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The WTM Podcast: Episode 1

Announcing the first episode of The WTM Podcast! Community regulars Vince and Julie talk about and several waiter-relevant issues.

Video: Spoken Word Poetry about Waiting Till Marriage

Talented spoken-word poet Jannette tells her story about feeling tired of waiting, trying to make the wrong guy into “the one,” and realizing her mistake. Her performance is passionate and creative, and well worth a watch if you’re waiting till marriage.

YouTube Star “Swoozie” (Adande Thorne) is Waiting Till Marriage

Adande Thorne is a professional gamer and creator of an extremely popular YouTube channel (under the nickname “Swoozie”) where he illustrates and dramatizes stories from his life. It’s very likely that you’ve already seen one of his videos without realizing it. And good news! He’s waiting till marriage for sex, and frequently applies his storytelling talents to talk about waiting.

YouTube Celebrity Couple Shay and Katilette Carl Waited Until Marriage (Updated)

Shay Butler and his wife Collete (nickname “Katilette”) run one of the largest video blogging empires on the web, and earn an annual paycheck from YouTube that is well into the six-figure range. We covered the Shaytards earlier when they first came out as waiters-till-marriage, but we are now officially canonizing them in our Celebrities section, complete with cool new background info about Shay and Collete.

YouTube Star Shane Dawson is Waiting Till Marriage (Warning: Explicit)

Shane Dawson is a sketch comedy actor and writer who stars in one of the most subscribed YouTube channels of all time. Most of his sketches are sexually explicit in the extreme (language-wise), which is extra funny considering that he’s actually virgin who’s waiting till marriage (I love waiters who challenge the stereotypes).

Blogger Natasha Sapienza Explains the WTM-Friendly Christian Courtship Movement

Check out this video from blogger (and fellow waiter-till-marriage) Natasha Sapienza of on the difference between Dating and Courtship. Also be sure to check out her blog!

Vines (Short Film)

Here’s a fun short film made by a creative young artist for his girlfriend on her 20th birthday about a stick-figure couple battling against the vines of fate.

Video: Heartstrings

Ah, love. That mysterious bond, seemingly so fragile, yet able to withstand the difficulties of life with surprising resilience. What better way to explain the power of love than by using…a piece of string?

Watch this Jimmy Eat World Video Again

You’ve probably heard the song “The Middle” by popular band Jimmy Eat World a hundred times. It was played to death on the radio a few years ago. But you might not have seen the video. Surprisingly, the music video for The Middle contains very waiter-friendly themes. Give it a watch, and gain a new appreciation for Jimmy Eat World.

Love Language

Here’s the latest addition to our collection of love stories for hopeless romantics. This award-winning video from The Jubilee Project was created for a charity foundation that will become evident by the end.

The Invention of Love

A dark and twisted love story, just in time for the U.S. holiday of Halloween. This is not a cute, uplifting video like the stories we normally post. This is a bit darker, and also a bit deeper. But it’s not where it takes you that matters; it’s where it leaves you. Happy Halloween.

What is love?

Check out the latest entry in our growing collection of cool love story videos. Again, this is not directly about waiting till marriage, but it’s funny and sweet and I think you’ll like it. So enjoy!

A Streakers’ Love Story

This real-life love story is almost too amazing to be true, but it very much is. Two streakers on opposite sides of the world find each other and fall in love. Click for the whole story, and video of their first in-person meeting.

Short Film: Love Tap

A five-minute reminder to not let love pass you by. Developed as original content for Walt Disney Pictures Short Films division. This is not directly related to waiting till marriage, but waiters are all suckers for a good love story, so I still think you’ll like this.

A Bitter Film for Nice Guys, and Rejection Tips for Girls

Here are two videos that appeal especially to nice guys and nice girls. They’re not exactly about waiting till marriage, but they’re still about relationships and dating, and I guarantee you that at least one of them will make you die laughing.

Lecture: How Waiting Creates Healthier Attitudes about Sex in Marriage

Just a heads up to anyone who isn’t particularly religious: This lecture is set in a church, but his main arguments are based on psychology and his own experiences (not on spirituality). Otherwise, this is a great lecture with arguments for waiting till marriage that I genuinely haven’t heard before. Big thanks to Sarah Elizabeth in the forums for finding this!

5 Videos That Will Make You Cry (If You’re Kind of a Softy)

Most great internet videos make you laugh out loud, or maybe shock you. These videos make you cry. But don’t worry. It’s a happy cry, not a sad cry. This has nothing to do with waiting till marriage, but given that many of you are hopeless romantics to the core (or at least idealists), I figured you might like them. So grab a tissue box, and click play.

Short Film: Signs

Part of waiting until marriage is keeping your hope alive. Love stories help you do that. Here’s a great one. Enjoy.