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Celebrities Who Waited Till Marriage

Megan Alexander “Comes Out” as a Waiter-till-Marriage

Megan Alexander is the host of Inside Edition who recently “came out” as a waiter-till-marriage by producing a special segment of Inside Edition on herself, her decision to wait, and her husband. Check it out.

Reality TV Star Angela Zatopek is Waiting Till Marriage

“I am hoping to break the stereotype that just because you are waiting until marriage, it doesn’t mean you can’t have a passionate relationship that’s not sexy. You can still have that type of relationship and still wait for the right person.”

The Story of Chelsie Hightower (From Dancing With the Stars)

In the 3rd grade, she started as the worst dancer in the class, and the slowest learner. Today, she’s the star of shows like Dancing with the Stars and So You Think You Can Dance. And she’s waiting until marriage to have sex.

NY Giants Cornerback Prince Amukamara is Waiting Till Marriage

Prince Amukamara is real Nigerian prince whose first name is also “Prince.” Ten years ago, he was playing casual football games with the neighborhood kids in the park across the street from his house. Today, he’s the top cornerback for the New York Giants. He’s also an unabashed virgin who’s waiting until marriage to have sex.

Taiwanese superstar Vanness Wu is waiting till marriage from now on

At age 18, Vanness worked at a phone company to save up money to travel to Taiwan and chase his dreams. By age 20, he achieved super-stardom. After having an existential crisis at the peak of his fame, he rededicated himself to creating unique music, and vowed to wait until marriage to have sex again.

Help Support Rebecca St. James’ New Movie!

Grammy Award-winning singer and successful waiter-till-marriage Rebecca St. James is staring in a new romantic comedy, and she needs your help to get wide distribution. If lots of us pre-order tickets, she’ll be able to show her movie in more theaters.

Singer-Songwriter Jamie Grace is Waiting Till Marriage

Contemporary Christian singer Jamie Grace has only been a professional musician since 2010, but she’s already released several albums and EPs, won the Dove Award for New Artist of the Year, and starred the movie Grace Unplugged. And she’s also waiting till marriage!

Interview with Cheryl McKay: Screenwriter, Novelist, and Successful Waiter

Cheryl McKay is an accomplished Hollywood screenwriter and Christian novelist. Read our exclusive interview with Cheryl, where she talks about waiting till marriage, writing, and her latest book, Finally the Bride.

Actress Meagan Good Waited Until Marriage

Meagan started her acting career at age 4 as an extra on Doogie Howser M.D., and she’s been building momentum ever since. A rising Hollywood star with Christian roots, Meagan found her perfect match in DeVon Franklin, a studio executive who moonlights as a preacher.

Tamera Mowry Waited Until Marriage

You probably recognize Tamera from the hit TV shows Sister Sister and Tia & Tamera. Several years before their wedding, Tamera Mowry and her husband Adam Housley decided as a couple to wait until marriage to have sex again.

Julia Child Was a Lonely Virgin Until She Met Her Husband Paul at Age 31

Julia Carolyn McWilliams, known around the world as Julia Child, was a beloved wife, chef, author, Emmy award winning television personality and research operative within an international spy ring.

Motivational Speaker Nick Vujicic Waited Until Marriage

Nick Vujicic hasn’t let a little thing like having no arms and no legs stop him from achieving his dreams. His life story has inspired millions of young people all over the world. A Christian evangelist, star of the award-winning short film The Butterfly Circus, and director of his own non-profit organisation, Nick is also a successful waiter-till-marriage.

Latest “Bachelor” Star is a Born-Again Virgin

Sean Lowe, the Bachelor on Season 17 of ABC’s show of the same name, isn’t a virgin, but he now “realizes how special sex is” and plans to wait until he marries his fiance Catherine Giudici.

Grey’s Anatomy Star Sarah Drew Waited Until Marriage

On the TV Show Grey’s Anatomy, Sarah Drew plays Dr. April Kepner, a highly religious Doctor who fails at trying to be a born-again virgin. In real life, Sarah Drew and her husband (a professor at UCLA) waited until marriage successfully.

KSU Quarterback Collin Klein’s First Kiss Was at the Altar

Collin Klein is the starting quarterback for the Kansas State Wildcats. Collin and his wife Shalin are devout Christians, and took the hardest-possible route to waiting-till-marriage: They didn’t date formally until they were engaged, and didn’t kiss until they were at the altar.

Pattie Mallette (Justin Bieber’s Mom) is Waiting Until Marriage to Have Sex From Now On

After two decades of sexual abuse, rape, drugs, and petty crime, Pattie Mallette decided to turn her life around the day she gave birth to Justin, and so far, so great. Eighteen years ago she promised herself that she would not date again until her son turned 18, and would not have sex again until she was married.

Nikola Tesla: History’s Most Productive Virgin

Nikola Telsa was an unparalleled genius who invented the modern world, then died in obscurity. He was also a lifelong virgin. Although he was a bit more extreme in his abstinence than most of us WTMers intend to be, Tesla is an incredible example of what people can accomplish when they dedicate themselves fully to their creative pursuits and ignore everything else.

YouTube Star “Swoozie” (Adande Thorne) is Waiting Till Marriage

Adande Thorne is a professional gamer and creator of an extremely popular YouTube channel (under the nickname “Swoozie”) where he illustrates and dramatizes stories from his life. It’s very likely that you’ve already seen one of his videos without realizing it. And good news! He’s waiting till marriage for sex, and frequently applies his storytelling talents to talk about waiting.

YouTube Celebrity Couple Shay and Katilette Carl Waited Until Marriage (Updated)

Shay Butler and his wife Collete (nickname “Katilette”) run one of the largest video blogging empires on the web, and earn an annual paycheck from YouTube that is well into the six-figure range. We covered the Shaytards earlier when they first came out as waiters-till-marriage, but we are now officially canonizing them in our Celebrities section, complete with cool new background info about Shay and Collete.

KJ-52: The Virgin Hip-Hop Artist

Like a true hip-hop star, Jonah Sorrentino (also known as KJ-52) was raised on troubled streets, ran with some bad crowds, and found a way to rise above his past. Now happily married (to a fellow waiter), Jonah has become one of the world’s most successful Christian rappers, and frequently sings about waiting till marriage.

YouTube Star Shane Dawson is Waiting Till Marriage (Warning: Explicit)

Shane Dawson is a sketch comedy actor and writer who stars in one of the most subscribed YouTube channels of all time. Most of his sketches are sexually explicit in the extreme (language-wise), which is extra funny considering that he’s actually virgin who’s waiting till marriage (I love waiters who challenge the stereotypes).

Lakita Garth-Wright: Virgin Until Age 36

If there was an official figurehead of the Christian purity movement, it would probably be Lakita Garth. For nearly a decade she has been all over the country speaking about abstinence, including as a regular guest on Politically Incorrect with Bill Maher. And of course, she practiced what she preached: her first kiss was on the alter, to a husband who wasn’t originally a WTMer.

Shaun Alexander: Virgin Until Age 24

Shaun Alexander is a record-breaking NFL running back and college football star who’s known for his integrity, his friendly personality, and his charisma. In high school, even while he was being scouted on the field by football recruiters, Shaun was still making awesome grades in the classroom. But what he prayed for most of all was a wife that would complete him.

Soccer Superstar Ricardo Kaká Leite: Virgin Until Age 23

If you live in the United States (the only country who isn’t obsessed with Soccer), then you may not recognize the name Kaká. But to the rest of the world, Kaká is a household name. And it’s little wonder why: Kaká is a true natural, dominating the ball from the first moment he stepped onto the field at age 7. Despite the fame and money showered upon him from an early age, Kaká married his childhood sweetheart and waited until marriage to have sex.

Olympic Athlete Lolo Jones: Virgin and Waiting Till Marriage

It’s easy to paint world-class athletes as heroes. They are hard-working and willful people by nature. When you add waiting till marriage on top of that, they shine even more. But Lolo Jones is different. In a field full of heroic people, she still stands out as special. If there was ever a woman that embodied all the values that waiters should aspire too, she is it. Lolo Jones is not just a world-class athlete; she’s a world-class person.

Philip Rivers Waited Until Marrage

An athletic prodigy from early childhood, Philip Rivers has proven extremely gifted with every sport involving a ball. He’s mastered basketball, football, and occasionally wishes he had become a pro golfer instead of a quarterback. Throughout his success, Philip has been outspoken about his faith and his decision to wait until marriage for sex.

Bethany Hamilton: Virgin and Waiting till Marriage

Never did a surfer girl from Hawaii imagine that surviving a shark attack would catapult her into the global spotlight. But Bethany Hamilton’s integrity, beauty, compassion, and courage are only some of the personality traits which have transformed her into a household name. From literature, to film, to international visits to wounded soldiers, Bethany, still only in her twenties, touches the hearts of many as a globally renowned role model.

Doritos Girl Ali Landry Waited Until Marriage (for her second attempt)

Best known as simply “The Doritos Girl,” former Miss USA Ali Landry is on the short list of top sex symbols for an entire generation. After her engagement to Save By The Bell’s Mario Lopez ended painfully (he cheated on her before the wedding), Ali did some soul searching and found a new love in Mexican Director Alejandro Monteverde. Feeling extra cautious, Ali made Alejandro wait, but it worked out and now they’re happily married with two beautiful children.

Guy Sebastian: Virgin Until Age 26

Guy Sebastian is one of Australia’s most successful Pop/R&B stars, with 6 platinum albums, scores of top-10 singles, and one song that rocketed so far up the charts that it became the most popular song in Australia for the last decade. He’s also highly articulate about his decision to wait until marriage for sex. Read on to find out more about Australia’s most famous waiter.

Kirk Cameron – Virgin Until Age 20

Kirk Cameron is one of the most famous openly-Christian Actors in the world. He started as a young atheist on the hit show Growing Pains, and after winning several awards, found religion and began creating movies about faith and family. A true evangelical Christian, Kirk Cameron waited on sex until he married his wife at age 20.

Kevin Jonas – Virgin Until Age 22

Kevin Jonas is the oldest of the three brothers that comprise the superstar teen-pop band The Jonas Brothers, and is the first and only of the famous brothers to marry. The Jonas brothers are well known for the purity rings they wear to symbolize their decision to wait until marriage. Kevin’s purity ring was a punk-rock style ring custom made by Tiffany’s. Read on for more a full bio and lots of quotes about his waiting and marriage.

Rebecca St. James Waited Until Age 33

With a career that started when she was only 13 years old, Rebecca St. James has been belting out mega-hit songs and inspiring young people for nearly twenty years. Few people are this consistently talented and admirable over such a long period. She’s a star by any measure, and she waited on sex all the way up until her recent 2011 wedding.

7 Waiting Till Marriage Themes in Twilight

The Twilight series is saturated with scenes and undertones that promote the idea of waiting till marriage to have sex. Not only do the main characters wait until marriage, but the whole series primes the reader for the idea of waiting. So on the eve of Twilight: Breaking Dawn’s release in theaters, here are five waiter-friendly themes in Twilight.

Tim Tebow: Virgin and Waiting till Marriage

Often times, professional athletes are characterized by the glamour, glitz, and riches which which come with the job. Not often are there professional athletes who dare to break the mold, who endeavor to encourage, inspire, and lead a life different from society’s norms.

Beyoncé – Virgin Until Age 23 (ish)

When asked to describe herself in a word, Beyoncé chose “loyal.” She has proven that loyalty time and again: to her talent, to her faith, and to her noble idea of love and relationships. To date, she has only had two boyfriends: Her childhood sweetheart and her now-husband, hip-hop legend Jay-Z.

Zac Hanson Waited Until Marriage

Despite drawing more screaming girls than a Twilight premier, all three of the Hanson brothers are known for being extremely monogamous. The older Hanson brothers are both one-women men, but Zac Hanson, the youngest, waited all the way until his wedding night to have sex.

Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon Waited Until Marriage

Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon weren’t exactly lifelong virgins when they met, but once they found each other and quickly fell in love, they decided that it might make their wedding night and their marriage a little bit more special if they waited on sex until after they were married. Read on for details on how they met, how he proposed, and how Mariah feels about their decision to wait.

LeeLee Sobieski – Virgin Until Age 26

LeeLee Sobieski is not an actress. She is a writer, a painter, and a director who got pulled into acting for a little bit. Born with a powerful mind and artistic soul, LeeLee has held fast to her own path in her career and personal life, never wavering far from the vision she had for herself when she was a child. Read on to find out more about one of the most intriguing young stars in Hollywood.

Adriana Lima – Virgin Until Age 27

Adrina Lima is one of wealthiest, most sought-after supermodels in the world. When you look at her pictures, it’s little wonder why the Urban Dictionary defines the term “adriana lima” as “someone beyond perfection”. And guess what? She waited until marriage to have sex. Read on to find out more about the fantastic heart behind the fantastic body of the world’s hottest virgin.

The Story of BarlowGirl

BarlowGirl is one of the most successful and beloved Christian Rock bands of all time. Read on to find out how sisters Becca, Alyssa, and Lauren Barlow went from singing backup for their father at small church concerts to playing sold-out stadiums all over the world. Also included: The story behind their famous decision not to date until marriage.

Tina Fey – Virgin Until Age 24

Tina Fey has led a life filled with ambition and hard work, rising from a back-room comedy writer to become one the most powerful and beloved women in Hollywood. When you learn about her character and her history, it’s little wonder that she’s done so well. And the only man she’s had sex with is her husband, who she remains happily married to (10 years and counting) despite her super-stardom.

5 Reasons Why Stars Like Britney, Jessica, and Avril Fail at Waiting

Britney Spears, Jessica Simpson, and Avril Lavigne: Three celebrities that used to be champions of the waiting-till-marriage cause, but whose once-lauded values have since fallen into obscurity after disgustingly trivial and short marriages. What happened? Why do these stars start out so strong in their values, and then fail so miserably?

Iron Man A.C. Green – Waited Until Age 38

A.C. Green is a tremendously-successful, world-famous pro basketball player who took the cause of waiting till marriage and turned it into a personal calling. He is equally famous for his playing skills as he is for the stunning values and character underneath them. Read on to see how this three-time world champion single-handedly helped make waiting till marriage a famous cause.

Lisa Kudrow – NOT a Virgin Until Marriage

There have been rumors circulating for years that Lisa Kudrow waited until marriage to have sex, and that she was a virgin until then. As heartening as this rumor is, it’s not true. Here is the truth from Lisa’s own lips. The news is not all bad though: She still likes the idea of waiting!