And that makes me feel all kinds of warm fuzzies about my own choice.

    That said, point taken. Will try to focus more on “pure” cases in the future. 🙂

  5. Sally says:

    I understand what you’re saying Mike, bit a lot of people feel like the person they’re dating could be “the one” when they first start dating….can’t wait until that’ll happen to me someday………

  6. kewanna says:

    well beyonce did what she had to do……she wanted to waited for marriage to have sex thats a great thing to do if you don’t want to loos your verginity at an early age

  7. Marla says:

    No matter what if she waited until marriage…I still respect her a ton because even being as close to pure as she is…is really tough work

  8. Bdet says:

    Who cares she is obviously no longer a friend of Jesus, as made apparent in her overt references to Satanic symbolism… Smh.

  9. Nicki says:

    @Bdet-Where do you suggest that? Honestly,YOU ARE NOT there with the person 24/7. So why would you speak on their behalf as to whom they believe in? And what she does is between her and God.

  10. TYKERIA says:


  11. sexi says:

    ooommmggg…. If she really waited..ive gotta giv ha props cuz she musta been one helluva good gurl….im gonna wait too.. God gimme d grace…

  12. Ts! says:

    I salute Beyonce for waiting this long before getting intimate,she surely is a great example to the youth.Jay-Z would be a fool to cheat on this women she’s one in a million. Jay-Z is super blessed***

  13. Helene Tondreau says:

    Oh my God,,,she’s really a good exemple for everybody,,,,That’s right I love her so much,,I am an Haitian and I love you girl!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Laurissah Raye says:

    Wow beyonce well done on being such a good example for all of us willing to wait for the one

  15. tessy says:

    What a story! I just read she slept her way to d top! That jayZ ran train on her wt his homies. Hmmmm. What a world! Different stories from different folks!

  16. Breia says:

    Exactly people makes rumors talking about how she an devil worshiper it makes no type of since at all. But anyways she is my Role Model ever since. <3

  17. lola says:

    I find it difficult to beleive she’s the WTM type since she promotes sex by often being half-undressed. Her lyrics have not always promoted “purity” neither heve her videos. So yes maybe she did wait…those are her words..but I doubt it when I listen to her lyrics or see her on tv…just my opinion

  18. Emeka says:


  19. SheilaMarie says:

    She never said she waited until she was married to have sex she said she had her first boyfriend from the age 12-17 and they didn’t have sex. And then she went on to say that the next person she was with was Jay Z so I think YOU guys are the one’s that are misunderstanding what she is saying. Bottom line she didn’t have sex with her first boyfriend but her man J was the first she never said when they had sex. Which is nobody’s DotDamn business anyways.

  20. huh says:

    so what if she waited or didn’t doesnt mean anything abstinence is bullshit

  21. fe nworld says:

    she’s such a good and decent girl..knowing the culture of the american people regarding sex ? love you beyonce.. ur a good example to young people wanting to achieve more!!

  22. Tania says:

    Love you B! you deserve the best!

  23. Jessica says:

    hahahahaaha, Whe I saw her, down the list from Tim Tebow I just had to laugh. Beyonce has been having it since she was a teenager, she even used to say before she went for a sqeauky clean image. Early Destiny’s child days. She said it herself. Long before Jay Z. Not to mention her times spent with Pharrel and many basketballers.
    I was hoping to join this site. Am having second thoughts now.

  24. Tony says:

    I thought she threw herself on a limo driver/bodyguard before she started dating Jay z?

  25. Anonymous says:

    i had never herd that song of hers before. I really like it. definitely learned more than i though i knew abut her. she has always been one of my favorite singers.

  26. Bosslady Abie Dhliwayo says:

    Beyonce married a virgin ? Oh that great . I like that

  27. jo says:

    idiot beyonce…hw cn u b a virgin wit dat beautfulness ov yoz up 2 dat age? oooh…mayb undrworld.

  28. Anonymous says:

    Shaaaaa! Ssssshhhhh! What are u saying?

  29. Be saved says:

    Wht i learn 4rm dis is tht if she hd sex after marriage, tht means she understood tht passage in the human Manuel ‘ D BIBLE’ DAT says .we are nt our own we were bought by a price ,we dnt own our selfs our bodies are the temples of the Holy spirit,so we can’t do as our hormone want.let us return to GOD .ROMANS 10verse u

  30. wendu says:

    Well na she know, but I dunt blv this shit one bit as much as I love her terribly! Sorry b!as much as my opinion don’t count,I doubt u was a v even at age 20! Sorry

  31. melinda says:

    Beyonce u really did great 2 wait til dat age, an u lucky 2 make it dat far too. Coz it nt easy nowadays to see a girl dat cn wait dat far. I wish i had made it dat far at least. I tried 2 wait till i get married bt i didn’t make it. I waited until 19yrs b4 my boy friend rape me an distroyed my wish. It painful 2 loose ur virginity dat way, u knw. Bt u do it at ur own wish…. U ar really lucky! Am happy 4 u Bey. Much love!!!

  32. Diamond says:

    Reading dis, i now more than ever want to stay a virgin till am married. Am dating dis really great guy and he is 19 and he loves me like truly does. Me on d hand, am super scared of committments and am scared that i will cheat on him but after hearing her mention loyalty and trustworthiness, am just so happy and proud. It takes a lot to be in d league with this woman. I miss my dad cos he was exactly like bey’s dad, so supportive but now, he’s dead and i dnt have any1 to support me and remind me like that anymore. Its hard, its tough but i want to be better than beyonce, i believe i have it in me and i have the grace. A step at a time

  33. bud says:

    Dats gw8 and unbelievable

  34. WF says:

    I totally agree with Jessica

  35. Gerard says:

    People who wait until they get married are selfish,and normally go hand in hand with that bullshit “soulmate” crap or believe in the delusions of the church in practice. Smarten up people,look if there really is “that special one for everyone” whats stopping that person from leaving you in the future and a bigger question…what then? Virgins who believe in this are idiotic delusional and non-realistic,first off if your a female (it mostly is who believe in this justin bieber happy ever after bullshit hollywood and parents put together)need to realize if this is your path you wanna take in life,saving your self for mr .right and waiting for that special wedding night were all your idiotic fantasies come to light,remember this,men these days are getting alittle mature about what they want in a woman,no man (unless the age of 25 yo) wants a virgin, they are to clingy, immature doing sex,have no idea what to do during nor experienced while having sex,and personally it feels like your babysitting. Now heres a scary thought for those delusional women who are interested in this path, men like experience,so when you have nothing to offer what happens when he loses interest trying to train you and turn you on to his freakiness? And again this is your soul mate so your screwed once he loses interest, if i had a soul mate, i would want her to know some shit to please me to keep me around,ladys stop with all this bullshit soul mate crap,you live,eat,shit,breath progress through live and fuck just like everyone in life,your not special,not a princess or gonna have that happy ending,those are just story that never finished yet,as for those using beyonce as a personal goal or role model…really,this is a women who tries to impower every woman by making songs targeted toward depression and putting down men which clearly she no business nor the experience to talk on these matters, “oh i heard men do this and that,imma write a song about that to up bring my girls and have them feel better about being a woman in todays day and age” guess what women cheat too,worse then a man ever could,me heing a man of course we’re dumb when cheating we get cought to fast,but a woman can go years without,but this doesn’t mean every man/woman is a cheater,i’de say a big 67 percent of her songs are about men,so using her as a role model is a little juvenile wouldn’t you say judging by the fact she has no experience besides two men under her belt to speak on. Women grow up stop with this fairytale bs…not real,ask your selfs this if your thinking about waiting and keeping your virginity cause its needs to he “am i going to suck his balls and know what im doing to keep him around,or am i gonna go in with no experience,lay there and be babied till he leaves me so later through life i can ask why?” come on get it together ladys, oh ps: to the girls going to the club every night and bringing home a guy just so you can wake up alone and bitching amd complaining “i can never find a good a man” or “men are pigs” or “i just want a man to love me,where are all the good men at” to answer your question: they’re damn sure not at the club posted at the back waiting,sorry hun but if you dress up looking like a cum dumpster chances are all your ever be is one. Men arn’t the problem,women stop putting yourself in situations where you lose,if he beats on you chances are he’ll do it again,women wake up!!!

  36. Jegsy Scarr says:

    @Gerard: Your argument seems to be, “A wife’s duty is to give her husband maximum sexual pleasure; husbands shouldn’t have to practice to get ‘good’ sex in their marriages”

    I have to say, you’ve got a pretty twisted view of sex if you think its ultimate goal is mere sexual pleasure, rather than expressing your love for your spouse. People who wait till marriage are perfectly aware that it takes practice to get ‘good’ at sex. We just think you can do that practice in marriage, with someone you love and want to spend the rest of your life with, rather than someone you barely know and can’t always trust.

    At the end of the day, if you think it’s “selfish” to wait till marriage, I really don’t care. I wait till marriage for me, not for anyone else.


  37. anonymous says:

    Well if dis is true I think beyonce tried cus I don’t know of any of her colleauges who has not been havin sex at teenage ages even kelly rowland I dnt trust her I respect bey 4 dis cus I know its not easy 2 wait

  38. Anon. says:

    Her boyfriend (the first one) just gave an interview about how they broke up because she wanted to wait till marriage so he looked for sex elsewhere. She’s been with her husband for 13 years and friends for 15. He could probably be the only person she’s slept with.

    Link to the interview:

  39. Christi Luv says:

    I LOVE IT LOL!!! AWESOME!! <3 <3 <3

  40. Lynn Mattos says:

    she’s awesome!! Just like I thought!! Jay is a lucky man and he knows it and respects her as such!! God bless them!!

  41. twistd fingaz says:

    Yall effin delusional n need lives DESPERATELY!

  42. Pete says:

    Beyonce is unbelievable! A woman of focus and wisdom….

  43. chacha says:

    Everyone make your mind work, don’t kill your time for nonsense.

  44. Mozis Bam says:

    E 2 mak sens. Congrat bey

  45. steve says:

    love yu

  46. Ann says:

    Wat Beyonce did (keeping her virginity) is no news at all, u all praise her cos she is a celebrity. Anyone can do dat cos it is possible. It’s jst wat u want.

  47. Me says:

    Hi everyone, i agree that waitin for that “one” is a beautiful idea, it’s a beautiful experience, but I somehow agree with @gerard cuz i waited till my marriage and never had sex with anyone before my husband but my marriage was a disaster, my now ex-husband was emotionally physically abusive. I never thought about divorce cuz I believed if there was love anything would get fixed with patience and time. But it didn’t and it just got worse. Eventually it got to the point where i had to be saved feom death. I am a successful girl, i am a 8 or 9 outa 10. But I didn’t know men well, I didn’t have enough experience to know what i did want and I didn’t. I have always thought about my career and success, was trying to be a good girl. But life doesn’t always turn out as u anticipate, I’m not sayin don’t wait until marriage, I’m just sayin consider allot of other issues. Consider the fact that this investment is a win or lose situation, it can work out great but it can also fail, so open ur eyes and be cautious

  48. Leea says:


  49. Elliot says:

    This story is not bullshit at all in fact it is inspiring. I may not agree with Beyoncé’s mature music videos or political views but as a man or a woman waiting till marriage is one of the best things you can do for yourself in life. Me and Beyoncé have a lot of similarities in fact both raised Christian and homeschooled. I think that is the perfect combination to create an adult who knows the value of preserving their virginity till they find the everlasting one. Beyoncé leaving a man who did not know the value of waiting till marriage shows her strength. Many men and women will need to stand up for their beliefs against others of the opposite sex that try to pressure them into abandoning their God given values. Beyoncé shows that even if you have to reject 1 or 100 losers who only want you for sex and are too immature for lifelong fidelity, you will find the person who also values true commitment and are saving themselves for marriage. Chastity and saving sex for marriage isn’t old fashioned it just shows morals and decency, something this generation lacks desperately. Sex is more than a physical event , it is the spiritual combining of souls and should be intimate and special. Feel free to disagree but it won’t change the fact true love waits.

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