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Book Review: Hooked: New Science on How Casual Sex is Affecting Our Children

The negative physical consequences of premarital sex (e.g., STDs and out of wedlock pregnancy) are universally acknowledged. However, only until recently has the scientific community been able to produce concrete evidence regarding the emotional impacts. Hooked provides an in depth look at this cutting-edge research, explaining the effects that premarital sex has on the brain and human psyche.

7 Waiting Till Marriage Themes in Twilight

The Twilight series is saturated with scenes and undertones that promote the idea of waiting till marriage to have sex. Not only do the main characters wait until marriage, but the whole series primes the reader for the idea of waiting. So on the eve of Twilight: Breaking Dawn’s release in theaters, here are five waiter-friendly themes in Twilight.

Women Have All The Power (Too Bad They Don’t Know It)

Michael J. Lockwood wrote his book “Women Have All The Power: Too Bad They Don’t Know It” for his own daughters, urging them to have meaningful relationships and to look for guys with values. Although he encourages waiting until marriage, his main arguments center around saving something for marriage, even if it’s not sex. Read on for full review and key points from the book!

5 Reasons Why “Chasing Amy” is a Great Movie for People Who Wait

If you are waiting till marriage, you’ve probably had the unpleasant experience of having to deal with a partner’s sexual past. Chasing Amy is all about this dilemma, and contains some special messages that you’ll be able to appreciate much more than the average moviegoer.

Dating Site Review:

OkCupid may be the world’s most popular free dating website, but how good is it for finding other people who are waiting till marriage? I signed up for an account and tried my luck. Read on for a quick overview of OKCupid’s features and my experiences trying to find other WTM people.