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Interview with Cheryl McKay: Screenwriter, Novelist, and Successful Waiter

April 28th, 2013 by

Image showing the logo, a microphone, and a picture of Cheryl McKay

Cheryl McKay is an accomplished screenwriter and Christian novelist with seven film and video projects and eight books under her belt (and more on the way). Read our exclusive interview with Cheryl, where she talks about waiting until marriage to have sex, narrowly-avoiding the dreaded “40-year-old” virgin status, meeting her husband, writing, and living happily every after.

About her new book, Finally the Bride…

On writing…

A final word on waiting till marriage…

Want to find out more about Cheryl McKay?

  1. Buy her new book: Finally the Bride
  2. Read her blog post about waiting Unpopularity Contest
  3. Cheryl’s official website:
  4. The ministry she runs with her husband:
  5. Her Pinterest pin board for singles:

11 Responses to “Interview with Cheryl McKay: Screenwriter, Novelist, and Successful Waiter”

  1. markb4 says:

    Wow, congrats to us for our first interview…with a celebrity too for that matter, lol!

    Did you conduct the interview, Mike?

  2. AGarden41 says:

    I truly enjoyed this article/interview Mark!!! I’m waiting on God as well the write my Love Story…I found your site purely by accident! I was looking for encourageing quotes for FB & for the youth I work with at church….I’m 43, a woman & a virgin….I know God is using my life as an exsample to those young ladies…That God truly wants you to do it his way & waited for marriage to have sex….because in doing so you will be blessed, but mostly God will be gloryfied in your marriage. Your interview truly Cheryl says just that!!! It even encouraged me!! Its good to see others waiting….And many faith based…Keep the articles coming!!!

  3. […] Waiting Till Marriage Interview […]

  4. Mike says:

    @Mark – Yeah I’m excited! It was a fun process. Kailey and I came up with the questions, and I emailed them back and forth with Cheryl. I think we may end up doing another profile on her for the Celebrities section at some point too.

  5. Sox says:

    This is a nice interview, especially because it’s from the perspective of someone who was not in their 20s or even early 30s when they married.

    Truthfully, I could not relate to much of it because I am not at all a religious person so the idea of God choosing someone for you is not at all relatable to me.

    It would be nice if we could get an interview from a successful waiter without the religious bias. No offense to those that are religious.

    Honestly, I would like to read a story between a waiter and a non waiter because that will be the reality for many of us.

    I do not mean to be Debbie Downer, but I do feel as though to often these stories have a “Cinderella” quality to them I waited and waited or I prayed and prayed and then “poof” it all worked out and everything was magically okay. That is not real to me. I want to read honest emotions. The sadness and anger you sometimes feel after rejections or when you feel like the last single person on the planet. I want to read about how they had to change and grow and how the idea of “perfect mate” changed as they grew , and even sometimes how they fought against the growth and change. I don’t need fairytales for encouragement I read those as a child. I want to read about a real journey, a real love story with ups and downs that did end in a successful wait.

    Again it was a nice read, and I do appreciate all those that take the time to research and interview for this section.

  6. Sox says:

    I also wanted to ad the point about their being no condom for emotions is a great one.

    For me that is one of the major factors in waiting. I refuse to take the emotion out of sex.

    Rather I know I could not turn off my emotions and trying to do so would cause me so much harm.

    I’d rather wait for the situation where I do not need to worry about a condom for my heart.

  7. ivy says:

    I wish you’d read Cheryl’s book, “Finally the Bride”. She talks so openly about all the ups and downs she went through, all the mistakes she made. She so candidly shares with her readers the emotions she went through while waiting. She also shares about how she grew emotionally & in so many other ways through her experience. Everyone that has been single and waiting will certainly be able to relate to her story one way or another. I certainly did.
    I believe it’s her desire to do things the right way(like wait till marriage) and to learn from her past mistakes that allowed God to mould her into a better person which ultimately led to the ‘fairy tale’ end to her story(which has infact just began!)
    I believe everyone can expect the same results if we adopted the same kind of attitude-choosing to wait till marriage and also learning from our past mistakes.

  8. Annie says:

    Yeah. I gotta agree with Ivy on that one. Cheryl’s story is anything but the fairy tale that started with a prayer and poof, the answer arrived. She went through decades of seemingly unanswered prayers. She’s not quiet about how frustrating that was. She definitely got cranky!! (Can any of us relate??) Regardless, Sox, I think your stance is very admirable. To have made your decision without the same reasons coming from a religious place is awesome.

  9. Mike says:

    @Sox – That’s great feedback, thank you. I concur with Annie and Ivy that Cheryl talks about her ups and downs much more in her book, but I could have asked her more about that in the interview. I’ll take your comments to heart for future interviews — I hope there will be lots more!

    Also, check out our interview with Ian; it might be more to your taste. I don’t think religion ever gets brought up in that one, and Ian married a non-waiter (happily).

    Frequent contributing author Jennifer also waited and married a non-waiter. Check out her story here, and her Sexual Jealousy FAQ here.

  10. vie says:

    Another awesome article! This site had helped me so much!

  11. WanderingWashingtonian says:

    This was really helpful! And it gives me some much-needed hope.

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