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5 Things to Do While You’re Waiting

We are all hoping that our waiting will end with us finding and marrying that special one. But how can we use our time while we are waiting to our benefit? What can we do with the days that get long? How can we make the journey of waiting an exciting one?

10 Signs That True Love Still Exists

It’s been said that chivalry is dead and that the sands of time have corroded true love into a thing of the past. Though chivalry and true love are rare, they are still very much a reality. Here are 10 signs that true love still exists.

5 Reasons Why Waiting Gets Easier After College

The high school and college years are incredibly discouraging for those waiting until marriage to have sex. Among other things, those years can be marked by isolation, frustration, and doubt. You may ask yourself if things will ever get better. Well, the world won’t be a utopia after college, but here are 5 reasons why waiting just might get easier.

5 Myths About People Who Wait Until Marriage to Have Sex

Waiting till marriage gets a bad wrap in popular culture. Preachy teenagers and old conservatives have become the face of abstinence, but that’s hardly a realistic depiction of most people who actually wait. Here are 5 myths about those who wait I’ve heard over the course of my life, and the realities behind them.

The Stork and The Jewels (short story)

The Stork and The Jewels is, in effect, a fable about love and waiting. And it’s amazing. Published in 1952 by RL Bruckberger, this gorgeous short story has long since gone out of print, but thanks to a friend who discovered and transcribed it for me, you can read it here, while it lasts. Enjoy.

7 Reasons Why Atheists Wait Until Marriage

Why on earth would an atheist ever choose to wait until they were married to engage in the wonderfully pleasurable world of sex!? Well I happen to be an atheist and I happen to have decided to wait until I’m married. Does this make me crazy? Maybe. But here’s a list of 7 very sane, very logical reasons that suggest otherwise.

And Everything Was Perfect [comic]

Here is this month’s adorable relationship comic to keep you inspired and full of warm fuzzies. Enjoy!

The Top 11 Awesome Benefits of Waiting Until Marriage

Waiting till Marriage may start out as just a decision about sex, but it becomes so much more than that. It comes to define you, to protect you, to keep you focused, and to hold you true to every ideal you’ve ever kept close to your heart. Why wait until marriage? Because it’s who you are. This website’s most popular article, now with a new addition (#11).

The Top 5 Arguments Against Waiting Till Marriage

Sooner or later, you are going to end up discussing your decision to wait until marriage with somebody who will try to poke holes in your decision to wait. Sometimes people will throw arguments at you that you hadn’t considered before, and other times it’ll be the same ol’ shill. Here are a few arguments against waiting that I’ve heard over and over, starting with the ever-popular “You wouldn’t buy a car without test-driving it!”

The 7 Deadly Sins of Waiting Till Marriage

When you decide to wait until marriage to have sex, you’re inviting a whirlwind of emotions onto yourself. Your journey will take years, and during those years you are going to experience several different attitudes towards your decision to wait until marriage. Some of these attitudes are good and will reaffirm your decision to wait; […]