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Interview With Successful Waiters: Billy And April

Another waiting till marriage success story! Billy and April, a married couple, are two successful waiters who agreed to share their story via an interview with Learn more about their abstinence journey in this exciting “2 for 1” interview. You should also check out their hubpage to read even more about them!

Women Have All The Power (Too Bad They Don’t Know It)

Michael J. Lockwood wrote his book “Women Have All The Power: Too Bad They Don’t Know It” for his own daughters, urging them to have meaningful relationships and to look for guys with values. Although he encourages waiting until marriage, his main arguments center around saving something for marriage, even if it’s not sex. Read on for full review and key points from the book!

The 7 Reactions that Girls Will Have When You Tell Them You’re Waiting

You’ve done it. You’ve got a date. It’s a happy time for you, Mr. Alpha Male. She’s pretty, she’s interesting, and most importantly she agreed to go out with YOU, but how will she take it when you break the news that you’re waiting till marriage?

The 7 Emotions You Feel When You Discover Your Partner’s Sexual Past

Here’s the situation:You’re dating somebody that you really, really like. In fact, you just might love them. But there’s a problem: They’ve got a sexual history, and it’s eating you alive. As a virgin who is waiting till marriage, dealing with a partner’s sexual past is one of the greatest and most painful challenges you’ll face in romantic relationships.

5 Reasons Why “Chasing Amy” is a Great Movie for People Who Wait

If you are waiting till marriage, you’ve probably had the unpleasant experience of having to deal with a partner’s sexual past. Chasing Amy is all about this dilemma, and contains some special messages that you’ll be able to appreciate much more than the average moviegoer.

Dating Site Review:

OkCupid may be the world’s most popular free dating website, but how good is it for finding other people who are waiting till marriage? I signed up for an account and tried my luck. Read on for a quick overview of OKCupid’s features and my experiences trying to find other WTM people.

The 5 Reactions that Guys Will Have When You Tell Them You’re Waiting

You’ve been there before: You meet a guy that you like, you’re on a date with him, and at some point you feel compelled to bring up the fact that you’re waiting till marriage to have sex. But how will he react? Will he be OK with it? Will he scurry away like a frightened mouse? In my experience, guys’ reactions all fall within one of these five ranges.

Waiting Works: Couples Who Wait Report 22% Happier Marriages (and Better Sex!)

A recent study published in the Journal of Family Psychology surveyed 2,035 married people and discovered that the longer couples waited before becoming sexually active, the higher their satisfaction in multiple aspects of their marriage. Couples who waited all the way until marriage to have sex reported the highest satisfaction. Read on for all the gory statistical details and quotes from the survey author.

The Triangular Theory of Love: What it Means for Those Who Wait

This is as close as science gets to defining “true love” in psychological terms. The image above is a simple representation of Dr. Robert Sternberg’s famous Triangular Theory of Love. You can use it as a metric for judging the quality of your relationships, based on how many “points” of the triangle they are able to achieve. If you hit all three points, you have true love. If you only hit one or two points, it’s something else.

The 5 Secrets to Dating Somebody Who’s Had Sex Before

You’re probably going to date several people for various periods of time before you get married. Depending on how picky you are, some of those people you date may not be waiting till marriage like you are. This can become a source of conflict. Here are 5 tips on getting the most out of a relationship with somebody who’s had sex before.

The Pyramid of Personal Sexual Philosophies [PIC]

Where do you fall? Where do you want to? Which level is right for you? For much more detail on the Waiting Till Marriage Zone, check out The 3 Levels of Sexual Abstinence

The 3 Levels of Sexual Abstinence

People have different boundaries when it comes to physical intimacy, even among those who are waiting till marriage for sex. All people who wait are not alike in the bedroom. In general, I’ve seen waiters take stances towards sexual activity that falls into one of three categories.

6 Signs That Your Friend Has Met Their Soulmate

When you make it to your 20s, you start to see the people around you meet and fall in love with the boys and girls that they will eventually marry. It’s just that stage of life; the stage when most people meet that extra special someone that they will be with for the majority of […]