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Jealousy FAQ: How to Get Over Your Partner’s Past

December 30th, 2012 by

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Table of Contents

  1. Quick Introduction from Jennifer (the Author)
  2. General Obeservations
  3. Why do I feel jealous of their past in the first place?
  4. Is it possible to ever get rid of these jealous feelings?
  5. Why am I obsessing over this?
  6. Should I tell my partner that I feel jealous?
  7. What should I say to my partner about it?
  8. Why do I feel like I’ve been cheated on?
  9. How do I know that the jealousy feelings have truly gone away?
  10. How long did it take you get over your jealousy?
  11. What do you do when the jealousy feelings come back?
  12. What if I can’t get over my jealousy feelings?
  13. Everything about my partner is perfect, except their sexual past. What can I do to get past this one problem?
  14. Am I being compared to their past sexual partners?
  15. How much detail should I ask my partner?
  16. Is it better to know more detail, or less?
  17. Does my partner think about their past sex with other people, even when they’re with me?
  18. What do I do if my partner is jealous of my past?
  19. What have I learned from my experience with jealousy?

Quick Introduction from Jennifer (the Author)

A few months ago I wrote article about my past struggles with jealousy problems in my relationship. My motive was to share my story in an effort to spare other people the pain that is associated with jealousy.

My last article received an overwhelming response from readers who sought my advice for their individual situations. More than happy to comply, I have attempted to help many people deal with their individual jealousy problems. Over time, I noticed there were several common questions that I was being asked.

I have compiled the most commonly asked questions about how to deal with jealousy based on my experience. It’s important to note that these questions do not only apply to those who wait until marriage to have sex, but to non-waiters as well. I invite anyone with further questions to leave a comment and those questions will be addressed in a future article (or as an update to this page).

General Observations:

Very simply, from what I have seen, jealousy stems from a type of greed and insecurity. The greed comes from wanting your partner to be “yours” and only yours. It is almost a territorial instinct. The insecurity stems from fear of being compared, fear of losing your partner, fear of not being good enough for your partner, and more.

Why do I feel jealous of their past in the first place?

Jealousy is a complex human feeling that draws upon your emotions. The jealousy that you feel in a relationship is different than the envy of everyday life, such as your friend getting a good mark on an exam or your sibling getting a new car. This jealousy can consume you and leaves you with an extremely uncomfortable feeling inside that doesn’t seem to go away, despite your best efforts. It is much harder to deal with and can end relationships.

It is influenced by an animal instinct: the act of sexual intercourse itself. If you take away all of the emotions, love, feelings and friendship from sex, you are left with just the act of sex. What you need to identify is whether you are jealous of the act of sex itself, or the emotions tied in with it, or both. Are you jealous of past relationships, casual hookups, or both?

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Is it possible to ever get rid of these jealous feelings?

Yes. It is possible, but not guaranteed. I am a living testament to it being possible. However, it is not easy. It takes a lot of work on your part to understand your partner and accept their past. The greatest healer of jealousy is time. Once you are over your jealousy feelings, it takes a lot of time to heal the wounds that were caused by the jealousy in the first place.

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Why am I obsessing over this?

There are numerous reasons why people become jealous in relationships. The top factors I have encountered are influences from virginity, religion, upbringing (how you were raised), cultural view of sex and societal view of sex.

A virgin may become very jealous over a partner’s past because they feel that if they are a virgin, their partner should be one too, and anything less is unacceptable. Or, other virgins feel insecure about their lack of experience and their partner’s abundance of it.

Some religions do not allow sex before marriage, and as a result, a religious individual will have problems with their partner if they are religious and have not waited for marriage.

Your upbringing can highly influence your view on sex. The way you were taught about sex by your parents, siblings, extended family, teachers and friends influences how you view sex as an adult. Based on what I have seen, people who can talk about sex freely with their parents (or an equivalent authority figure in their life) generally do not have as serious jealousy problems. It is those that feel embarrassed to speak about sex, or those that feel that they cannot openly ask questions or hold open discussions that have the worst jealousy problems.

Your cultural view of sex is highly influential. Some cultures will openly embrace sexuality, while others do not mention it at all.

Societal view of sex is important too. Depending on where you live, sex can be seen as “no big deal” or something that needs to be controlled. Some societies (e.g. North America) seem to accept casual sex as the norm today. Meaning, there is nothing odd about casual sexual relationships. Some societies do not embrace this view at all.

Once you figure out what is influencing your jealousy, you can figure out how to deal with it.

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Should I tell my partner that I feel jealous?

Absolutely. Communication is going to save your relationship. Take a time when you are both calm and not upset, and tell your partner that you are having difficulties dealing with their past. Do not accuse them of anything, and be sure to use personal pronouns (such as ‘I’ or ‘me’) to explain how you feel rather then pointing the finger at them (using words such as ‘you’).

Your partner may decide that dealing with your jealousy is not worth it, and leave. Be prepared for this. However, if your partner wants to work it out, talk about your feelings. Try to explain to them what exactly is bothering you. Do not keep these feelings to yourself. If you bottle them up, eventually they’ll come out in a much more negative way.

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What should I say to my partner about it?

Determine what exactly is bothering you. Is it just the act of sex? Their past relationships? Figure out what is bothering you, and why. Once you know these two key influential things, explain them to your partner. Give them a chance to understand you, and then you must give them a chance to explain themselves. It is now their turn to make you understand what the context of the situation was, what happened, and how it made them feel. If you are able to understand their perspective, it can help the jealousy go away.

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Why do I feel like I’ve been cheated on?

Your imagination is your worst enemy. I can guarantee you that whatever you are imagining as what happened is not what happened. Most people tend to take their own experiences and project them onto their partner. This means that the jealous person takes their experience (or lack of it) and tries to apply it to every situation that their partner has been in. This does not work because you are not your partner. You were not there during the situation, therefore the decision you would have made is different than the decision they made at the time.

The worst thing you can do is tell your partner that they’ve cheated on you because they’ve been with other people. If you were not together when it happened, then your partner did not cheat on you.

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How do I know that the jealousy feelings have truly gone away?

If you can look at your partner and tell them you love them unconditionally and accept them 100%. This means that you love every single part of them, even the parts that used to make you jealous.

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How long did it take you get over your jealousy?

In total, my jealousy lasted one year, and took an additional six months of hard work to finally eradicate it.

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What do you do when the jealousy feelings come back?

If you feel like you conquered jealousy, but then feel it slowly coming back, then that means you have not dealt with all of your jealousy issues. You may have made a temporary solution, but there is clearly at least one more issue. Take whatever you have learned, and apply it to whatever is still making you feel jealous. Then remember what made you feel like you had gotten over the jealousy the first time, and apply it to the situation. Give yourself some time to let it pass. The realization moments are quick, then let them sink in to fully absorb the lesson.

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What if I can’t get over my jealousy feelings?

You either lose your partner or spend a lifetime being very miserable.

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Everything about my partner is perfect, except their sexual past. What can I do to get past this one problem?

If you feel that your partner is what you have been looking for, you need to fix your jealousy fast. Focus very hard on their good qualities and whatever it was that attracted you to them in the first place. Keep in the mind that some of their best traits (e.g. honest, caring, loving, etc.) may be very hard to find in another person.

Are you willing to give up the person of your dreams because of their sexual past? If you lose them, will you be able to accept your loss and be happy to move on? Or will you lament about ‘the one that got away?’

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Am I being compared to their past sexual partners?

This really depends on your partner. If you are concerned or insecure about being compared, you need to communicate that to your partner. Unless your partner is still in love with another person, chances are they are not thinking of anyone but you.

Once you are out of a relationship that involved any physical contact, you usually tend to bury those memories or you don’t think of them, especially if they are painful memories. When you are in a new relationship, you focus on making new memories with them. Sex that happened months or years ago is usually forgotten, and if they really think about it, they might be able to remember some details. Do you remember your first kiss in immense detail? You probably remember who it was with, and maybe where you were. Now imagine if someone was asking you a lot of detailed questions about it. You wouldn’t remember all of the details. It’s the same with sex. Even though we place so much more emphasis on it, you are less likely to remember it if you don’t want to, which is usually what most people do about past relationships.

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How much detail should I ask my partner?

Whatever you feel comfortable with. Ask details that will help you to get over their past. Do not pry for the sake of prying, or because you were simply curious. Don’t ask questions you don’t want the honest answer to. Don’t snoop through their Facebook, old emails or go searching for information from years ago. If your partner is trustworthy, then you should be able to trust the information they are telling you is true.

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Is it better to know more detail, or less?

This depends on you. In my personal situation, I knew way too much detail, and I found that it bothered me and even created visions in my head, which made the jealousy worse. Try to limit the amount of detail you know, unless there is something specific that is bothering you. Don’t ask them to compare you to their past partners.

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Does my partner think about their past sex with other people, even when they’re with me?

Chances are, they are focused 100% on you. They are not living in the past like you are, and wish you wouldn’t bring up the past. In fact, the more you are jealous and the more you talk about their past partners, the more they are reminded of them on a daily basis. Don’t bring a third person into your relationship because you talk about them so much.

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What do I do if my partner is jealous of my past?

If you are on the receiving end of the jealousy, you need to assess your situation very carefully. It depends on: (1) how much you want to deal with the jealousy problems, (2) what the extent of their jealousy problems are, and (3) how much you want to be with that person.

Dealing with jealousy problems are very difficult for both sides. It requires a lot of patience and strength on your part to deal with what is sure to be a difficult time. You may be hit with accusations and name-calling in times of anger. You may get very hurt by what is said to you and there is the potential for a lot of fights. Determine whether you will be able to deal with this.

You need to be able to understand the jealous person’s point of view as well as trying to make them understand yours. Try to find out where they are coming from. If you can understand what makes them jealous, or what exactly they are jealous of, it may help you to both deal with the problem. Talk to them, communicate a lot, and try to figure this out together.

Ask yourself how much you want to be with this person. If you want to be with them, try to stick it through the jealousy. If you feel that you would rather be accepted by someone rather than deal with jealousy problems, don’t drag out the relationship if you feel it is not worth it. However, it’s important to give them a chance and don’t judge the person before making any big decisions.

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What have I learned from my experience with jealousy?

To sum it up very simply: there is no point to it. Do not waste your time being jealous. You will look back on it one day, wishing that you could take back all of the mistakes you made. While it may seem like the biggest deal in the world right now, I can assure you it’s not worth all of the pain and hurt you will inflict on both yourself and your partner.

I realize that there are people who will simply dismiss what I write because they have their own beliefs and standards. I have been criticized for “lowering my standards” while I have also been praised for my strength to overcome my jealousy. I have helped some people save their relationship with this advice. I have experienced jealousy in the worst way possible and I was able to overcome it completely, learn from my mistakes, and am now able to help others do the same.

The point I am trying to make is that despite whatever your own personal views on sex are, do not judge other people. Try to accept them, even if they have made decisions you would not. Life is too short to focus on unimportant details. Instead, live your life to the fullest and be happy with your own life and choices.

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Author: Jennifer

Jennifer is one of the first happily married successful waiters on the site! When she's not writing articles about her own experiences, she is finishing up two degrees. She's also a girl gamer that specializes in RTS and Halo.

259 Responses to “Jealousy FAQ: How to Get Over Your Partner’s Past”

  1. LookingForTheOne says:

    I haven’t even finished reading this article, but I already see that it’s excellent!

    Like I said elsewhere, it does not apply to me. But there are many others out there who do indeed have this problem, and I’m sure this article will be helpful to them.

    So, again, 5 stars.

  2. Pure says:

    Thank you for this article :) It was so thorough! Although I am not in a relationship now, I want to prepare my self should I date a guy in the future who does have a sexual past.

  3. Kate 19 says:

    This article has helped me a lot to understand what my partner is goin through and has showed me how to deal with it myself x my relationship is absolutely worth keeping he’s the one I want to be with forever I just hope he can overcome this x
    The article has given me hope for us again
    Thank you x

  4. Jennifer says:

    @LookingForTheOne – Thank you. Kind words, as always.

    @Pure – Thank you. I hope that it helps to prepare you, should you need it.

    @ Kate 19 – You’re welcome, and thank you for your kind words. I sincerely hope that your relationship works out.

  5. Micheal says:

    Your article was very well thought… and your experience helpful. I have been married to a wonderful woman for many years. In all those years, my wife has conducted herself in a godly and loving manner in every way. She holds no bittnerness, anger or unforgiveness towards anyone… in spite of the multiple date rapes, statutory rape and abuse by those close, but outside her family. Nevertheless, it has been a difficult and painfully private journey for me. At times, I have been “homidcidally” jealous of her past. Angry at the way in which she was abused and used… and angry at her for allowing it and forgiving those people in what I would say “a way too easy manner”. (which I know is really ridiculous). What helped me, was to remember that she is married to me. She has been faithful to me. She is a wonderful mother… and perhaps her confidence in the Lord. She says without reservation… “I know who God is and I beleive he does what he says he will do.”… “I am forgiven and that means I must forgive. I will not be defined by a short period in my young life.”
    Anyway… thanks for collating all this information in a single article….

  6. Marc says:

    Thank you Jennifer. I want more than anything to last with the person I am with now. I adore her so much and I am so scared of jeopardising what we have us, because of my jealousy. Your experience and article has helped me so much, it will be a long journey, but I am so happy and I will not give up on her.

  7. Lauralie says:

    Is it possible for a non-waiter to feel these same feelings of jealousy and sadness towards someone who is also a non-waiter, but has had more partners than they have? My fiance considered me the “perfect woman” until he asked me about my past and I told him. I have come to terms with my past relations but he has made me feel ashamed of them all over again. He feels that my past was led amorally, even though I possess all the other good wholesome qualities he was looking for. He saw how hurt he made me and dropped the subject for a year, proposed, and now 3 weeks before our wedding he has brought it up again and says he can’t stop thinking about my past. He feels that I fooled him by making him believe that I was an all good person, but I am a good person. He says he still loves me and still wants to marry me, but he can’t get through these feelings. I don’t know how to help him but he is hurting me in a way he promised never to. Is there anything else that can be done to help him get through this, and be as wonderful as he always used to be towards me? Thank you Jennifer!

  8. wny says:

    At the end you say, “Life is too short to focus on unimportant details.” I have to diasagree that a partner having already had sex is an unimportant detail. A virgin can marry a non-virgin if they wish. I believe they can have a happy marriage. But, that is not for everyone. Some virgins, myself included, want only a virgin and I disagree I should “try to accept” a non-virgin. It’s just not what I’m looking for.

  9. FR says:

    For real? This is my biggest issue ever. Dump the person you’re suffering, go find someone else – do whatever you ever felt jealous about. Be free, be happy – life is a short trip.

  10. les1961 says:

    Great advice,made take a look at myself.Hate the jealous feelings I had.
    Thank you.

  11. Jennifer says:

    Lauralie – I didn’t see these comments until now! Is there any way you can private message me on the site? I can try to help you in the best way I can. Has your wedding happened yet?

    wny – The point I’m trying to make with my article is that virgins shouldn’t judge non-virgins for their life choices just because they are different. For some people, they want a virgin, and that’s fine because it’s their preference. I’m not saying that sex is an unimportant detail in a relationship (that includes past sex) but at the same time, I’m saying that you shouldn’t treat someone badly in a relationship because of their past sex. No one deserves judgement. Also, life IS short. I’d rather be as happy as I could possibly be with a non-virgin who has all the qualities I wanted in another person as opposed to being with a virgin just because they’re a virgin. If you find someone that you know you’re supposed to spend the rest of your life with, you really don’t want to just let them go because they’re not “all yours.”

    FR – The problem with jealousy in relationships is that it’s apparently now such a common problem that most people experience it at some point in one of their relationships. I completely agree with your statements, people should not have to go through that. My article is merely an attempt to try to help people avoid making those mistakes in the first place.

    les1961 – Glad I could help.

  12. LookingForTheOne says:

    wny — I, too, intend on only marrying a virgin, so I get where you’re coming from. But this article was intended for those people who are in relationships with people who are not virgins and who intend to stay in the relationship. It’s one thing to say “I need a virgin, so this relationship isn’t right for me” (which is fine). But there are those people for whom it’s not a dealbreaker, but who still need help overcoming the problem.

    So, I understand you, but I do think Jennifer is offering good advice, too.

  13. wny says:

    Jennifer-This article is about accepting non-virgins and you conclude by saying not to “focus on unimportant details.” You’re writing it like that implies that you think it is an unimportant detail. I don’t object to your article as a whole, I object to that statement. Also, I don’t judge people for having had sex. I just know they’re not for me, regardless of their other qualities. Their lack of virginity in and of itself means they would not be the person I want to spend the rest of my life with. No, I would not be with a virgin JUST because she is a virgin, but virginity is one of the traits I require in a future spouse.

    LookingForThe One-I know the intention of the article. I never said she did not offer good advice. I just object to her calling not being a virgin an “unimortant detail.”

  14. wny says:


  15. GS says:

    I think this article can apply to those persons who have very limited sexual experience (one sexual partner) then divorced – widowed and dating when in middle age or older. It is not for me or my limited mind to understand what leads certain individuals to have multiple sexual partners in life, other than understanding the truth about their past as described by them in which they really did not have to do.
    Mistakes in the past in a person’s life is just that…. their mistakes, not yours.

    It is not for you or I to judge them. If they are open and honest enough to bare their very soul in front of you…risking the very real possibility of you ditching the relationship (because you cannot take the truth) so they can come clean to you, what more can you ask? Open dialogue, and a willingness to be loving, trustful, truthful, honest, open and have faith in the relationship moving forward is all anyone can ask of another person. If that person whole heartily gives their heart to you in love and the above mentioned, then grab it, hold and cherish it….it’s very possible a relationship like the one you have…won’t come your way again. Do you want to throw that chance away?

  16. Happy when sailing says:

    Hello chaps,
    Well I think Jennifer’s article is very good. It would take an age and a lot of print to cover every twist and turn that a person suffering from retroactive jealousy may encounter. Instead she has done a great broad brush,personal attempt at helping folk who suffer. I know the article has helped quite a few so all in all a great tool for someone to work on the forgiveness process.
    The way that I read the “unimportant” comment is that when the sufferer has come to terms with the situation, things are improving and its all being put away in the past Then it is indeed “unimportant”
    I’m not so sure this article is written for virgins accepting non virgins ! I think it’s written to help any person suffering from “past partner” jealousy perhaps I’m wrong? Great article Jennifer.

    Best regards. Col.

  17. andrea says:

    Im having an awful time with jealousy issues. My boyfriend ive had for over a year had a one night stand with a girl two days after we went out as friends. I think i get the most upset because hes not that kind of person. He had a crush on the girl for over a year and he finally went out with her. Hes not proud of the fact of what he did. I just get upset because i feel like im second choice. Because things didnt work out between the two. So he ended up with me. Instead of being grateful that it didnt work out between them i get jealous :( i think im over it then it comes back! If anyone has any advice id love it! Xalee12@hotmail.com

  18. Jennifer says:

    There’s multiple comments I want to respond to, so I will split up my answers so that there isn’t one long comment.

    First off, I’d like to clear up exactly what I meant when I said, “Life is too short to focus on unimportant details.”
    I am not saying that a person’s past sex is unimportant. It’s just a general statement referring to life in general. I actually think that a person being a virgin is a VERY important detail in a relationship. I hope that this now clarifies the confusion.

    LookingForTheOne hit the nail on the head. This article is meant to help people who do not see non-virginity as a deal breaker and require a little bit of help to get over their jealousy issues. This article was specifically written for ANYONE (including non-virgins) with jealousy problems, because ANYONE can have them, not only virgins. This article is in no way meant to try to convince virgins to marry non-virgins. My goal in writing this article was to aid the countless amount of people who privately wrote to me seeking advice on how to get over their jealousy. This article is a summation of the most frequently asked questions.

  19. Jennifer says:

    GS – GREAT comment! Everybody read it! This is exactly what I am trying to communicate in my articles.

    Happy When Sailing: Thanks for the great comment! You are exactly right as well. It was written for anyone struggling with jealousy problems, and you also understand the “unimportant detail” bit as well.

    Andrea – Feel free to email me if you need any advice. My email is in the comments above.

  20. laura says:

    Jennifer – did you ever have the feeling of disgust? My boyfriend
    Has had numerous one night stands and contracted an std. While he says
    He’s changed I still cannot get over how someone has sexual contact
    With a stranger.

  21. wny says:

    @Jennifer-I suppose everything is cleared up now. Maybe I partially missed the point of the article at one point (I can’t remember now if I did or not). If what you mean is that someone having had sex is an unimportant detail for someone who does not view it as a dealbreaker, then I sort of see where you’re going with that. Still, I’m not sure that it was the best way to put it. Anyway, if this article will help people who do not view it as a dealbreaker, then great.

    Out of curiosity, though, do you think it is strange for people to have it as a dealbreaker? I know you’re not mad at anyone who does or anything, but do you think it is strange?

  22. Paul says:

    This is quite a wonderful article and I wish that there were more out there like this.

  23. c. mane says:

    well thought out article. i esp like the question, ‘why do i feel cheated on’ . being someone who admittedly can be chronically jealous of a partner’s sexual past i can tell u that this description is very accurate. ‘insecurity’ always seems to be stressed in this topic and although this is a valid and frequent cause of jealousy lets not forget its’ polar opposite, ‘ego’. our partner’s sexual past can be arrogantly seen as a threat or even blow to our pride and ego. often we are unconciously being so selfish and egotistical that we harbor resentment for our partner for having the audacity to have any sexual activity before us, despite how many we may or may not have had ourselves. sounds silly i know, but trust me, these things are at work in our mind and they all have an important biological function at their root which is basically a primitive ingrained program to to be territorial, fight if need be, and pass on our own genes. see it for what it is, a biological program causing anger and aggression against a threat that does not even exist anymore. there is no one in front of us trying to make advances on our partner. they are in the past. they are ghosts. he or she is with u now. enjoy them and your relationship.

  24. Angela says:

    Nice to know I am not alone in my thoughts. Love my bf to pieces but struggle with his very wild life before me…..

  25. karki says:

    such a nice suggestion…words are less to express my thanx to u…really helped me…god bless u dear…

  26. Jennifer says:

    @laura – In my situation, my husband did not contract an STD, nor did he ever have a one night stand with someone he did not know. However, when my jealousy was at it’s worst, I did find myself disgusted with his past once. If you have sex with your boyfriend, be sure to make sure he is tested for STDs and use protection to keep yourself safe.

  27. Jennifer says:

    @wny – No, I do not find it strange that virginity is a dealbreaker for some people because I used to be somewhat similar. I used to only consider other virgins or people who had only had sex in relationships when it came to my dating pool, and they were few and far between with all people I knew and were very familiar with. I never wanted to date someone who was a “womanizer” or someone who had slept with more people than they knew of. So I can definitely understand the mindset of someone who wants something similar.

    My only concern is when people judge non-virgins and assume that they are all whores or something. While some of them might exhibit whore-like behavior, not all non-virgins are bad. If you don’t want a non-virgin that’s totally fine, just don’t judge them.

  28. Jennifer says:

    @Paul, @Angela, @Karki :

    Thank you for your comments and your kind words!

    @c.mane :

    That’s a great way to phrase it as well. The insecurities are what cause the majority of the jealousy and I think your point about egos is very good, and is definitely a contributing factor.

  29. Dan says:

    Retroactive jealouy has recently taken over my life. My girlfriend of four years knew I never wanted to hear anything about her past because I had told her many, many times not to say anything. She liked talking about past experiences when we first met and I had to constantly remind her not to say that stuff.
    Then one day four years into the relationship she felt so guilty for keeping her past from me that she told me every detail about every guy she had ever been with and I stupidly sat there and listened even though I knew once what she had told me sunk in it would destroy me.

    Now I constanly blame her for hurting me so badly by telling me something I told her never to talk to me about. I have visions of my girlfriend naked having sex with other guys one guy in paticular hurts to think about because I know him and its painfully easy to think about him having sex with her. My stomach is in knots and sometimes I go days without eating.
    She gets angry with me for being sad and angry even though she caused these sad feelings.

    We broke up for three days and the second I left her place I felt free and like a weight had been lifted off my shoulders, I was finally able to forget about the jealousy and be happy about finding a future partner but she begged me to get back with her and I stupidly did and now I’m right back to the jealous feelings of anger, pain and resentment.

  30. Angela says:

    I can understand how it takes over a persons life. I am taking steps to ensure it doesn’t take over mine, by trying to think positively and do a lot more physical exercise to feel better about me’ and to look better too. . My partner is abroad currently – only for a week – and I would be lying if I said that there hadn’t been a few negative thoughts running around my head, as he lived where he is now for 3 years as a single guy. I have promised myself that on his return I won’t ask him hundreds of questions, as that will show jealousy and insecurity. I do trust him and he will tell me what he wants me’ to know. I think our minds can be our very worst enemies – sometimes. Wish me luck!

  31. Happy when sailing says:

    I wish you lots and lots of luck. Col.

  32. VB says:

    I was never jealous like I am now until I met the guy I’m with today. When something comes up about his past, like it did last night, or he says another woman is “hot”, I feel on the verge of homicidal/suicidal. Of course I would never act on those feelings, but I was up all night thinking about this situation and I have lost so many nights sleep over things like this. I can’t eat, sleep or be social, all I do when something like that comes up is obsess… I know this isnt normal. Ive had multiple partners and so has he. I’m young, 21, but this is ruining my life…I wish I was 16 again, safe in rehab before I knew what it was like to be emotionally invested in someone–& therefore not knowing the jealousy and outrage that can come regarding the past. I feel so unstable, years of therapy have not helped, self help programs, church, things to boost my self esteem. Nothing. I’ve tried to cool myself down & remind myself that he’s with me now, but it gives me little peace. Maybe I’m not meant for relationships. I just want to be normal, and not feel so out of control.

  33. Peacock says:

    Very, very good! Nearly, if not dead on to how I have been feeling. It is the toughest part to get past it, but once you do… It makes life so much better and happier.

    But… For me it did come back because my partner works with that person. Daily, in a close role. Sometimes in office with others, sometimes not. Any suggestions?

  34. Angela says:

    What I can’t understand, is that when I feel even slightly upset or inferior, my heart beat increases dramatically, almost like I am having a panic attack – this part I hate the most because I don’t seem to be able to control it :-( Angela

  35. Clare says:

    Today is my 6 month anniversary with a man I absolutely adore. We are both ‘non-waiters’ and since we were friends for almost a year before we got together, we both knew a lot about each other’s pasts and were comfortable with them. However, he once had a drunk casual sexual experience with someone he had known for a while, and who was a virgin. This never bothered me because it happened when we were just friends and at the time I was just curious to know what had happened.
    But two days ago an intense bout of jealousy overcame me very suddenly and I couldn’t stop thinking about what had happened, why it had happened and imagining the situation and what the feelings were surrounding the experience.
    I decided to be honest to him about what I was thinking about it, although I knew it would be unfair to him since he’d done nothing wrong and had himself admitted regretting his actions. I didn’t feel immediately better about it because in my heart I wanted him to say it was a stupid thing to do, but he was honest and said that it wasn’t the worst thing he could have done at the time (which in my head I agree with). I knew all my feelings were completely irrational and I had such a battle between my logical thoughts and my jealous feelings.
    I feel like I have mostly overcome these feelings, even though I know it will take time for me to stop thinking about it at random times of the day. It helped for me to write a letter to myself explaining what I felt about him, how he would feel if I kept letting this bother me, and admitting that I would probably do the same sort of thing if I had ever been single for an extended period of time. I know it didn’t mean anything special to him without even having to ask and I also know he should not have to feel bad about doing nothing wrong.
    The feelings of jealousy were/are most abundant when I’m not around him, which is also when I feel most insecure. Thanks to facebook and texting, people expect constant communication and read into text so much, which complicates everything. And I think in this age where plenty of people are having sex before marriage, and are having more frequent and acceptable casual sex, our expectations of our partners and their past are confusing, especially because our experience is often very different to our parent’s so we don’t have examples to learn from.
    Mostly I think I just want him to be only /mine/, and it might be a possessiveness thing that runs in my family. My sister has had plenty of casual sex, but is now with a man who was a virgin before he met her. She says she doesn’t want to admit it because it’s hypocritical, but she likes the feeling that he’s all hers.
    I just have to know that despite his past, he is all mine because he loves me very much.
    Don’t let irrational feelings overtake your logical mind – try to tease out the situation in a systematic way and especially think about their own feelings and how it’s unfair to be judgmental when they’ve done nothing wrong.

  36. Clare says:

    (And I know this is ‘waiting till marriage.org’ – which obviously doesn’t apply to me, but I just wanted to show that jealousy can happen in any relationship, even one where the two partner’s sexual past isn’t all that different)

  37. Cenizas says:

    Ther are lots of positive things said here in this article and in the comments. I married a non waiter who grew up in the same religious culture as I did where we are supposed to wait. Not waiting is, in our beliefs, a pretty serious offense.

    Her past includes 6 partners in a two year period, and then a self realization that she was not happy. We met about 6 months after that. I know everything about her experiences, motives, and sorrow for what she did. Of course this hurt, but we married and have been so for 14 years. During this time, she has been an incredible wife and partner. There is absolutely no insecurity about her feelings for me and how different they are from anything from past. She says all the right things, done all the right things, and has been more than patient about my challenges about her past.

    I can truly say I forgive her and know that it should be irrelevant to our current relationship. But, for the last 4 years not.a day has passed that I haven’t envisioned her with someone else. The images are graphic and constant. I have them as soon as my alarm clock goes off. They are torturous in everyway. I have been on depression mess for a while but I don’t think is the right thing for me. I’m ok with the fasct that all that happened, I just want to stop thinking about it. I really do think I have some mental health issues. Gotta get this under control formher, the kids, and me.

  38. J.UA says:

    Thank you. That’s all I gotta say. Thank you.

  39. Code says:

    I thought I was the only one feeling this way! I have been with my wife for 20 years, we got together when we were in our early 20′s. She has had a few partners and I have only been with her. Even now after all this time I have jealous thoughts when we are together in bed. I wonder how I compare to her other partners which is crazy I know but I cannot help the thoughts running through my head!

    I try to deal with it and it goes away for a while but then comes back causing me to get down and angry with my wife. I have tried to discuss it with her but she does not like talking about it. I guess I will need to find a way of wiping these from my mind once and for all! Maybe one day I will be free from this thing that eats me inside?

  40. Nay says:

    @ Jennifer and all who willing to give me advice

    After reading the article and comments , I realize that the problem is me , not my newly wedded and amazing wife nor her past .I am 23. Plz try to read my problem and judge me and give me some advice. My problem is that I live in an environment that says I am too dumb to marry her. She was in love with this guy who would destroy women’s virginities and left these women . It’s not like I am jealous of him or anything . If compare myself to him , my environment and my wife believe that I am better at anything , I mean by the looks, personality, education , anything you name it except his parents are rich people . I can guarantee that she loves me so much and she is totally over this guy . But everytime I make love to her , I picture her being pleasured by that guy in my head . But I am sure that she have never had the pleasures with anyone which she had with me .but I sometimes think I am too good to be with her. I hate the fact she was with him before she met me. I really hate him and the environment . I even think of torturing and killing him in my basement to make myself feel better or myself committing suicide . I have been in pain because of this for two years since I fell in love with her . Before I am married to her , I tried to break up with her many times for this reason. But I couldn’t do it knowing the fact she loves me so much and I feel the same way.
    Now I am embarrassed to go out and face the environment . I wish my awful thoughts and pain go away already and spent the rest of my life with her happily .I don’t want the stupid environment and my stupid ruin our relationship .
    Please HELP!

  41. Nay says:

    Please read my comment above . I live in a small town , in Myanmar @ Burma where the religion and cultures are really strict .

  42. Nay says:

    Please HELP ! I am really miserable and in pain now . I don’t wanna spend the rest of my life in this way . She is carrying my baby and I really do love her . why can’t I still let go of these feelings ? I know it’s no one’s fault but my own. Please HELP !

  43. Alison says:

    Nay, go to retroactivejealousy.com, I hope you will find guidance there.

  44. The Man Without A Past says:

    How to get over your partner’s past?

    Here is a great way:

    Don’t marry somebody with a past.

    Stay virgin until marriage and marry only a virgin.

    Never divorce except in extreme cases.

    If it’s too late for you… teach your children these values, so they won’t make your mistakes.

    Until people worldwide live by these rules… enjoy palliative remedies.

  45. The Man Without A Past says:

    I almost forgot. My advice was aimed at a worldwide audience, and not to someone in particular.

    To all who can apply my said advice… Excellent. Very well done.

    To all who can’t, I say… Good luck to you anyway.

  46. Carlos says:

    hey jennifer i truly need your help. I tried looking for your email or how to pm you but i failed. Is it possible you could email me c_maro@hotmail.com

  47. cassie says:

    Thankyou. This made a lot of sense. But in my situation I’m more jealous if the person they simply hung out with. Movies , dinner etc. Nothing sexual. And I see this person on occasion. Why does that bother me? Bothers me more then the sexual ones .

  48. Advice needed says:

    What if there was never a sexual relationship but your partner is still upset and very much dislikes the ex?? Im completely over the ex but seems to always get brought up or one mention of it and the whole day is ruined. Im engaged and very excited to marry who im with but feel this repetitive argument about my past will ruin our future

  49. Sarah says:

    What if his past crush is one of my best friends? How to get rid the negative thoughts that come up when we hang out together? With my boyfriend along. I really need your opinion. Thank you Jennifer :)

  50. Jen says:

    My jealousy issue is compounded…I was in a 20+ year marriage that I emerged from at 39. My now partner, 50 at the time we met, had been single for almost 25 years. I am thr first woman he has lived with since the demise of his 7 year marriage at the age of 27.
    He did not understand the necessity of eradicating certain items from the household (his) before cohabitatng…the result is I have inadvertantly been exposed to photos of ex-girlfiends unclothed, scores of photos of ex-girlfriends when they were together, had opportunity to read love letter and emails from the past (not snoooping-shared computer).
    In addition, for the first year if our now 3 year relationship he made several tasteless comments to me about his past: examples are about how he visited a lingerie store while on business and, although he did not enjoy the experience, “it was worth it”…how, although he prefers breasts larger than mine, he’s glad I at least have “large n!pples”…etc,further to follow.
    Then he began suffering from erectile dysfuntion issues-I was told not to worry, it had occurred in the past, but the woman he was seeing was patient and instead taught her how the handle her needs and, as a result of that patience & atention, his erections returned.
    We have not had intercourse in almost two years, and I am forever feeling like I am a failure as I am unable to “solve” the problem, whereas “she” did.
    We have talked openly about the mistakes he has made with me in the past & he is genuinely sorry but I simply do not know how to “forget” the callous statements of “unsee” the nude photos. I am now terribly insecure.

  51. Paul says:

    For me the issues start when I begin to ‘intellectualize’ the jealousy, as in, accept that i SHOULD be jealous, that her past is abnormal.. which is nonsense.

    But then I remember that she chose me, she enjoys sex with me, and cares for me.

    But even so, she sometimes drops some clangers on me.. once she told me she was thinking of writing a book about her sexual experiences! This haunts me to this day! What a line…. In her defense, I never told her about my ‘mental illness’, but she knows now, and I think she understood vividly when she told me about how her and a friend used to randomly ‘fuck dudes in threesomes’.. and I had to sit in the bathroom alone for a while and absorb that nursing a large bottle of whiskey. I then reappeared and told her I had got over it, and lets continue the night.

    But the funny thing is, I have had a lot of sexual partners, been in threesomes, and had plenty of one nighters. I know I satisfy her in bed very easily (never experienced a girl who cums from penetration so quickly before), so in my case, it is not ‘envy’. I feel no envy to the other men, because I’m the one she’s in bed with at the end of the day. I feel a sense of pride that I’m the one taking her home, because I know a lot of men want to be with her. I think this is also a part of the problem. I feel a male pride about her being ‘mine’ so the thought of her being other mens, even in the past… grates on me.

    I’ve tried to understand what it is, and I think a part of it is I find men’s bodies disgusting, especially penises. Just the thought of a penis going near her (thats not mine) makes me physically nauseous… It feels ‘dirty’ to me… it’s horrible. I suppose it is like how homophobic people feel about homosexual male sex? They are just disgusted by it…

    And also strangely, if she got with another girl, thats totally fine. I told her she can do that whenever she wants (shes bi) as long as I get to watch or join in.

    I accept I have a problem. i know it’s irrational, and ridiculous. I think accepting it is stupid will help. Whilst it is normal to feel jealousy, it is a ‘handicap’ in the same way getting a twitch on your arm… it’s a strange evolutionary mix up that has confused protecting your genome by being territorial with your ‘mate,s’ sexual monogamy in the present, but applied the feeling into the past, probably based on your imagination. Being jealous of your sexual partner’s past is obviously a evolutionary mix up, if we’re going to get technical. Just like having a tail bone, or an appendix, or being frightened of the dark.

    once you accept it is not of any benefit to you, i think you can start to move on. She’s a lovely chick, caring, sexy, and I’m convinced I can trust her… ok.. I did once get suspicious and look into her messages to one particular guy, and all she talked about was me.. how we met etc.. He was bummed because he wasn’t getting anymore dirty pics, although he still tried bless him.

    not really well structured, but I was presenting one thought at a time.

  52. Jen says:

    I really am hoping someone here will read my post & offer me some advice-I fear I am verging on obsession now & desperately want to stop it :(

  53. Still_hurting says:

    I’ve been married for more than 30 years, and still jealous of the boyfriend that got her virginity. I grew up thinking girls had to be a virgin to marry a good man. I had opportunities to take my friends virginities, but talked them into waiting until marriage. I found out later she was not a virgin, and I loved her so much, I thought I just get over it. Well it’s been more than 30 years and I still torture myself, all of a sudden the thoughts get in my head; when I’m driving home from work, when I wake up in the morning, I never know when the thought will come over me and make me feel like crap. I wish I didn’t love her so I could walk away from her, but she is the nicest wife in the world, she is kind, never flirts, or does anything to provoke my jealousy, it’s all deep inside me. I buy her flowers, perfumes, cars, anything she wants, I’m always trying to make her happy, and she does the same for me, but sometimes when I’m alone, the weird feeling just takes me over. I guess is my curse, I will live the rest of my life having miserable moments, the price I’ll have to pay for being jealous.
    This is the first time I tell or write anything about this

  54. 50FirstDates says:

    It scares me to read that many people here have been married for 20 to 30+ years and have yet to overcome this issue. As I sit here alone reading these comments i’m starting to think if it would be worth being miserable for the rest of my life. I met my wife while in high school, and after knowing she had a previous boyfriend who took her virginity and was sexually active with for over a year before meeting me, I still decided to move forward with our relationship. She was my first and has been my only for about nine years now. Now more than ever and for the last two years it has been eating away at me like never before. There isn’t one day that goes by that i don’t think of her with that POS loser that means nothing to her. I love her more than anything, we even have three beautiful babies, i swear i have the greatest life, except this one thing that eats away at my soul. its gotten to the point of depression that I’ve become antisocial and I’ve really shut myself away from family and friends. My depression has to be stemming from this, as every other aspect of my life is perfect. I’ve told her several times about my feelings and have even degraded her for it, immediately after I feel absolutely horrible, which just adds to my misery. I know for many who have never experienced this feeling would simply suggest move on or its none of your business, but I am truly hurting inside and there have been times that I have thought about leaving, but would good would it do, especially for my babies. I love her, but as hard as it would be should I leave if its killing me? Would it be unfair to her if I stayed? Am i wasting her time, or mine? I don’t know what to do, how do you deal with these feelings for over 30 years?

  55. Andra Leigh says:

    I have continuing to struggle with him having oral sex with his ex. He didn’t tell me for almost a year. Some days I don’t think of it at all, other days it’s all I can think of. I am still a virgin, and waited for that special someone. I felt like something that had been stolen from me. I do not think that I will ever be completely healed, because he can not take it back. But I love him, and want to be with him forever. That’s enough for me

  56. Still_hurting says:

    Andra, Andra, he cheated for a year, he looked at you in the evening, like nothing happen, and carry out himself like he was doing the right thing, once a cheater always a cheater, find someone that deserves you. I know I’m not supposed to interfere with other people business, but you save yourself for marriage and he doesn’t value that, he will never be fair to you, show some pride, you will never forget what he has done, you will be a 70 year old still thinking about it and not knowing if he got oral sex before he got home. You will always remember, I do.

    Back to me now, writing about it here did help, knowing that others go
    through what i’m going makes me sad, I wish nobody else would have this desease. I don’t know if there’s a cure. I don’t know who you have to marry so you would be happy and not have jealous feelings. A jealous person can always find something to be jealous about, we are good at it, we can find something to be jealous on every single partner.
    Sometimes when I start having the jealous moments, I pray, and ask God to help me cope, I don’t want to be ugly and say mean things, mean things about the past, that can’t be changed, I just have this feelings that she gave away something that should have been mine, something sacred, that will never be mine and she share with another man. I hate her right now, just thinking about it makes me not ever want to see her again, now I pause, I feel sad and betray, I just want to quit writing and go through the sorrow, the pain and anger, the jealous moment I’m having now, is like a depression, like crawling into a dark hole…

  57. Steve says:

    My wife has slept with 20 guys and is only 26 years old. I have only been with one other girl and it makes me feel so insecure and pathetic sometimes. The sex we have is amazing, I can’t get enough! And she is a perfect wife.. I just wish she had not made these mistakes as she regrets them too….

  58. Reel Man, Saltwater says:

    Be a man and love your woman or find someone else, but stop talking about her, she didn’t do anything wrong, you are the one that needs the help.

  59. Qwerty says:

    My girlfriend who I am very soon going to make my fiancé is a virgin an I believe that 100% she has had other relationships with guys that cheated on her and made her feel like crap. It bothers me that she has loved other guys before me that she claimed to be “true love” which I believe they might have been but sometimes she says that they were only crushes. These guys forced her to do other a couple of things she says she didn’t want to do and the fact these guys are that low to force her against her will to do things so that can get come pleasure makes me scared for them about what I would do to them if they ever crossed mine and my partners paths.
    I have depression which for years when I was younger was moderately suicidal as I use to cut and burn my arms. It’s started to get better but when I started to get jealous that my girlfriend has loved other people it was come back and I feel it has been the worst it’s been since I use to cut myself.
    Our storie is that I asked her if there was anything she would regret if the world would end and she told me being a virgin is one thing she would regret not loosing it. at the moment she said that I instantly fell in live with this woman more so than I already was. Because all her life guys and her friends have told
    Her that girls are worthless to guys not having any sexual experiance she apparently made up some things that she did, I was disgusted by all these things she said she did that I found out never happend and I find it hard to believe things she says now since her past is getting more and more innocent to the point that there is two incidents where she was forced to do things for all up a shorter time it takes me to have a cigarette. So all up they took less than a minute between them both from what she says. These things that I’m soo jealous about is the smallest things and I know that she felt uncomfortable and she didn’t at all want them to happen ( she has wanted to save her body and herself for the future guy that she marries which I am almost certain will be me) she tells me she wasn’t sexually attracted to her past crushes but I can’t be sure that she is entirely truthful since our whole relationship has been riddled with lies.
    I have never had a girlfriend since I was so depressed through school girls
    Found out about my “illness” and saw my scars and didn’t want anything to do with me. When she told me the apparently stories that never happened I felt worthless enough to randomly have sex with a girl before me
    And my partner started our relationship so now my partner has given me her vaginity and her entire body ( no one has ever seen her fully naked body or has ever touched her body in any sexual way as she has told me which makes me very honoured) and I couldn’t do the same by giving hery vaginity because I was in the verge of killing myself ever being alone my whole life. I feel even more pathetic now than when I was a virgin.
    This woman is the most amazing woman I have ever know and that is hard for me to find since iv shut my self away from women because they have treated me like sh*t my whole life.
    I know this website is for people in relationships with non virgins but I can’t get the jealous feeling away even though she has not willing had any sexual experiances and I would not even call the things she was forced to do as sexual experiances just uncomfortable situations she was put in by the POS guys that tricked her into
    Loving them before cheating on her for not giving them her virginity
    After hearing everyone’s stories I realise that I can actually get over my jealousy that she has loved other guys since I actually have her virginity I feel it will be a lot easier but with the help of this community o think we can all get through this.
    Thank you for making this website, maybe one day I will stop cutting my body and get rid of this depression and me and my partner can have a happy marriage.

  60. brandon kautz says:

    Very good article. Wish I had it years ago. There r times I feel sad that I let my gf go because of her not being a virgin. Very sad. Because she was great in every other way. But I still have the hope and thought of new love where this won’t b an issue for me. Hard enough to b married without going in with this baggage in my opinion. I know now that for me to give myself completely and to love completely she must b a virgin. Hopefully it will happen someday but if not,things could b worse:)

  61. Hannah says:

    We are expecting a child in 2 weeks. I usually don’t care about his past. But with all the weights I gained, I feel extremely insecure. Then today he was talking on the phone with his friend and bragging about his sexual history, about all the extremely hot girl he dated and had sex with while I was right behind him. He acts like I’m not even there or my feeling doesn’t exsist. He even said tha he is talking to this girl at work about her sex life with her bf and they really go into details about it. I tried to satisfied his need whenever I could, but I’m just tired from the pregnancy and I’m not as good looking as I used to be 9 months ago. This is killing me inside that he can say stuff like that straight into my face without a second thought. I know he would never cheat on me, but it still hurts so bad.

  62. Mike says:

    My girlfriend was my first kiss. but i wasn’t near her first sexual partner. I can’t help these feelings of jealousy. I know I’m better than any of her old partners. I’m the first guy she’s ever said I love you to and 3 months into the relationship she said she can’t imagine a future without me. I even gave her her first orgasm when she thought that it was impossible for her to have one. Even though i think we’re perfect I can’t help these feelings from coming up. i keep feeling jealous. even sometimes when she goes out to hang out with new friends that i don’t know. even if they’re not guys. This was a briliant article but I still feel like i need something in order to truly believe what i already know

  63. wife says:

    I came across this article when I tried to Google if anybody is jealous of their partners ex. I feel so weird sometimes for being jealous. But sometimes the feelings just come at me. He was my first. But I was not his. For the past 18 years I have been struggling with the jealousy. I sometimes think that if were in the same playing field I would know what having an ex feels like and would not be so jealous myself. But I do not know. He had a sexual relations and nothing deep with a girl before me. We were each others first emotional and serious relationships. But I sometimes do not completely believe what he tells me and have my doubts.

    I thought I was over it because I struggled with it when we were younger. Now it came back. I wonder if it is the devil talking in my ear so that I wont be happy. I thought I was weird but it seems other people struggle the same.

  64. Jennifer says:

    I just wanted to thank everyone for their kind comments regarding the article and I hope that it has been able to help those struggling with jealousy.

    I see there are people who struggle with jealousy for years. To be blunt, the best way to help yourself get over it is to imagine your life without that person. Imagine if they died tomorrow. Would you not regret all the needless time that you WASTED being jealous?

    I knew I would. That stopped the jealousy cold in it’s tracks. If you TRULY love them, and I mean unconditional love, then the jealousy will go away. If you hate them for it, I don’t know how you can combat that. Letting the relationship go is a possible option.

  65. Angela says:

    Well said Jennifer and words that I apply to my thoughts when jealousy strikes me! Thank you for summarising it!

  66. Luke says:

    Hello Jennifer,

    Is it possible to talk to you? I’m struggling very much with jealousy about my partners past. Since you have gone through the same, your advice would help greatly.


  67. scarlet says:

    This is a great article. I came across is via search engine; I was trying to find ways to further forgive my spouse for his vast sexual past, before we met. When we met, I was 17 and he was 21. I was a virgin and he had 5 years and 26 girls worth of experience. Because I was very physically confident and head over heels in love with him, his past did not bother me much and when it did I used it as motivation to strive to be better than any girl he had ever been with. I was successful in this, as he told me numerous times and in different ways how much more I meant to him and how much better I was than anyone he had ever met, both in and out of the bedroom. Now, flash forward 9 solid years and a baby later… We are happily married with a continually great sex life but I’m not in the shape I was when we were first together (which makes me feel insecure) and I’ve heard many details that’s he’s been kind enough to share with me when I have asked about his past. I know more than I should, which leaves me with a lot of jealousy. It has given me feelings of wanting to know what it’s like to have a one night stand or multiple partners just so I can understand why he was the way he was. Alas, we are different people and likely wouldn’t see those the same way, plus I am committed and happy enough to never dare act on such feelings. I do agree with this article and I find it very helpful. But the fact remains, I love my husband more than words could ever begin to describe but I honestly feel like it will always be an uphill battle that I will have within myself, getting over his past. Have I accepted it? Absolutely. Is it possible to get over it? I honestly don’t think so but hope I’m wrong.

  68. CJ says:

    My husband has baggage. He slept with a LOT of women before meeting me and somewhere along the way contracted an non-life threatening STD. I was a virgin before him. We are happily married and have been together for over 8 years. But I have since contracted the STD that is a constant reminder of his sexual past. He is the most amazing lover, most supportive best friend, most committed spouse and most dedicated father; he is the most amazing man I have ever met and there is no doubt in my mind that there is anyone else in existence a better fit for me. Thus, I take the baggage and deal with it myself. No one is perfect and the only thing keeping him from being perfect in my eyes is his sexual history. I think it’s worth it in the long run because our gains are stronger than his past. But, I will admit wholeheartedly that I still remain jealous of his past, insecure because of it and emotionally torn up at times because those choices he made before he knew me still affect me today. It was before he knew me though. And I just keep reminding myself of that.

  69. Angela says:

    Yes that’s exactly right. Does anyone on here struggle with Facebook? That is one of my anxieties, even though I trust my partner!

  70. Vicky says:

    What if he still has pictures of ALL his ex? Should my jealousy get rid of them, even if the steam back to his high school years??? I would hate to be compared!!! And even more so… Have him remember of what he had verses what he has?

  71. Vicky says:

    After reading all the feedback I feel like I should explain a bit more to get a quicker response. I starteded a realaship in my late teen, had two kids with this person. After 14 together realized I was a different person age 18-32. Meet someone else in a gym, wanted to pursue that……….. The father of my kids then took his life….. As I dealt with that…. The guy I pursued, 2 months later moved someone else in(the new girlfriend) a year later, we realized we wanted to be with each other…. But I feel my jealousy comes from the woman he moved in while I was in mourning for The father of my kids and my kids & taking care of them. I feel she was more important then what I was going through….. Years later… We are now engaged and I can’t let it go????

  72. Maria says:

    I was veery unhappy because of my jealousy, and the worst part-I felt like a victim,like he was making fun of me and using me! For everyone who thinks that,especially if EVERYONE tells you that it is not real,that it’s in your head-they are most probably right. In my case both my and his friends were telling me that I have to stop with it.
    Once again,thank you so much for saving my relationship!

  73. nicolene says:

    hi Jen.thanks for sharing with us to help each other.I agree with all that you said..but I wish you could’ve went further in exploring your partner’s feelings during the time you were struggling with jealous emotions. my husband is still struggling even after talks and reassurance from me.we both have pasts that we don’t like about each other..and for me I got over the jealous feelings by accepting his past in that I was not in his life by that time.I understand his hurt but I can’t live my present life with my past, I get tired of always explaining my past experiences.for example he says he imagines all we are doing together in our marriage with what I might have done with my previous partner, how can I explain things like that everytime when he is jealous.I want to support him but I get tired, judged and not worthy anymore.

  74. Maria says:


    Thanks for writing this. It was really helpful in thinking through my feelings of jealousy. I know that it is irrational to feel jealous of a partner’s past but I don’t know how to stop these feelings of jealousy. There are completely random times when I start thinking of him with other people and extremely sad– it’s almost crippling. What were some ways that you were able work through your feelings in addition to appreciating the relationship you guys had? I really want to get over this and put these thoughts out of my head but can’t seem to.

  75. lilly says:

    in my case my ex is dead he found me a widow but he askes me of my sexual experiance with him . he knew everything before we got married. wats wrong now

  76. Jennifer says:

    Hey everyone, thanks for the positive feedback. I appreciate it and I’m very glad that I was able to help some of you!

    To those that ask for some more advice, I know this may sound cliche, but honestly time heals all wounds. You will find yourself in six months from now, feeling much better about the issue then you do now. If you’re worried about not having time left in the relationship, then I suggest communicating with your partner. It WILL help a lot if you both agree not to get upset at each other and to just listen to the other person.

  77. Elena says:

    guys, I have been dealing with the same problem and I came up with the idea of writing down some positive sides of your partner having a good time in past relationships sexually. It helped me. maybe it will help you too:

    1. If your partner is more experienced, try to look at it in a way that he/she knows well what to do, you don’t have to worry about that anymore. he can make you feel secure with his experience, BUT also try new, unique things with you, because we all know, every single experience IS unique!

    2. Progress is what matters. If your relationship is evolving over time and you feel progress, than no sense in worrying over his/her past. Even if you think that his/her past experiences are better than with you, with a little bit of communication and practice you will get there in no time! I assure you and you just have to believe me

    3. If you’re less experienced and your partner is “teaching” you stuff, it might create additional intimacy between you two. Because nothing feels better than seeing that you can be beneficial for your partner and you can bring some added value to her/his life. So, they might feel more attached to you once they know they’ve introduced you to whole new life. Also, of course you will feel attached to them and in total, more intimacy, as I said before.

    4. If your partner already had some crazy sexual stories, it means they feel fulfilled in that regard. They think they are mature enough to settle down with you because they had their share of craziness and irresponsible, thoughtless actions. You don’t have to worry anymore that they will be tempted for new, unknown experiences.

    5. If you already asked excessive questions about their past and they’ve been answering to the most of them, it already means they care a lot to bear your excessive jealousy and they are understanding, which is a rare thing.

    In conclusion, I think we should focus more on making our partners happier and focus on progress rather than clinging on past. What’s the best solution for the past that seems too good in your mind? Just try to be great for your partner, spoil them with surprises, midnight “wake ups” with some sexual tricks, try to play a bit and look at things with humor sense and look to the future. I hope, we can all manage this and not let our insecurities ruin our happy relationships.

    Fingers crossed! ;)

  78. MM says:

    Hi Jeniffer,

    I’m struggling with some similar issues. I’m married to the love of my life. We have been friends since we were four years old. However, the road to our relationship was a bit rocky. We both were in several relationships before making ours work. We have been married for just over a year.

    My wife has always been friends with her multiple exes. In my past relationships, exes were not something I dealt with well. I know that she no longer has feelings for her exes, but I still struggle to accept their friendship. I get crazy jealous when she talks with them on Facebook or through text messages. Again, I KNOW I have nothing to worry about. She has always been faithful and loyal, caring, loving, and completely devoted. I’ve talked to her about my feelings. That when we spend time with her exes or she is speaking with them, all I can think about the sex they have had together.

    One ex, the first person she was ever with romantically and sexually, and who she has been friends with longer than she dated, cut her out of their life when she married me because they were still hoping to have a romantic relationship with my wife. Recently, this ex has started drunk messaging her on Facebook about how he’s “broken” and such so that my wife feels bad for not choosing him. My wife has described to me the hurt and confusion she felt when this ex cut her out of his life because she didn’t realize the ex was hoping for more, when she didn’t want more anyway. She says she misses her ex as a friend and doesn’t want anything more, but the drunk messages still hurt her because they were friends longer than they were lovers.

    This is what is making me crazy insecure and jealous.

    When I talked to her about my feelings, she told me that she doesn’t even remember what the sex was like with them. That it no longer even crosses her mind and all that’s left there is just the friendship that comes from shared life experiences and closure. I understand that. I genuinely want her to have these friendships in her life. I know that my jealousy issues will push her away from me, if I can’t get over this.

    Your article has given me hope that I can overcome these feelings and be the supportive spouse that she needs. I already feel a bit better after talking with her about my fixation on her and her exes having sex. I hope that I can hold on to that feeling of peace when I feel myself start to slip slowly back into jealousy.


  79. Ellie says:

    I’ve been dating my boyfriend for nearly a year now and we’ve been living together for over 6 months. Everything is perfect except for the fact that he is so judgmental, harsh and even rude at times about my past. He comes from a very strict christian background that viewed sex before marriage as sin. (even though he isn’t practicing christian himself) He is a few years younger than me and I feel his views are very childish at times considering he wouldn’t want to give up having sex with me, and he has had 2 previous partners and feel that he would have been with just as many people has I had been by the time he was my age. He agrees with this, but still resorts to the argument “well I didn’t have sex with that many so it doesn’t matter, I only made 2 mistakes and I regret them.”

    He doesn’t have anyone in his family to talk about this issue with because all his older brothers are practicing christians, waited until marriage, and been with only one person. He recognizes that he wouldn’t want to be a husband to any of his sister in-laws regardless of their purity, but can’t handle the emotional concept that I once “belonged” to someone else. He loves me, and doesn’t want to be with anyone else, but sometimes its like a switch in his head and he is disgusted by my previous actions.

    He says it makes him sick to think of my last two relationships but he always brings it up. He even forces me to give him details that I feel are none of his business incase I’m hiding something. He found emails in my deleted box from ex boyfriends and reads them. He’s even read them out loud to me (to mock me) and then questions me on how I could possibly love him if I said these things to an ex. I don’t know how to tell him that I loved the last person I dated, but there are reasons why he is an ex. I try to be considerate of his feelings but when I put my foot down and say enough is enough and you are being inappropriate he gets angry. Afterwords, he always apologizes to me and says he was way out of line and knows he can’t change anything, but he can’t help how these feelings come over him. I’ve tried talking to him, and listening and being considerate of his feelings, but nothing seems to help.

    I feel he doesn’t trust me, which hurts, and I don’t want to be reminded about how shitty I SHOULD feel for having a bf before I dated him. But I honestly DON’T feel shitty because I feel I never would have met him if my past relationships never happened. I think he knows that I don’t feel bad, which doesn’t help either. I know he loves me and he says he wants to marry me, but I can’t unless he is able to love all of me, not by pretending I’ve only been his. I’m going to see if I can get him to read this article and I hope it helps him. If you have any further advice for me please feel free to give it.

  80. helpless girl says:

    Thank you for your article.
    It all makes sense but it’s aways hard to put into action.
    I have been with my boyfriend for about 2 years and he’s completely in love with me also his first love. He’s 24 and I’m almost 25.
    Before him, i hav never dated, kissed, held hands with any guys. Although I’m Catholic, my religious values had nothing to do with my lack of relationship experience. It just happened that nothing ever happened between me and the guys i had crush on and I rejected the guys who asked me out because they weren’t my type.

    My boyfriend is still a Christian and he says he regrets what he did but his sexual past bothers me so much as well as his past in general.
    I’m showing symtoms of anxiey and depression and constantly thinking of ending the relationship

  81. lost :/ says:

    For two years now I have been harassing my man and questioning him exessively he sits and answers all my questions then asks of i feel lil better. He tells me we are done for the day asking questions. And continue tomorrow if i need a piece of mind. This man loves me . I have kids from previous relationship he adores me kids. Treats me like a queen and we are trying for a baby now. He also has my name tattood on his face on his cheeck in script letters makes me feel like he does love me cause no one elses name is on him. I never loved like this I just feel so obsessed with his past it makes me physically sick i have to question him all the time if it pops in my mind. He says they wasnt nothing they were trash compared to me ghat none of them could equal a quarter of me. He even answers questions while working if i txt him…… god hes so good to me. He says i need help and he will go through this with me to me that means alot. But for some reason i cant stop i feel so crazy and insane. But its because i love him. I hate knowing he pleased anyone or even got turned on by a lady. Ughh please help :(

  82. victoria says:

    wow amazing article….. made me think a great deal and definitely helped me :) thank you so much jennifer!

  83. Jessica says:

    I can’t thank you enough for this. I’ve felt so alone, hopeless, and ashamed of myself. Other advice columns I’ve read just criticize the jealous partner, and your words bring me so much comfort and make me feel like I’m taking the first real step to overcoming my jealousy issues. I will be returning to this whenever I need something that will uplift me. Thanks so much.

  84. Maria says:

    @Jessica> Yeah, me too. Every time I feel bad about my jelousy issue I come back here ,read this article,including the comments and I feel better :) GOOD LUCK everyone,I know how hard and paintful it is this actually,even if its not based on something realistic and it is just in our heads.

  85. Dimi says:

    Do you have some more practical advices on how to get over it besides talking and time? I am a virgin and my girl friend lived with a man for 1.5 year. And they had a lot of sex and since I have a very good imagination it is destroying me sometimes. I always compare myself to him and think I will never be as good as he was. And because he was the champ the had so much sex etc… But besides that she has everything I ever wanted so it would be the most horrible thing to loose her because of that. I am really willing to do anything to work that through. And thank you so much for this article!

  86. PieceOfMind says:

    Thank you for writing about your struggles. I have struggled with this for 18 years. Off and on, throughout relationships. My retroactive jealously has caused the end to more than one of my relationships. It has now become an issue once again. I have finally met the man of my dreams. He is without question, my match. I feel threatened by his ex for no real reason. He was not truthful and upfront about his situation when he met. This has, is, and continues to hinder our relationship. Events replay in my mind over and over again. It’s maddening. It’s constant and it’s debilitating. I simply have not been able to move past this. We have been together for a year and things just continue to worsen, due to my problem. I know if I do not overcome this I will lose the man I love. I just do not know how.

  87. Alejandro Sosa says:

    Piece of Mind sounds like my ex girlfriend

  88. ConfusedF says:

    Hello Jennifer,

    So my boyfriend and I broke up about a week ago. When we met he had never dated anyone before, but didn’t seem to mind that I had several past relationships. I told him about my past at the beginning of the relationship, then I screwed up and changed it, but only because I added in people I had dated as well, and then realizing my mistake I told him the absolute truth about my past and was completely honest. He said he’d forgive me. But as time went by, he started becoming really judgemental, throwing out terrible accusations about how I might cheat, or that I’m somehow diseased. It drove me crazy because there was nothing to indicate that was true. He was starting to use my past against me. Then in order to try and clear up the accusations, he manipulated me into telling him even more details about my past. The judgement continued, and he found this article and another one on this site and showed it to me and I started to understand where he was coming from. But instead of trying to understand where I was coming from, and what I had gone through to get where I am, he would continue to ask questions that were hurtful, and he’d tell me that how I lived my life was just wrong. He would re-phrase question differently, but ask the same things, but I would answer them a little differently because they weren’t the exact same. Then all of a sudden I am labelled a liar. He again said he was trying really hard to get past this all and that it wasn’t my problem but something he had to deal with. But then he’d make it my problem everyday. I wanted to make it work, I wanted to move past it all but he eventually decided that he didn’t think he could get past it. I personally don’t think anyone has the right to tell you how many sexual partners is the right amount. He wasn’t religious, but told me that I have no respect for myself. I just don’t understand. He was honestly exactly what I was looking for, so sweet and kind, but became this jealous guy that judged me and hurt me. He couldn’t stop picturing me with other guys and told me I screwed with his head. I know I should move on because any guy that really loves you won’t treat you that way, they’ll accept your faults and realize your worth. I just hate that he says he regrets us and me. He said I was everything he was looking for, I was perfect but he didn’t like my past and it all made him not trust me. If you have any words of advice I’d love to hear it.

  89. Maria says:

    Hello :) First of all this is one of the best articles ever! congratulations, you really made your point and it helped at least for a few days(which is HUGE for me and my jealousy!). My problem is little bit different. I am with my bf for almost a year now.He’s been married for 8 years and had a son with this women,they have been divorced for more than 4 years. They talk only about their son,once a week, he sees his son on Sundays,for 3,4 hours and that is it. He was very honest and told me everything about his past,that was a mistake,he was young ect.But I am still having pics in my head of them as a family,and I hate when she calls(before she was terrible and anoying,in a few 2,3 months she stoped so she doesnt even call,he calls when he wants to know smth about his son).
    To sum up: We are really really in love,planning a futre together but i am sooo obsessing about his past life,and comparing EVERYTHING to it,and ofc his ex wife. Do you have some advice how to get it out of my sistem on a daily bases? cause even if im ok for a few days,it comes back always.
    I would really appreciate if you answer. Have a nice day :)
    p.s. sorry for my grammar,I am not american, I’m polish.

  90. Angelina says:

    I wish my husband read this article so bad, because im to the point of getting a divorce. His jelousy are driving me to be like him. I am very depressed for all of this, and sometimes i dont know what to do.

  91. Mike says:

    @Angelina – You’ve tried talking to him about this, right? Like, to the point of saying “Maybe you’re never going to get over this. Maybe I should just leave.” Have you done that? I think the silver bullet to severe jealousy problems is to force them to compare their jealousy against a more powerful worry (losing you entirely), and then the jealousy often shrinks (permanently) in that broader perspective. Tragically, if you actually divorce him I’ll bet he’ll get over his jealousy in an instant.

    If talking doesn’t work, try initiating an ambiguous break/separation. The ambiguity is key. Frame it in your mind as temporary, but don’t communicate that to him. Leave it open to interpretation so the same neurosis that drives him to jealousy starts obsessing on all the things he might have done wrong, and about all the future jealousy-inducing events that might occur if you divorce. Put off the “I’m leaving vibe” long enough for him to squirm and picture life without you. Then come back, under the condition that he stop harassing you about whatever he harasses you about. And then be back; work to forgive him so you can get on with they (hopefully happier) relationship.

    Again, the idea is to forcibly broaden his perspective. The above solution might be too severe and manipulative, but it might be worth trying before full-on divorce.

    And hey, why not link him to this article? It’s less effort than filing for divorce. Jenn might have more to add as well.

    P.S. – I don’t know if it’s sexual jealousy you’re dealing with, but for what it’s worth: Guys tend to more jealous about good sex, while girls tend to be more jealous about good love. You might think that “It was just sex. I didn’t love him/them.” is comforting (as it would be to you), but to him, that might sound worse.

  92. Esther says:

    I like your article, and congratulate you on being able to overcome this jealousy issue. I too, cannot accept being with someone who lost their virginity while mine was still intact, and still cannot accept today. It definitely involves jealousy, but I believe it is also a very natural response to all humans.

    We are born with the need for unconditional love and fidelity from our “other half” and thus in this messed up world many of those essential things we need for a healthy and productive long term relationship are tainted.

    It’s very unfortunate that many people nowadays fail to use their rationality to think through how their actions today will affect others in the future. That is what happens when a girl or a guy sleeps with someone whom you will eventually marry.

    They are robbing you of what ought to be a meaningful and perfect marriage and leaving you to work on the mess that they have done. Very irresponsible, very nasty and something that I disdain very much. That is why waiting till marriage is so important, it makes you a responsible person both towards yourself, your partner and towards others.

    The reason I cannot accept marrying someone who is not a virgin is not a mere issue of jealousy, it is due to a large number of researched and recorded issues that needs to be dealt with if your partner had an unpleasant and promiscuous past. Emotional baggage, trauma, tendency to infidelity are just some of the issues that can arise.

    I don’t want to enter into a relationship and marriage that is so problematic that I can’t go by a day without having to struggle in my thoughts and emotions about the issues my partner has because of his past. Neither do I want to live every day trying to fight thoughts of jealousy/anger/bitterness. This just isn’t what I want or look for. I have had difficult times since childhood, and I want to have a marriage that is at least near perfection.

    I know this sounds kind of harsh, and I’m not saying everyone should follow my decision. But I do want to highlight that there are going to be issues that may ruin a relationship or at least affect the quality of your marriage due to sexual history of the other party. Therefore, we need to exercise control on our part that we do not become those who “rob people of what their partner could give” by sleeping casually around and decide what kind of relationship/marriage we want.

    People will have different standards and different requirements for their ideal spouse, the virgin shouldn’t hold onto a relationship and keep blaming the other party of their past, but neither should the non-virgin blame the virgin for not being accepting of his/her past. If you made the decision to give up your virginity knowing you will not marry that person, why can’t someone else make the decision not to be with you?

  93. IN PA says:

    my wife was a slut in the past that was her life then. live for now I was no angel growing up I banged my share of girls .we have been married for 20yrs and life is good. dont throw stones when u lived in a glass house also. the past is the past.let it go guys . use it to your good u might uncage an animal””

  94. Stelmara says:

    Impressed with how thoughtfully written your article is.
    So much one can relate to though as we know the feelings one has when jealousy gets a grip are all in the head and often not logical and maybe it’s only time that makes makes those dark feelings fade and hopefully vanish for good.
    I think for those that value sex and all that come with it will always suffer to some extent if their partner has been about and given themselves to many others, probably those that have a casual attitude towards sex don’t experience the horrid feelings that jealousy emits……….

  95. Anna says:

    My fiance has a history of casual relationships with multiple women and it’s something that I have really struggled with.

    When we were dating I convinced myself that I didn’t care.

    Now that we are engaged I feel an intense sense of being robbed. I feel like any intimacy we share is less special because it has been shared with other people.

    He has said that he didn’t care for those people and I just assume it was part of a male need to be with different women to try to gain self-esteem/ prove masculinity.

    I don’t know why I feel such resentment and anger about it. To me sex is and relationships are so special and meaningful I cannot contemplate how these things could be shared with just ‘anybody’.

    Although he tells me that he’s only ever loved me I feel like just one of many.

    Am I being overly insecure or is it natural for me to feel somewhat cheated?

  96. Flora says:

    This comment is for Anna…
    Anna, I am in exactly the same situation as you. I too am engaged to a wonderful man who has a shady past. Now that I know about his past, it really bothers me and I don’t really know how to get past these feelings.
    Maybe we can share stories. Let me know if you want my e-mail

    Jennifer, I loved your post as it was so enlightening for me to see that others share my feelings and point of view. Thank you and I wish you all the best


  97. Another Anna says:

    My name isn’t Anna however she has written my situation and sentiments to a T.

    Anna I think what we feel is natural. When God designed sex, It came with a blueprint bearing specific perameters because He knew how powerful sex is on every level, and how beautiful And rich and fulfilling He meant for it to be — between a man and woman who are in a covenant committed relationship with each other — inside of those boundaries is where that power and beauty and fulfillment can be safely expressed, exchanged, released, received, and contained. He wired us specifically to be able to handle the power if it in this setting only – monogamous relationship, where the two are committed, and have a proven love, and trust in ine another – no fear of the other leaving, or seeking another. Anywhere outside these bounds causes a mid-wiring in ones nobody and psyche and emotions. So as our fiances’ were at one time living a lifestyle which brought about a Mis-wiring, because WE are wired to only be able to handle and ultimately spark well with a partner whose wiring has been kept intact for us – not programmed or tampered with through experiences with others, now you and I are struggling with our wiring, and their wiring, trying to connect . Though they may have changed , coming away from that , realizing that was sin and lies, and been healed and ready for what is real and completely different , I believe we still suffer consequences. A clear example is if pregnancy occurs – you might change your ways after having had sex outside if marriage.. But you certainly still have a very real consequence of a baby on the way.

    I have struggled with resentment, worry, ruminating thoughts, immobilization (paralysis by anslysis if you will), anger and upset, bitterness, depression, frequent inner battles about moving forward in the relationship often feeling how is this supposed to work!, lots of tears, sadness , feeling miserable, finished self image and self esteem, isolation and seclusion because it feels like who can I confide in about this?, fears, difficulty feeling free to express myself in feminine or sexual-related ways even like painting my nails or having long hair (wondering what of painted nails or make up others already turned him on with, or that they had long hair too)… Running the gamut of thoughts wondering what and where and who and everything and it’s justca horrible torturous cycle. It hurts. It is degrading. It is utterly exhausting. Though my fiance is the most wonderful thoughtful sensitive caring loving attentive patient and forgiving Now-Christian man, I have struggled so much with this. I have particularly been feeling just empty, really empty. Cold and crusty. I have forgiven him and them. But I’m not experiencing freedom yet. Also the number of partners (girlfriends, one-night stands, including strangers) staggers me. I get ‘lost’ when I get to #2 let alone all the others. #2 because that was someone he chose to be with and it sounded like he had feelings . Never mind the trauma and anger in my mind about #1 who was an older teen who set things up so have sex with him ( he was Early teens). Man people haven’t a CLUE what they are doing . That was 27 years ago and look at the consequence. I, my fiance’s future wife, am suffering for some young chick’s schematic idea of casually using him for a sexual encounter. I know- she was probably a mixed up, broken girl, full of pains from a difficult upbringing of her own. For that I have compassion. But I’m still human and left here thinking of all these other women who are walking around and they have at least one memory of a sexual exchange with my fiance. How am I supposed to feel!!!!!!?!?

    This should be a time on my life I should be feeling joyful with warm fuzzies and expectations and anticipations of spending my life with my wonderful fiance. Someone said you have to stop looking through the small rearview window that is the past, because the view through the windshield to the future is wide open. True it is! Great analogy. So I tried that . But then guess what’s in my future, a wedding night and lifetime of wanting to enjoy sex with my husband…. And having waited 36 years for this to be all the special experience I have hoped for it to be…. But I’m fearing my feelings and excitement are diminished and my anticipation sunk, as I imagine when he will be in me, my mind is only going to be thinking how he was in this place with others and others felt this with him. Will I not feel like I’m just another one. My rightful pleasures are robbed. I won’t even go into it. It feels like these other people had all their fingers swirl and mess around in the icing on my cake. How good is the cake when the icing is already eaten.

    I am not saying my fiance hasn’t been forgiven, cleansed and restored because he has been. He is it the person he used to be. He is a new creation in Christ. He has experienced healing for the wounds of his childhood and relationship past.

    But I believe many of the difficult things he went though, became fresh wounds for me. I am hurting. The above are only a glimpse of thd troubling thoughts I have dealt with. I’ve been utterly tired so often. We have talked sbout it sometimes. But in general I know I need to not be bringing it up do much, and be careful not to reopen wounds for him that are already bound up and dealt with. So I Land up feeling stuck. I’m pretty sure I or we should get Counseling on this. I’m not good at relationships to begin with and do not carry many close relationships with other women and struggle with trusting to open up with them.

    I have wasted countless hours searching the internet for solace , others who understand, others who have successfully gotten through this, I’ve been back to the same articles at different times of struggle, probably 20 times in the last 3 years. Also lost tons of sleep. And my relationship with The Lord has not been where i’d like it to be. I find myself saying I don’t like myself. I feel my business has taking a hit through the course of my mental and emotional struggles over this. My housekeeping has regrettably taken a nosedive. I feel like I’ve really aged… Though thankfully I am frequently told by people who don’t knme I look way younger than i am.

    We otherwise have a great relationship, share many wonderful similar interests, enjoy each other’s company, spending time together, supporting one another in our vocational endeavours, and look forward to taking possession of our house soon, and preparing for our wedding just a few months away.

  98. My god says:

    Some of you people should see a pschiatrist. You are nuts!

  99. robert says:

    thank you I still have a long way to go I’m on my first step .

  100. S. says:

    My situation is a little different to those written here, but issues are the same.
    My long distance partner is from North America, a place as you write Angela, where casual sex isn’t really thought of as a big deal.
    I’m from a European country and as a Catholic girl, I believe in self respect and being in loving relationship to share sex. I don’t necessarily agree with no sex before marriage in this age (regardless of my Christian faith)

    I have had two long term relationships before meeting my current partner and had sex with both these men.
    My partner has had 26 sexual partners…I don’t know if he’s had three-somes, or anything, I don’t want to ask for fear of the answer and me not liking it, but I do know that he has had sex while other people have watched, a thought which makes me feel ill.

    When we see each other every four months or so, these feelings dissolve,I am happy and when we make love I never think of anything else but him and I, not about other girls or what he’s thinking or anything else. It’s great.

    Back home, I am a different person…not all the time, but sometimes. He has all these female ‘friends’ and to be honest, I don’t know if that’s all they are / were. On the phone once, he admitted that this daughter of a family friend and him were always thought by their parents, that they would end up together, and told me they had history…he also said he would still call her a friend. A lot of the people he follows on Instagram are pretty girls and I’ve seen him liking their pictures. I don’t know whether he’s had sex with them, but I feel sick when I see he’s liked them. It is weighing me down. When he goes out drinking he would text me the whole night, and being innocent tells me stories about what is happening. For example he text me last week “One of the girls think you look like such’n’such (a celeb look-a-like”). I felt a pang of real jealousy surge through me. Who is this girl?
    It is an insecure terrible and all-consuming feeling and it’s heightened by the fact that I’m not there with him, even on the same continent and I don’t know who he’s hanging out with. I trust him, but these are feelings I don’t know how to manage while we’re a part.

    I hate his past, I never thought in a million years I would find myself with someone who slept with so many people. I find it a huge turn off. But I love him deeply, and as mentioned before, this is the only part of him I do not love. And I cannot change that, but instead I have to accept it. I recently told him that I feel jealous of people he is in contact with, because I wish I could do the simple things like watch TV, go out with friends and cook a meal with him.
    Even his house mates gf, who practically lives with them is starting to annoy me. He talks about her quite a lot. I have never mentioned it to him because I don’t want him to think I’m crazy, but the other night he must have mentioned her name to me about 6 times and how great a cook she was…that shouldn’t bother me but it does.

    His ex gf is beautiful and has large breasts which I know he loves, he said something dumb and hurtful to me once over Skype (I have a small chest) and I have seen that he liked photos of her, from a long time ago, maybe when they were together, of her in bikinis and I just think ‘I can never look like that.’

    He loves me very much and wants a future with me. He told my parents that he is willing, once the time is right to emigrate to my country for me. He tells me I’m genuinely the most woman inside and out that he’s ever met, and yet still, I have these awful feelings. I feel physically sick, the world around me almost stops and I can’t eat.

    I have been hurt very badly in the past and I’m trying to give this man all my trust because he really wants it and is trying to earn it, but the distance and his past are huge obstacles in this for me.

    I’m glad I read most/all of the comments here, it helped me feel like I wasn’t alone in this….Good luck to everyone overcoming this. One step at a time I guess. Our imagination can be beautiful friend, but also an ugly enemy. xx

  101. Walt says:

    Hello, that is such a great article that you have written and I am trying to soak it all in. My problem is that I am recently married to a woman who i have known for most of my life, but we hadn’t talked for a very long period of time before we started dating via internet because I was overseas. Long story short. I spent the last 10months at home in between contracts, and that was the most time we have really spent together at one period of time even though we Skype everyday. I am very inexperienced with sex prior to her due to being overweight my whole life. She had always dated very thin guys and ended up dating/marrying a guy who is extremely FIT with sick pack and the whole works. I know details about their relationship and sex, only because i asked questions i probably shouldn’t have due to my own physical insecurities with all that. we had sex a lot while I was at home, but she never really seemed to have much of a sex drive and doesn’t think about it as much as I do. She pulled the I’m too tired from work card a lot or I’m not feeling good card etc…. it made me feel that she is not attracted to me and doesn’t want to rip my clothes off like i want to do to her. i have serious jealousy and insecurities with all this now. I want to know how she was before, she had multiple partners before and was going through some very hard times which I can’t explain on here. Beside the multiple extremely thin guys and the muscle guy she married, I did find out that she had anal sex with him, but she will not do it with me because she said it hurt so bad. whether it did or not, i don’t know if that is the real reason she doesn’t want to do it with me or not, or why she went through the pain of it with him and not me? I don’t know how to move on from all this. I love her with all my heart, and don’t want to lose her, but at the same time, I can’t being going on like this with all the images and stuff that go through my head. Keep in mind I’m 7,000miles away from her right now and she is coming out here in a month and a half. Thank you for any advice you can give.

  102. Chad says:

    I have read this article several times. I have needed to come back and read the encouraging words several times in my current relationship. I have had a very limited amount of partners and from a conversation very early on in iur dating I know my partner has had many more than I. I have struggled internally with irrational and unfair jealousy. She is an amazing woman and she would talk to me about what I’m struggling with. I don’t want to put her on the spot about anything because I love her and it really doesn’t matter. It’s really hard sometimes though. I can really feel so many of the commenters pain. It’s not fair to her that I would have an opinion about her sexual experiences before me. I tend to go back to Jennifer’s comment about how would I feel if she wasn’t around anymore. Crushed. She is amazing. That is how I need to think whenever I am feeling insecure and jealous. To me it is both the physical and emotional aspect of the sex too. I see how she responds to my body and my touch and I hate thinking that I am not special. That she felt these same or similar sexual feelings with others. Beyond the sexual feelings are the little inside jokes we share. They make me feel special and I know she must have shared those same type of things with other guys. It helps me to type this out and get it off my chest and to read it and see how immature and insecure I sound. Like Jennifer said it comes down to needing to feel special. That’s me. She makes me feel that way, but in weak moments I think about everyone else she had made feel that way. I should go. I will probably be back because I need some encouraging words on this front sometimes. Thank you for the open comments forum.

  103. Martin says:

    I just read through your FAQ and I must say I am very glad I did.
    Thank you!

  104. Mr Brightside says:

    Thank you for this.

    I have found the love of my life after so many years of pain and struggle and disappointment. Sometimes she mentions her ex-boyfriends casually and I immediately get these pictures in my head of them having sex with her and she enjoying it. Even though it was the past.

    I am extremely cynical and mostly a misanthrope. I have no love for the majority of the world or the people and their everyday bullshit. I have been cast out, either by them or of my own will, and in isolation I have festered in a growing hatred and hollowness.

    I’ve had a few sexual experiences in the past that all went horribly wrong in a downward spiral effect. So I have never had full on intercourse, only a series of mishaps and almost moments that ruined my relationships.

    The worst thing is I know I am wrong and I need to change. I fight a battle with myself every day, and it just never ends. I could be so much more. To be the man my love deserves, because she is such a beautiful soul.

    When I spend time with my her, I am the man I want to be. But her sexual past keeps bringing back the monster in me and my hate for the kind of superficial society that fucked me up in the first place. It feels like the only pure thing in my world is bearing their disease. I have never met or seen any of her exes, but I hate them for no reason. I feel like a psychopath.

    I just don’t want her to be anything like the women from my past, because they were all cruel and careless and ignorant of the fact. And I am down to my last. My love for her is the strongest thing I have ever felt and if I lose her, I won’t survive the aftermath.

    In any case, I discussed it with my partner on a few occasions. She hates talking about it, for all of the reasons mentioned in the article above and because her sanity is in better shape than mine. But somehow she understands my feelings. She even told me that she wishes I had been her first and only. The sentiment in itself means a lot to me. I also think I don’t want to know any more. I’m so unsure about it though. The situations in my mind are pretty bad, but would the details of the reality be better? Or just worse? I just need to stop thinking about it as soon as possible.

    I still believe that the part of me that is so terrified of my partner’s past is the same part of me that loves her so much for being the only one to ever reach into my secluded little world and pulling me out.

    We’ve been together for about a year now and I can really see us spending the rest of our lives together. I’m a much stronger and healthier person because of her. I know I still have some struggles ahead with the jealousy and all the other things in my head, but I know now I can never let it come between us, because I would just be sabotaging our relationship in a self-fulfilling prophecy.

    I don’t know why I’m writing this comment. Maybe it helps me process some extra thoughts. Maybe there’s someone out there who needs to read this.

    I refuse to destroy my last best hope at happiness and love because of past events that I can never ever change.

  105. hollz says:

    Wow guys. I had no idea other people felt this way. I was feeling like such a bad person for resenting my boyfriend. Here’s the short version:
    We have been friends/ known each other for about 5 years. I know he has had sexual partners in the past (one for sure) but other than that I haven’t asked and he hasn’t revealed any details. We’ve been together almost a year now. This wasn’t even an issue for me and it feels like overnight I have been overcome with hurt and sadness. I am a virgin and I’ve dreamt of the day when I could say to my future husband “I’ve waited for you”. I just crazily never thought I wouldn’t get the same in return. I didn’t expect necessarily to end up with a virgin but what I didn’t realize is all the feelings that come with it. He has completely turned his life around and I want to see him for the person he is NOW. And yes most of the time I do and it’s wonderful. But mostly at night when I have nothing but time to think is when so many thoughts creep in. After reading the article I think what bothers me the most is feeling like I was robbed of something I wanted and valued so much. Even forgiving doesn’t take the pain away because you know there’s a part of them that will forever be with those people. It doesn’t seem fair to me to be able to give all of myself when he isn’t. All these things are so completely irrational because I know talking about it, dwelling on it, etc. does nothing to feed into the jealousy. Should I tell him any of this? Would it do any good? I know he would feel guilty and horrible about it but a small part of me wants him too. Is this awful or what. Jealousy is really a horrible disease I wouldn’t wish it on anyone but it really is not easy to move past. These stories of people going YEARS with it scares the living crap out of me. Me and my boyfriend talk about marriage and our life together all the time but I’m just soooo bothered by the fact that I wouldn’t be his first. I have so many emotions like anger, resentment, hurt, confusion, I don’t know how to deal with it I feel so alone. Knowing there’s other people out there does help. I want to move past it but how can your mind erase something? Not sure if it’s possible

    Any and all advice or stories similar helps!
    God bless

  106. Ms. Abercrombie says:

    It is so much helpful especially for me because I’m in a situation right now that I always get jealous every time we talk about our past experience and it burns my nerve, feeling, heart, mind and etc because he does have lots of sexual experience (complicated and married)before than me. He is my dream guy he loves me cares me respect me understand me and I don’t want to lose him. Thank you so much Jennifer and wish i can get over and move on soonest!

  107. Jealous Amy says:

    I recently found this article when having a surge of intense jealousy that often rears it’s ugly head at inopportune moments. I have never related more to a comments section in my life. I was brought to even more tears while reading some of the stories because they reflect my exact feelings. I also was extremely saddened by those 10+ years in a relationship still struggling with these feelings. It makes me think that I too will always feel extreme hurt and jealousy whenever I think about my boyfriend’s past.

    My boyfriend and I have been together for almost a year now. He is my first in almost everything. I was a virgin before our relationship and I knew that he had prior sexual experience we first had sex and he took my virginity, but I wasn’t aware of how extensive his experiences were until later on. He used to be, excuse the lewd term, a complete manwhore. He cannot even remember the number of women that he has slept with, and that bothers me so much. He has also had prior marriages. Before he knew how much I was bothered by his past, he used to tell me “funny” stories of his wild escapades with multiple women, one night stands, etc. He has an STD from one of these experiences.

    However, these experiences were far in his past. He is completely reformed and loves me with all his heart and does everything for me. I love him so much and I feel like he’s perfect for me, except for his past. Like others, when we have sex, sometimes I can’t help but think about him doing the same with so many other girls. It makes me sick to my stomach knowing that he gave himself so freely to pretty much anyone who asked. Sex to me, who has only had sex with him, is such an incredibly emotional and special experience, and yet I think that he must not value it or me in the same way. It could be anyone underneath him and it would not matter. I think about how all these other women have had this same experience with him, have this memory of being with him, and it makes me feel like garbage. Like I’ve been robbed. This is supposed to be a special, one of a kind thing, and yet I feel like I’m just getting the leftovers. What value does it have when so many others have had the same thing?

    These thoughts are poisoning our relationship. It makes me feel disgusted by him and his past. Sometimes I have told him this but I feel bad about guilting him about things he cannot change. He reassures me and tells me that he loves me but I don’t feel like he really gets it. I also don’t feel like he truly regrets having these experiences, and it makes me feel awful that he doesn’t, and then bad for feeling that he SHOULD feel guilty about it. But I can’t help feeling that he should. I feel terrible all the time. I feel like if I wasn’t a virgin before him, I would be able to calm these feelings because I too would have had a past, but that is not the case. Like maybe if I had sex with as many men as he has women, he would be able to understand the jealousy that I feel. But then again, I know I wouldn’t feel right doing that because that’s just not the way I am, and that again makes me question whether we really share the same values deep down. I feel this part of our relationship is unfair, unbalanced, and nothing is able to quell these feelings, but at the same time I can’t picture life without him. If anyone has any advice for my particular situation, please share!

  108. Life student says:

    Wow! So many posts with a wide spectrum of life experiences, regrets, remorse, denial, rationalizing and cooping. For me, I waited but, my wife did not. She had a serious boyfriend in college leading to a very painful break-up. When we started getting serious, this prior relationship came up. Probably one of the most painful experiences in my life. I had to decide whether she was to be Mrs. Right or not. Over the years, there were several times were jealousy really took a very ugly turn where I was asked, “then why did you marry me?” There were time when I thought it would have been much easier to have someone else. After over 30+ years, I can still have passing regrets and jealousy; and, I know that she also has remorse from that first relationship. Despite that painful mistake, she is the very best person in my life and best woman I ever dated. Her qualities, faith and character are a beacon to our family and to those who work with her. You have to let go of the past and forgive. If you are unable to do that, it may be better for you to stand firm in your personal conviction to only marry a virgin. The life lesson I learned is that the wounds of the past can also have a profound effect on your perspective of forgiveness and grace. Surprisingly, I do not think I would have learned this lesson any other way. Instead, I would have been arrogant and judgmental. All of our past histories and relationships have some form of regrets and disappointments. We need a means to step past our unfortunate mistakes. It also begs a very interesting question: do you think that virgins have an easier, stronger, less entangled love and marriage than non-virgins? I don’t think so. While it may have a positive advantage and foundation as a starting point, there are so many other things that play into a rich, loving marriage over a life time. I welcome your thoughts and insights.

  109. Jack says:

    Hello i need some advice from people. I have been with my partner a while now we are due our first child in december this year, which we both are extremely happy about. I love this girl very much but iam finding it hard to get over her sexual past. The reason i think im finding it very hard is because we live in a small town everybody pretty much knows everyone. So some of the people she has slept with i know which is difficult as i keep getting mental pictures in my head and its driving me crazy any ideas on how to get past it ?? As it comes and goes

  110. Kflo says:

    When I was dating my husband I asked what is a very important question to me before we got serious is how many women has he been with. He lied to me and told me 4. I was somewhat ok with it he was 21 at the time. After we was together a year and in love with each other we was talking and he brought up some stuff and had forgotten how many he told me well all the sudden im number 9. This upset me bad. I was crazy about him but he lied to me about something that is not just a number to me. I didn’t want someone who had slept around. It has bothered me greatly. But I thought id get over it because I was head over heels for him. Well we have been together for 8yrs married for 6 and it still upsets me. I was looking at some lingerie and was thinking on getting a school girl outfit to try and spice things up and keep it interesting and when I was telling him he made a mistake in thinking I already had a school girls outfit which I have never had. When we was dating I had an maids costume but that was it. He brought that up and tried to make it like it was that one he was talking about then he admitted he got me confused with an ex girlfriend. I was fine and dealing with everything good until he said that and it has bothered me bad. I wish a lot of times I made it a deal breaker and left the liar.

  111. laelamommy says:

    Jennifer how do i private message you? I have a few personal issues I need advice on.

  112. S. says:

    Worst fears confirmed, bf had a threesome in the past. I straight out asked and he told me, he was very honest and I appreciate him doing that. Although he says he isn’t proud of it, I remembered something he said to me a few months ago. We were talking over text about if we had children, how they would play hockey. He said ‘you’d be a hockey mom’ and put a little emojicon of hearts and faces with heart eyes, symbolising how hot that would be…well, turns out this threesome was with a ‘hockey mom’, a married woman with children. I honestly feel sick.
    I love this man and I love his honesty when I ask him things. I’m glad I asked in a way because I know for sure, but it truly makes me feel sick. This is all in his past, but it annoys me how different we are about sex. I feel hurt, surely he was thinking of her what he said i would be a hockey mom. I don’t know how to feel better.

  113. John says:

    My girlfriend has been having issues with my past and it seems like I cant get her to accept me for who I am now. First off I will say that I am a little over 10 years older than her and she has limited partners where as I have been with numerous women throughout the years but mainly in my college days which were 10 years ago. She says that she has trouble being comfortable with me because she pictures me with other women and isnt comfortable with who I was. I love her to death and want to make her realize that just because I was someone years ago, it does not mean it is who I am today. Any advice on how to reassure her on my loyalty and love for her while making her realize that I feel that she is the only one for me?

  114. Nathan says:

    Jennifer Please Please Please email me
    surf2497@gmail.com i really need help , i would so anything at this point.

  115. kenny says:

    I am 29. Waiting to get married in 3months time, but I feel like I should cancel the wedding because of the continual feeling of jealousy of my girl’s past patners. She’s had five, I’ve had only one. I’ve never disvirgin any girl before and now I think I’ll miss that opportunity forever if we get married. Very confused! Pls help

  116. Shilpi says:

    I felt the same way and have been dealing with it for quite a long time….

    It looks like as if I have written my own story……..my own views…my own pain..


  117. Natalie says:

    Great job on the article! I’ve been with my fiancé for two years. As a virgin, i struggled a lot to get over his past. The thought of him being intimate with other people really made me feel miserable.
    Now I’ve realized the things you’ve described in your article. At the end of the day, time will allow you to get over it as long as you’re both willing to work through it . And like you said, I use to obsess over details only to find that he has probably forgotten most of them. And what’s truly important is the moment you’re sharing together in the present.

  118. Marty M says:

    Great article. I am just now struggling with this. Enjoy these articles and forums. Found a book yesterday that helped too.
    It helped me see more about me then just putting it on my girlfriend.

  119. Marty M says:

    I am with you guys. The thought of the past keeps me up at night. I can’t help but google these guys, and wish the worst for them. Are they the bad guys? Is my GF? I think about them when we are intimate too. SUCKS!!!!!

  120. Louj says:

    I felt a little relieved after reading,,, I think this will help me on my situation :) thank you for sharing your experience

  121. karebear says:

    I was with my boyfriend 4 months and woke up to him getting off on cammodel porn. Since then he introduced me online to one of his “friends ” who’s on that site. I wasn’t prepared to read him saying “I want you, your so hot ” to this camgirl, his online friend. I felt like he was cheating. I despised this method of porn. I feel that I should be enough to satisfy him sexually. Later I asked the stupid question Do you think about other people when we have sex? Apparently there’s a girl at work he fantasized about when I was giving him a blow job (ps I’m very good at it so I don’t see why he needs to add a fanyasy something awesome)this girl is also a friend of his, a very dear friend, he had romantic feelings for who he says is very much like him and this great person. I can’t stop wondering if he still fantasizes about her and why he dud in the first place if we such a good relationship.

  122. karebear says:

    All I want to know is if it’s normal for man to fantasize about a past relationship being good friends still and have sexual fantasies about her? Or is it that he’s not serious about his relationship and has his own issues to resolve. I have to jealous feelings about his past. I am insanely jealous of this other girl seeing as she’s still in his thoughts in places where i think only I should be.

  123. William Care says:

    I had a girl Friend since the last two years. We were madly in love. She is honest and never flirt with anyone else. We had different views about past life (ex-boyfriend/ex-girlfriend). I want no secret and want to know everythin’ about her. At the same time I told her everything about my past life. How I had sex with my ex and all. She understands. She, on the other hand, had an opinion that we don’t have to know each other’s past life and what is important is the Present and the future. She had lied to me on two occasions; there were two guys that I believed to be her ex-boyfriends. When I ask her about this she told me that she hate both of them. And being in love with them is out of question. But later she accidentally disclose that she happen to like both of them at some point of time!. I know both the guys. It hurts me to know that she is lying to me. She also admit that she like one of the other guys so much that she approach him first. She also admits that both of them happens to hangout in her place at the same time strongly denied having sex with both of them. It hurts me more.

    When we had sex for the first time her hymen were already broken. yet she claimed to be virgin. When I beg her to tell me the truth she broke into tears. I don’t know what to believe anymore!

  124. Confused Confucius says:

    Hi Jennifer, great article. I completely relate to everything you said. But this feeling of being robbed of an experience, that his first kiss was not with me, is just heart breaking. I’m in deep depression. Every night I think about this and feel like a huge bag of insecurity. I love him very much but I don’t think I can come to terms with this. I don’t know wat to do. You said you overcame this. How did u do it??

  125. Hailey says:

    When I started having a crush on my now boyfriend, I had heard that he was a virgin. I was ecstatic! He was everything I was looking for in a SO. Fast forward a couple months into the relationship, and I ask him if he’s a virgin. My boyfriend says that he is. There goes my feelings of bliss again. A few weeks after I ask him if he’s done anything besides make out, he says he has and it was 2 years ago. Record scratches to a holt. Uuuum, what? His first love and 5 month relationship was 4 years ago. I start questioning him. You mean you did something with *ex mutual friend*???’
    I knew from the beginning that she had used my boyfriend for emotional support and attention along with 2 other guys when her and her HS sweetheart were on the rocks, but she apparently gave him a BJ as well. I was livid. ‘WHY DIDN’T YOU BRING THIS UP WITH ME IN THE BEGINNING?’ ‘… you never asked.’

    By then I started saying how stupid do you have to be to start having an affair with someone who was still in a relationship with her boyfriend, and he gives me this crappy excuse of ‘oh, but she said they were breaking up.’ 3 months into an affair with you and she still isn’t broken up. Hmmmm. Alright. You’re a fool.

    I stormed out. I felt mega cheated on. Then months later he has the audacity to tell me he was falling for her in that time period.

    Anyway, skip ahead a few months after knowing he was with that ‘very experienced with her mouth’ girl.

    I kind of got over it. We’re talking and the subject of ‘have you ever seen a naked girl in real life’ comes up. He doesn’t answer. I’m about to flip my lid, but keep it cool to get more answers. I say just tell me yes or no. He says yes. I ask him what he did. He says he has fingered his first love. He also cybersexed with her over skype. I shutdown. I say lets go to the living room and sleep out there tonight, but when we get there I walk right out of the house. I’m sobbing. He has already invested himself in others, clearly. What am I to him but another knotch added to his love belt?

    Eventually I calmed down, and I was as close to breaking up with him than I have ever been. I had an epiphany that since the age of 9 I’ve devoted most of my life to being as special and whole for the person I’d end up being with. My parents were the cause of this, as their relationship was toxic and abusive. I wanted different.

    We have been okay since then, but I’m jealous has heck still. I’ve been thinking over and over on how if I found a guy that treated me somewhat like my bf does, as well as he treats me and how devoted to creating a future with me as he is, and the new guy was a virgin AND had little experience like I do… I would dump my current boyfriend for him.

    That would be the only sign I would take as to whether or not my current bf is the right one for me or not.

    These last 7 months have been so hectic and full of emotional rollercoasters.

    I need help and advice.

  126. Tina says:

    I was married for 5months and husband was murdered, I was blessed with a beautiful child. I re-married 2years ago to a man who hasn’t been married before. after we met, he did tell me he had sex with 2women before me and he can understand if I don’t want a relationship, it never bothered me as I was a widow. now 2years we married and even have a beautiful daughter together and I cant stop think about his sexual past. the first time we made love, he said,’wow I am amazing and he never had it in a long time’ it stuck to my head and put images of his intimacy wit his past girlfriends. i don’t even know them. I even asked him about them and told him that it is bothering me, he re-assured me that I am the best and with him now.and shouldn’t let the past come between us. and he in ove wit me. even after the re-assurance from him, I am sooooo jealous and cant handle it. i too had previous intimate relations so don’t know why it bother me so much :(

  127. Tina says:

    i keep on wondering if they were better then me in bed and if they were prettier, well his mum told me they were pretty, so more reason to be jealous.. i just hate how i feel and need to get over it,.it is the past!!!! we didn’t even know each other back then.. grrrrr

  128. Tina says:

    i also don’t get as much gifts as he use to give them :(
    the ones that deserve it all don’t get it all :(

  129. Lindsay says:

    Good article! I will say though that time is enough to heal these wounds alone. It takes a lot of honest work with yourself.

    I developed a lot of jealousy with my first boyfriend. He was my first everything – kiss, relationship, sex – but I was not his first anything. It crushed me, and nothing he could do or say was truly reassuring. This relationship eventually ended (for other reasons). When I met another man some time later, I fully expected that these feelings would not pop up again. This BF would not be my first, so the playing field would be level – right? Wrong. The feelings came back just as strong as before.

    The reason I share that is to point out that often it’s not a reflection on the person you’re with; it’s something internal to you that needs to be worked on. And that isn’t meant to point the finger at those who are struggling. This should be empowering! We are the problem, but we are also the solution.

  130. Lindsay says:

    *I will say though that time is NOT enough to heal these wounds alone.

  131. Tony says:

    A very interesting read, the article, but also the comments. I identified with a lot of you, and some of you I wanted to lightly smack the back of your head and say, “THAT is nothing to be jealous of!” However, we all approach things differently, so something that would’t make me jealous can make someone else green with jealousy, and vice versa.

    After reading all this, I see that my jealousy stems completely from my ego. Insecurity isn’t the cause of it for me, and if it was, my jealousy would be even harder to deal with, so I completely sympathize with those who have to deal with jealousy AND insecurity. For me, my jealousy is huge (I have felt homicidal many times, when I let my imagination run wild), but not uncontrollable. For example, if my gf talks to an ex and he is respectful, the jealousy doesn’t flare up. She has guy friends and I’ve gotten to know every one of them, and I’m totally cool with their friendships. I feel secure in her love for me, my love for her, her desire for me, etc. I’m completely open with my girl about my jealousy, even admitting on occasion that there is a part of me that is just waiting, HOPING one of her exs crosses the line with her so I can hurt him. I’ve explained to her that it’s more my brain looking for someone to hate, and her exs are the perfect ones. I’ve been sneaky about my jealousy in the beginning though, when I am in an early relationship with a woman, I share stuff about my past and just listen attentively when she shares about her sexual past and I encourage it, acting like the most understanding man in the world, when in reality, I am filing away every detail so I have more reason to hate her exs. I do this as much as possible before the jealousy starts to get too big to handle, then I come clean with her about how jealous I really am. None of my women or current woman have a problem with it, because of how I handle it. Listen carefully guys: NEVER EVER EVER EVER judge her. You can be crazy honest, tell her you’re jealous cuz of how much sex they had or different things that you’re dealing with (for example I’ve never been interested in anal but I had to have anal with my girl because her ex fucked her asshole a few times, and there was NO way I was going to let him be the only one who stuck his wang in her pooper, and I’ve told her this)… the KEY is, when you’re talking about your jealousy or how much you want to stick a bowie knife in his neck, ALWAYS add that you are working through YOUR jealousy and that you trust her 100%. This is why I feel bad for those who have to deal with insecurity as well, because even when I’m venting my feelings of jealousy, the fact that i’m not worried if she misses an ex’s cock or something like that gives us stability. It’s hard to explain. I’m very open about a lot of things in life that I find most guys are reluctant to talk about, so I am able to talk to my girl this way. Every time I vent about my jealousy about whoever it may be, I also explain what my thought process is, and how I recognize my ego coming into play, etc. NEVER EVER make her feel like a whore. I made this mistake in a past relationship, and it WILL HAUNT YOU all through the relationship.

    Those who are planning to use my tactic of acting like you’re very openminded about your partner’s history in the beginning need to know what you’re in for… you need to know if you can really handle this. You need to be secure with yourself FIRST. If you’re insecure or unstable, you WILL bring that into your relationship. One of my current girl’s exs was a real freak. He did a bunch of sexual stuff to her (he was the one who buttfucked her), most of which I asked her to share with me, and she did, and to this day he is the one I get all homicidal thinking about, BUT I have admitted to her that I already know deep in my intuition that if I meet him, I will like him, we will click and get along, and then I cannot hate him anymore, and I don’t want that, I want to keep hating him, or I want him to be a jerk to me when we meet so I can REALLY hate him, but my intuition is ALWAYS right, and my gf finds all of this intriguing. I’m the outgoing one, she’s more of a sensitive, introverted, gentle soul, and I know if I plow her with my jealousy in the wrong way, it will hurt her, which will hurt ‘us’ which will hurt ME and I love her and won’t do that. I am this odd mixture of insane homicidal maniac (I’ve never actually killed anyone) and deep, loving soul. We all have this mixture. The key is to express it all in the RIGHT WAY.

    I want to comment on those whose world was crushed because they were virgins and married someone who wasn’t… HMMM Do not listen to those who say you just need to forgive their past and focus on who they are now. Bullspit. You saved yourself your entire damn life, and it is not unreasonable to expect any less. I know myself, and if I was with someone who had way more partners in bed than me, the jealousy would consume me. Just being honest. So, let me ask you, WHY, WHY would you save yourself your whole life then go ahead and marry someone who didn’t? Unless that person has huge remorse over it, and it was one person that tricked them etc (think of Robin from Sister Wives, when she broke down in tears because her ex tricked her out of her virginity that she wished to hell and back she could give to Cody)? Sure, their personality may be awesome and blah blah blah but if your sexual purity is uncompromised, why compromise ? YOU and YOU ALONE have the right to decide to hold out. Maybe it breaks their heart, too bad. The most they deserve is someone who has had about the same level of pre-marriage sexual experience as they do. Let THEM deal with jealousy, YOU don’t deserve to! YOU saved yourself! I always cringe and facepalm when I read of a virgin doing that.. who cares if they’re nice and sweet, YOU are a one-in-a-million prize. Having said that, virgins, if you are truly in love and truly comfortable with the person you are with, knowing God forgives and makes all creatures NEW, go right ahead! If you are struggling, YOU DON’T DESERVE TO STRUGGLE! YOU HELD ONTO YOUR FRIGGIN’ VIRGINITY IN A SEX-CRAZED SOCIETY! Value yourself, or no one else will.

    Also I see relationships where the guy has a lot less sexual experience than the woman, and I can totally tell he doesn’t know the half of it. I almost want to tell him to grow a pair of balls and tell her straight up you wanna know every guy she did, how often, and WHAT they did, if that is what you want to know. BUT, it is going to rip your heart apart.. be prepared for it and DEAL with it.. after that, you will be so much more sexually open with your woman and can even pour your heart out how much you hate her exs (while still making her feel special & loved… it’s hard to explain but you can get there, you can become this kind of guy)… those guys who are so insecure they dare not ask their woman deeply about her past even though inside they are DYING to know, what can I say… you need to work on YOURSELF for a while. Go sign up for some MMA classes.. after 6 months of that I guarantee your confidence skyrockets, and that will make your woman hot for you, and while you’ll always have to deal with jealousy, at least you can get over your own insecurities.

    Thanks, everyone, for sharing your stories! Jealousy is SO friggin’ powerful.. we MUST learn to manage it properly! Love to all.

  132. Brian says:

    Spell Casting… WTF? Hypnotizing or compelling someone to come back to you is not love. You’re acting out of selfishness for yourself, not love for your ex husband, and he is acting out of compulsion/brainwashing, and his love is not real either. As difficult as it is to accept, he made his choice, the best thing you can do is move on, as hard as it is going to be, and let him live his life. Karma will come back to him somehow, and his new woman may do the same thing to him that he did to you. This is how life works. People make choices, then they live with them. This spell casting stuff is not honest, and is not going to give you the relationship you want. Even if he acts like the perfect husband, you’ll always know it’s because you paid someone to cast a voodoo spell on him. Can you really live with that ???

    Of course, there is always the possibility that the poster above, Rose, is actually Dr. Aisabu himself, drumming up BS stories to gain more customers. If so, shame on you, “doctor,” for preying on people in their vulnerable moments, opening up to each other about their deep feelings on this forum, and you swoop in with your spell casting junk. Begone, snake oil salesman!

    Back to the topic of jealousy. Dude above has some good points. One important point is that confidence in a man drives a woman wild. If you have been unfaithful, statistics show women are forgiving (but remember karma, men! If you abuse her capacity for forgiveness, one day she’ll cheat on you too, then you’ll have to forgive her too or be a hypocrite). Even our jealousy, women are strong and can handle it better than we think. But insecurity is a HUGE turn off, and she will be unintentionally attracted to some other guy who radiates confidence. So if you are jealous because of your insecurity, you have to stop throwing that jealousy at her and expecting her to deal with it somehow. It’s not really her problem, it’s yours. Work on eradicating jealousy that stems from insecurity by addressing your insecurity, and addressing it ASAP. The MMA classes are a really good idea, but maybe for you, you’ve always wanted to use your smooth voice to sing, go take singing classes. If you’re afraid of public speaking, go join Toastmasters. Whatever it is that will lift you out of that pit of self-guessing, self-doubt, and inferiority, take those steps. If you are jealous but secure in yourself, you can work through it. Jealousy and insecurity is a problematic combination.

  133. Shay says:

    I was wondering if there was anyway I can get in touch with you through a personal message of some sort? I am going through a difficult time with my partner because of my jealousy of his past with the most insignificant things you can think of. I don’t want to lose him.

  134. Nicole says:

    My jealousy doesn’t come from my boyfriends past relationships, it comes from the multiple threesomes/foursomes he has had. I can’t get those out of my head for whatever reason and sometimes it really bothers me. I try to tell myself that they were just hook ups and they didn’t mean anything to him but that can only work for so long. This is something I’m continuing to struggle with after a year and I don’t know how Ill ever be okay with it

  135. Jeff says:

    Thank you, Jennifer, for this article. It really speaks to me and offers some great insight on this issue. As you may have guessed, I’m in the midst of this struggle myself, and actually, I’ve been doing quite well as of late. There are some good resources to check out on the internet for help with this. I may recommend http://www.retroactivejealousy.com for starters. There’s an actual course to take that I’ve found to be quite helpful so far. There is a lot of soul-searching to be done, and I’ve certainly got more work to do, but I feel the progress, and that is exciting. My motivations to overcome this struggle are many, but the biggest, I feel, are these:

    1) my gf has made me happier than I’ve ever been. I’ve been troubled by thoughts of her past sexual relationship, the details of which really are irrelevant. Fact is, they are normal and part of life. I’m not willing to give up someone so special over something that had nothing to do with me.

    2) I’ve realized that I’m viewing sex in an entirely immature fashion. First off, when you get down to it, it’s a relatively small part of life. Even the most sex-crazed maniac spends probably what, 1% of their entire lives having sex? Furthermore, it is not the beginning and end of a relationship. A good relationship has so much more to it than just good sexual chemistry. Really that only comes as a result to everything ELSE in the relationship working the way it’s supposed to. It is not a pre-cursor to a good relationship. Work on everything else in the relationship and the sex will take care of itself. We’re all human after all. And lastly, on this matter, the idea “virginity” might be a tad overvalued when you look at it logically. Yes, I understand the want to have your partner be “all yours”, but what does that have to do with virginity? You can only lose it once. So to value it so highly is to almost suggest that every time you have sex after the first time doesn’t matter, which is ridiculous.

    3) I find it IMPOSSIBLE to believe that if this issue bothers you in your current relationship, it won’t read it’s ugly head in future relationships just the same. Maybe you get lucky and meet the love of your life when you’re 17 years old, or by some miracle you meet a great person at an older age that has no past whatsoever, by I really think it would be just that: a miracle. And the reason is simple: life happens. It just does. Your partner can’t predict the future. They don’t know at the time that it’s not gonna work out and they’re gonna have to start over with someone new, with a whole new set of baggage in hand. It’s just not realistic.

    I am here to declare this: I am going to beat this thing. Hoping all of you can as well! Here’s to future success!


  136. A Confused Virgin says:

    I know this is an old article… so I hope it’s still active… but I’m 21 and a virgin. I’m saving myself for marriage. My boyfriend is 28 and didn’t, but he wants to now. He rededicated his life to God and wants to wait, which I think is so admirable and beautiful… but oh my gosh I can’t get over my jealousy for his past sex life. I feel bitter and almost angry… I feel like I was tricked into falling in love with this wonderful guy, and I’ve saved something so special to give only to my future husband, but what did he save for me? I don’t want to just be a number. This situation just devastates my heart. He wants to marry me… and I love him so incredibly much, but from reading other comments from up there^^^, people said they struggled for up to 30 years?! Oh my gosh :( I couldn’t bear that. Virginity is so important to me, and it IS a make-or-break it for me, but we became friends and I fell in love with him. I didn’t mean to, and to be honest, I consciously did NOT want to, but I’m here now, madly in love, and it feels like I’m snuggling with a porcupine. I feel so loved him, but it hurts SO bad. If you have advice, will you please email me? Rikki.Ferrier@gmail.com

  137. James says:

    HI Jennifer. I’m 33 and my current girlfriend is 42. We had been on and off for five months because in the beginning I have established that I did not want anything else other than just friendship. I did not want to become a jealous type of person as is the way that I do become when I am in a relationship. So rather than to hurt her I kept it as friends. But as we kept on seeing each other she kept falling in love with me more and more. Now we are to a point where she is madly in love with me and I love her back. she is the type of girl that has way more guy friends than girl friends. Friends that she caLls family. But there is just one thing, I cannot get past the fact that she has been with a lot of people from my hometown. A lot of people that are actually my friends, and or people I know. a friend of mine who actually happens to be her brother-in-law told me of a friend that she has. A friend that she calls a brother because they all grew up together. Well my friend/her brother in law,told me that she and that guy had a sexual encounter long ago before I even met her. But what bothers me the most is that she was not even going to tell me about it, & I probably would have found myself shaking that guy’s hand because of the fact that she says he’s like a brother to her. It’s all that I think about. There are a lot of my friends that tell me about the way That she used to have sex with them.and they go into great detail about describing her eyes and what not and it bothers me. It eats me up inside. Yet she is so nice to me and takes care of me in every single way possible whether it be sexually or emotionally. Her kids like me and she likes my son too.she has deleted Her Facebook, deleted numbers from her phone, and has told me time and time again that she will not hurt me, but its so hard to trust again. And thats mainly because ive been hurt myselg many times in the past and I feel as if I might be taking it out on her. Please help. Anybody!!! Ill take any advice. Im actually in Washington DC right now for a little breather from Texas, and she is still down in our hometown in Texas. My brother who I am staying with has given me a chance to open my eyes on life out here and its wonderful over here and I would eant to bring her over here one day, but I dont want my jealousy issues to follow. I miss her so much that I just want to haul ass back to texas right now, but im afraid when I get there im just gonna become a jealous person even more thinking about what she has been doing since I have been gone.

  138. James says:

    If anybody has any advice for me please email me at honeybun111032@gmail.com


  139. NeedAHelp says:

    My boyfriend and I are together for year and half…he told me about his past sex life in first months and it was really hard to understand and forgive him…even though he explained the circumstances and that he needed a girl that would help him to wait, he still has some ,,past time issuses” that sometimes come up…or, better said, he does not understand how can something that happened long time ago bother me…I love him, but I believe we both need help in this – he needs to understand why I feel like this and I need to learn how to get over it…any suggestions?

  140. JackRJ says:

    Thank you Jeniffer! this is a great article. Would you please elaborate on the specific work or techniques to use to deal with this type of jealousy?
    My case is very similar to yours. My factors are exactly the ones you mentioned (Valuing virginity, upbringing and cultural/societal view of sex). Thank you

  141. Thankful says:

    Thank you for this article! There’s something so comforting about knowing you are not the only one who has felt/is feeling the same way that you do. Being able to analyse my situation with the guidance of your experience has truly helped me. Thank you again!

  142. Winning says:

    Thank You Jennifer for such a helpful site. I am winning my battle against my Jealous feelings over my wife’s past, and your site has shown me how to keep going, I felt very emotional reading about other peoples experiences, mine have been Hurting for nearly 30 years, but I Love my wife so much that I will beat them.

  143. steph says:

    ok, firstly, can i give my heartfelt sympathy, to all the people who have been
    suffering out there . I utterly and completely understand where you are coming from, nothing worse.GUT WRENCHING TORTURE!…….Hey……….
    You cut your finger,… it heals…., but this PAIN, you feel …..well it never goes,….how will I ever get over it??
    So we need a fix??………….OK…….
    CAN anybody on this planet,then make a TIME MACHINE ??
    so we can reverse time and change past events?????
    please…please….please…if there is anyone there that can do this ………….
    please tell us …..
    so those of us who are trapped in our minds torments , can have the
    ability to remove these images……these……hurts….
    just think, we can all rub out everything!!!!!!start fresh…
    JOB done!!!
    Mmm ……well……..I think….not.
    so I tell you what ….let those torments keep on wrecking your every day life.
    GO …ON…. …..
    Some of you need these thoughts…..you are disgusted by them! ….but equally some of you get of on them ! L I S T E N carefully please. you are trapped in your MINDS IMAGINATION >>>>THATS IT …
    Scream,YELL SHout HURL abuse, even wosre, if you like…..
    I tell you WHAT…….your not going to change a DAMNED thing.
    OR you can have relief,……..
    WE ALL have inside us coping mechanisms, ALL OF US WITHOUT EXEPTION> FACT..
    SO WE have to tap or Switch these mechanisms ON. …..
    SO ….HOW ??
    STEP 1). when these thoughts come, take a piece of paper write them down.
    STEP 2) read it out . if you are in a crowded place to yourself , or
    if you are alone out loud..
    STEP 3) Take the piece of paper, and rip
    it up ,then put it in the bin. SAY ,ITS NOT REAL, IT HAS NO PLACE
    OR SPACE in MY world.
    STEP 4) If you partner is home, tell them you love them , or call/ text
    them to say you love them. NOTHING MORE.!!
    STEP 5) say to yourself ,NOTHING HAS CHANGED,and rePEAT IT as many times it
    takes to ease the pain, but keep repeating , even if your in pain,
    angry, crying, KEEP REPEATING!!!!!!!!!!
    DO THESE THINGS, I PROMISE you will FEEL releif. and each time WILL
    STEP 6) I WANT YOU TO KEEP this up RELIGIOUSLY for as long as it takes


    YOUR HEART AND MIND WILL start to repair.


    STEPH X.

  144. John says:

    What if after 22 years she still calls them her friends and is adamant to establish or maintain contact with them?

  145. Matt says:

    Hi i found this article whilst looking for some sort of answers i read the whole thing and it has brought up some good points but i still can’t help feeling the way i do and i hate it

    There is a girl that i really care about and could quite possibly be the one we haven’t met in person as we met online and she lives in another country and we plan to meet sooner or later and see what happens we both feel very deeply for each other but the other day we were chatting and somehow we ended up on the topic of sex and past relationships now at this point i will point out i am a virgin i am a overweight guy and with that comes some self esteem issues she however is a very attractive girl now she doesn’t know yet that i am a virgin mostly because at my age especially it is an odd thing to bring up she is not a virgin however and i didn’t ask but somehow found out that she has had several sexual partners and i have a suspicion possible lesbian experiences as well as some possible group sex encounters now i never thought of myself as a jealous or angry person and i sort of played it off during the conversation but afterwards i started thinking about it and found myself getting really upset and angry at this though because although i haven’t had sex and i hoped she would be my first i had hoped i would be hers and to get all these images of her in these sorts of situations just really angers me i can’t explain it any other way i am a big believer of intimacy and connection between people so the fact she may have just had casual sexual encounters it just makes it so much worse then perhaps she was with someone for a long time i really hate feeling this way and i am afraid saying anything i might get angry and judgemental with her and directly at her which then might destroy what we have but i just can’t get it out of my head i almost want to cry about it she has mentioned that she has only had 4 previous partners and only slept with them because she had feelings but some of the other things she said and the coy way of saying it made me skeptical she is lying about this number and the things done i am so confused, angry, hurt, and mad all at the same time and i can’t shake it i may be a prude but i can’t really help how i am feeling

  146. Brandon says:


  147. jake says:

    I been angry over womens past for 20 years. I am still not over it, Im married now and we talk about it and have fought. I get very very angry over it. I cant look at my wife without seeing her exes. Sex is just sex. I lost that loving feeling a long time ago. I see no end to the anger. Oh yeah most women i dated have been raped. So im supposed to deal with that shit. MY wife was raped twice in her life. No one around me has any idea what this rage feels like and i am dam tired of trying to explain it. Good luck to anyone like me because your probably gonna have to deal with it on your own. Everyone thinks because you DWELL on the past that your the problem, not the shit like rape yo cant do nothing about.

  148. Gary says:

    this a perfect article but what really bothers mevis now I know my partners ex and I have changed a lot of things just to accomodate her but I know feel like I am the ordinary guy because our relationship is more like her previous relationship

  149. Jomari says:

    hi, it’s my first time having a girlfriend. we’ve been together for almost 1 year now. I have a jealousy problem with my self and this article really made me realized that I should trust my partner. Right now I’m still on the process of getting rid with jealousy, I hope that I could survive and be successful with this journey. thanks for this article by the way. it helped a lot! more powerS!

  150. Jimmy says:

    It feels better to realize this is a common thing.
    I just want to stop thinking about her past.

  151. Jimmy says:

    There are just a couple of people in her past that bother me probably cause I know most about them. One was a guy a lot younger that she basically was a f buddy and a really great guy but it wouldn’t have gone anywhere. He also died in an accident after moving away and it caused her a ton of grief. After that she was sad and had an affair with a married man that lasted several years and they still work together. This was all before me and she is great to me but it drives me insane when she told me it was fun and games, a f buddy and nothing more. I didn’t even know her but the thoughts freaking consume me.

  152. anni says:

    I m jealous too from my partners past he was not sexually indvolved with her bt his friends say he loved that girl and that’s the thing which leave me broken from inside… he loves me too but I just can’t help it n broke into tears whenever I come across something related to them…but you helped me alot thanks.

  153. Paul says:

    I guess Jennifer doesn’t show up here anymore. Too bad cause I wish to discuss that topic. I don’t think it’s about jealousy, I think it is something more. Jealousy is childish but we are dealing with some really heavy stuff here. It’s like everyone has this special binding tool which you can use only once in a lifetime. It’s like a chemical reaction – two people make it together and though they still look very similar their bodies and minds changed. Changed in a way that they physically, mentally and emotionally are bounded together forever. So it may seem like I am jealous but the deal is that I can’t have her fully – 100%. Sure, let’s say she is mine in 99.9% but is that enough? Love should be total and everlasting. The article kinda helps, but the splinter is still there…

  154. Jay says:

    I’m dealing with jealousy on a daily basis, and I feel like it is ruining my relationship. I know and feel in my heart that all the things you wrote are true, but no matter how hard I try I feel like I’m being lied to. Is that a part of the jealousy? Or am I looking at a whole different issue and that being TRUST?

  155. Minori says:

    I am a virgin and my boyfriend wants to have sex with me, but he also said he doesn’t want to ruin my first sex moment with me by any chance we don’t stay together. He had three girlfriends even before I knew him, and I am assuming he had sex with them. I am afraid to know id it’s true, but I am sure. Because of his past, I wasn’t sure of our relationship. He was fine, but I was the one who was always worried. I might be just one of his girlfriends. There’s a possibility he might leave me… even though he said he won’t give up on me because his three ex girlfriends left him, and they became mean to him after.
    Still, I was not sure if he really likes me because if he really does, I thought he could just have sex with me not thinking of ruining me. If he thinks he ruins me, that means he might leave me, that’s what I thought.Of course, that’s not what he meant. He said he just doesn’t do because he wants, but wants to do it when I am ready. Yet, the thought that I created won’t go away from my head so easily. Once he said he would ruin me because we might not stay together, I was so shocked.

    I never been struggling about relationship, and I am really bad at how to behave as a girlfriend…

    I have been crying past 6 months not being able to have confidence as his girlfriend. He was the very first guy I’ve ever desired to be in a relationship with, so it was really unbelievable when he said he liked me and it’s cool for me to be his girlfriend. So, I don’t want to lose him, I want to keep our relationship for good if possible, but I was still jealous of his past and I also felt like he no longer like me or he won’t like me.

    But, after reading this, I felt better because there wasn’t only me who was struggling with partner’s past relationship. I could relate to all the questions in the reading, and I think I got really great tips.

    I have been trying to accept him and myself for 6 months and crying, but I think I can overcome thanks to those tips.
    I won’t stop trying.

    Thank you for this reading. I really appreciate such tips exist!

  156. LoveIsTheAnswer says:


    I wanted to give you some encouragement. My husband is from the city of sex in Brazil with a father that encouraged him to be a playboy and I am from a Christian household where sex was a bad word. It took him a long time to understand the importance of sex – not just a physical act but a deeply emotional act of connection and intimacy – and he thanks me often for teaching him about that beauty and I thank him for showing me that sex is not something to be feared but can be beautiful.

    And when images of his past partners pop into my head, there are a few things which have really helped and I hope will help some of you (including those who have a sexual past), (1) *He fully regrets his decisions and wishes that he could go back in time and never had sex until marriage (when he thinks of them, he gets sad), (2) I trust that he loves me and only me, (3) I understand how his background and family played a huge role in his bad decisions and I trust that he is a moral person, (4) His sexual past could have been worse (no orgies, no kids, no STDs, no previous marriages), (5) I recognize that he has had to forgive me for my past relationships which, although didn’t include sex, included emotional intimacy with someone else, (6) My faith wouldn’t be genuine unless I forgave him, since I’m not perfect either and need forgiveness for hurting others in other ways, and (7) His life is a story and I am only a hand-full of chapters in it – God is teaching us things that we may never understand (perhaps to give him a story so that he can encourage others to make better decisions?) It has also helped that none of his previous girlfriends or hook-ups are in our lives so we can truly focus on each other and our future.

    Forgiveness is a journey – sadness, jealously, anger, guilt – jump up from time to time but breathe deep and slow, try not to focus on it but calmly let it go, and communicate your hurt to your spouse or significant other (not judging but focusing on how it hurts you because of how much you care about them and want to be connected with just them). If they brush off your hurt, then you have other problems with your relationship, but if you help them understand and they truly care about you, they will cry with you. And that may even bring you closer together…

  157. LoveIsTheAnswer says:

    @Minori One last comment for Minori – a friend once told me – when I feel confused about a decision, I ask myself “is it because this is a confusing decision or is it just hard?” It seems that your decision is just hard because you’re afraid. But if your boyfriend leaves you for not having sex with him, he is not husband-material and sadly, it means he doesn’t care about you; he cares about what you can give him. And if you have sex with him out of desperation and fear, you’re not loving yourself and you will likely regret it. (See http://waitingtillmarriage.org/book-review-hooked-new-science-on-how-casual-sex-is-affecting-our-children/)

    Give your relationship time to grow without the confusion of sex. It can tie people into a toxic relationship when they would have otherwise decided to part ways. (see above book review). If you have a sweet, adventurous relationship without the confusion that sexual intimacy brings then you’ll have the freedom to think clearer, be proud of respecting your own boundaries, and be aware of whether this relationship is the right one. And if you don’t decide to stay together, you don’t your future husband to be jealous about your current boyfriend. Try not to take anything away from that future, permanent marriage relationship.

    If you’re a woman of strength who loves and respects herself, then the man who is right for you will love that about you. So you have nothing to fear.

  158. Joey Acura says:

    Im very glad i found this blog. I was a
    a victim to a very jealous women which then turned to be my wife . she always thought that I am seeing someone on the side or if I am textkng someone on my phone she always assumed it was some female ,I think she picked upbeing jealous form her ex a those jealousies from her last job which was a prostitue. she used to always tell me how almost all the men that used to come to the girls I was married for 5 years and i ran away from her because there was nothing but jealousy in the house. amqterI was married for 5 years and iran away from her because there was nothing but jealousy in the house a lookthe

  159. Angry Joey says:

    yes I had issues before with my ex wife with jealousy, I wasn’t going to show the same thing your meat can do. anyways I have been whatsapp I have been with “V” for 8 months already and we have been engaged for 1 month . from the first day I met her I could not keep my lips off of her lips I always need to kiss her to hug her to look her in the eyes because she was the type of woman I always wanted and I couldn’t believe I actually found her. It didn’t take me long to realize that this is the woman that I want to spend the rest of my life with and have a family with. One day about 5 months into our relationship we are already living together and I started looking through her facebook pictures while she was sleeping and seeing some pictures that I wish I can delete out of my memory. When I confronted her she came up with a very quick excuse which I never believed basically she was allowing some Mexican to suck on her titties in her bed and she said to me that she did that to get her ex jealous, I didn’t know if that was true or lie until not too long ago maybe a week ago I seen in her facebook private messages to a girl that you used to work with that she sent a picture where she’s kissing this man and attach to the picture was a note while this man makes me feel much better than any of the other guys I feel so good with him, when I ask her well I guess you’re trying to get your ex jealous again or this letter she looked at me like she seen Jesus Christ wake up and quickly made up another story, I stop believing anything she said I started putting things together and they realized that they weren’t really true. But you know all that yes it sucked it hurt we had fights but I have a bigger issue its been 8 monthsand you on at your moms speak to me 1 time on my birthday when I was a little drunk for about 3 minutes and that was off when you officially tell your mom you have a boyfriendand you on at your moms speak to me 1 time on my birthday when I was a little drunk for about 3 minutes and that was off when you officially tell your mom you have a boyfriend. It did seem a little strange that a 30 year old woman would be hiding a guy from her mother especially in other country and her mother has not other kids so my fiance is the only 1 that she is really worried about but my fiance I guess this not care I bet about her mom. So few days ago was what I did was I took matters into my own hands I took my fiance’s phone I left the house when I seen a phone call from her mother at first I let it go I thought okay no what she told me don’t talk to my mom I will listen to her wasn’t m_s_n mom called again and this time I said no fuck it I will pick up and I did and yes I told her mom the whole truth and nothing but the truth that we been to vacation together and no she was not with some girl and some other people like she told her no she doesn’t live with a roommate she lives with her fiance no she didn’t work now is the time that you told her she was working but fiance was helping take care of her and dales basically told her mom what kind of daughter still ashford on say she really is. So no I return my fiance the phone and she seen that I spoke with her mother I sent her pictures and that was easy and of that. She said fuck you I do not have no more boyfriend fiance or husband and I did not have no more mother it’s been 6 days now since this happen and her mother calls her every single day maybe 12 * today and she hasn’t answered yet hey her mom told me a few things and I will not repeat here and I will not tell v but I honestly think that my fiance doesn’t want me speaking to her mother because her mother can tell me stuff that he doesn’t want me to know the closest 21st century how mom totally agreed with me she’s totally understanding sono it’s my girls fall. It did seem a little strange that a 30 year old woman would be hiding a guy from her mother especially in other country and her mother has not other kids so my fiance is the only 1 that she is really worried about but my fiance I guess this not care I bet about her mom. So few days ago was what I did was I took matters into my own hands I took my fiance’s phone I left the house when I seen a phone call from her mother at first I let it go I thought okay no what she told me don’t talk to my mom I will listen to her wasn’t m_s_n mom called again and this time I said no fuck it I will pick up and I did and yes I told her mom the whole truth and nothing but the truth that we been to vacation together and no she was not with some girl and some other people like she told her no she doesn’t live with a roommate she lives with her fiance no she didn’t work now is the time that you told her she was working but fiance was helping take care of her and dales basically told her mom what kind of daughter still ashford on say she really is. So no I return my fiance the phone and she seen that I spoke with her mother I sent her pictures and that was easy and of that. She said fuck you I do not have no more boyfriend fiance or husband and I did not have no more mother it’s been 6 days now since this happen and her mother calls her every single day maybe 12 * today and she hasn’t answered yet hey her mom told me a few things and I will not repeat here and I will not tell v but I honestly think that my fiance doesn’t want me speaking to her mother because her mother can tell me stuff/secrets that he doesn’t want me to know the closest 21st century how mom totally agreed with me she’s totally understanding soon it’s my girls problem about me speaking to her mother well, from what I asked around it’s not normal for 30 year old to hide her fiance it’s not normal for her to wait till I leave the house to speak to her mother it’s not normal for her mother not to be able to speak to her daughter’s fiance and get to know him a little bit. She’s been asking v to put us all on Skype so we can meet but v will never do itwe will find something out that she is trying to hide but you know what I swear they say if it doesn’t come out the wash it will come out in the rinse sometimes you might not find out right away but sooner or later somehow the truth will come out and if I’m just overreacting v I’m sorry but my gut is telling me I’m not. v whatever happens I am going to love you I’m not planning to leave you I want to be with you I want to have children with you and I believe I will I know you will be mad at me for posting this but I can keep this in no longer before I do something stupid I need to get it off my chest baby I love you I’m sorry but this is the way it has to be, love always your fiance joe

  160. Jason says:

    Having been a victim of a very jealous person in the past…I thought I would be able to get this under control for good. For the most part I did. I have been with my fiancé for 5 years. We have had an amazing sex life together and I love her very deeply. I have had many partners and a handful of long term relationships including a 9 year marriage. She had one 20 year marriage with a man who cheated and left her. She really is everything I hoped to find in partner…but the fact that he left and not vice-versa always bothered me. The man cheated on her…yet she still tried to save their marriage. She does say now that it was not out of love…but co-dependency…it was the only life she knew. Aside from that part…I had kept it all at bay and we finally moved in together a year ago. Her stuff from storage showed up here one weekend…boxes she had apparently not looked at in years…since before we met. Those with insight probably see where this is going. An open box sitting in the garage and my curiosity gets the best of me one day…and I start poking around. Sure enough…look for trouble and it will find you. I come across a scrapbook (torn and abused) that she made for her x at the end of their marriage. A pictorial history of their life together…along with one page detailing what was probably their best night of sex ever. It was too much for me to handle…and it haunts me to no end. I confronted her with it…she said sincerely she had forgotten all about the thing and tossed in the trash. The problem was that their was innocence about her that I loved from day one…and what was written in that book was far from innocent. After hearing in the beginning about what an unfulfilling sex life she had in her marriage…to reading something that didn’t match that description…I feel a part of the person I fell in love with was taken from me. I have brought it up a few times in anger…but I so do not want to hurt her with it anymore. I am sure it was a painful time for her…and me bringing it up will only make her relive it. How do I get past this and except that it was the past…how do I remove the visuals from my head…and how do I not feel deceived because of things that took place so long ago. I don’t want to destroy this relationship. There has to be a solution. Help!

  161. J says:

    Hello I recently found out from my wife that she had great sex with a guy and did some kinky things to him that she has never done to me. I have been married for 22 years. At first it was exciting hearing what she had to say until she mentioned he was larger than me and that she did a few kinky things. For 22 years I have had her on a pedestal and I knid of new she had done a few things but not to the extent she came clean about. She also said it was great sex and it still made her hot when I made her think about it from asking her so much.

    I was very happy she was being honest but then I started to freak out and asked her more and more and finally she pretended nothing happen and that she made it all up and I know it was just so she would have to explain why she never did it to me.

    Now she completely does not want to talk about it and says she will leave if I keep asking her. I also am now having performance anxiety to top it off. I love this woman very much but am scared I will never feel the same way about her I once did.

    Can’t talk to anyone about and I just don’t know what to do.

  162. J says:

    Jason I just read you post from few days ago and I am going through the same thing. I have been with my wife for 22 years. My wife was a virgin when I met her and we had sex and dated for about 2 years and then I cheated on her like a jerk. It took my 6 months to get her back and marry her and I knew of a guy she had been seeing while we were apart. I knew right away I had to get her back but she wouldn’t like I said until 6 months. I kind of knew she had sex with this other guy but she always made it seem like it was no big deal.

    20 years later I am prying and our relationship is going great and I get her to finally trust about what happened that summer and she tells me everything. I was floored, I found out that she really enjoyed it and did things to him she has never done to me, but I can’t get made at her cause she truly told me because I was begging her to. Now I feel like she is not my sweet innocent girl anymore.

    I can’t stop picturing your and him even though I have no idea what he looks like it is killing me.

  163. frank says:

    i met my girlfriend about a year and a half ago. we started dating a few months later. I was previously married for about 6 years. i told her i had been married and she seemed fine with it in the beginning. now it seems to be a big issue for her. i try to reassure her, tell her i love her, want to be with her, but she’s grown cold, hardly talks to me or shows signs of interest, just bitterness. she tells me she still wants to be together but she just doesn’t know if she can get over the idea that i was previously married for so many years.

    any advice? i know time will heal her. but i don’t want to lose her either.

  164. vision7 says:

    this is very nice. thank you for this. it has made me see a lot more clearly. spot on write up

  165. heart ache says:

    I have been married for 20 years this month and have been with my wife for 25 years (since she has been 19). Although I was 4 years older (and promiscuous) I have always wanted a virgin or someone close to one. On our second date I asked her how many guys she has been with and how old she was when she lost her virginity, and she said 3 guys and her first was when she was 15. My heart sank when I heard 15 because I already felt she was the one for me because she seemed very reserved. Well I got over it pretty quickly and It has not reared its ugly head until now. Last winter I found out she had been playing with herself which was a blow to my ego because I always wanted sex that I did not get and when I did I always tried to make sure she came even if I did not. When I asked her why she felt the need to do it she said it was none of my business and that is was her body and she will do what she wants with it. Then I asked her many times how much she did it and she gave me a different number every time (this went on for months). Well this just enhanced my insecurity of my love making ability even though she said I was great and I know I always took care of her. But if I was so great and wanted to take care of her with my mouth and through sex then why would she need to do it at all.

    Because of all the insecurity and her not offering up the truth, I began to think of her past lovers which were 3, however she told me she was glad about the 1st one at the age of 15 because she was raped and if it were not for her 1st she would have lost her virginity to the rapist. Again, being insecure about her playing with herself (which we both admitted to each other we do not do), I kept wondering if she was telling the truth about the 3 guys. After eating me up for the past six months I made her tell me all the details of all three (big mistake). She drew me a timeline of everything and I have figured out that she was lying about the 1st one saving her from the rapist as she actual had 2 guys before that happened. So she has been lying to me over and over for 25 years every time I would say “ I can’t believe you had sex at 15” and by the way I lost my at 18 after 3 years of dating the same girl. Now her excuse for lying about only having 1 guy before the rape is that she did not want to lose me. Now I kind of feel like she was entrapping me because I never wanted a promiscuous girl. Next in her time line I figured out that if she dated the first guy in 8th grade and had sex in 9th grade she would have been 14 and not 15 but she just keeps saying I don’t know about the timeline but I was 15 (not true). Lastly her time line shows that she slept with her second guy when she was a senior, was raped then, went back and slept with her first guy, got pregnant and had an aborting right after she graduated, then met a guy who supposedly helped her through the abortion so she said it made her like him, so she slept with him as well then he moved away after the summer. I did not know you were supposed to sleep with someone as a reward for helping you?

    So if you put that last year together she slept with all 3 guys, was raped, and had an abortion within a 12 month period. I love her to death and she is a great mother and wife but now I can stop looking at her thinking she was a slut. My stomach is in knots every day and I don’t want to lose her but I just don’t look at her the same any more. I also have bi-polar, OCD, anxiety disorder, and PTSD which does not help my situation.

    My question is: should I forgive all the lies over the past year and find a way to trust her again? And does sleeping with 3 guys in one year make her a slut especially because she knew the last one was moving away and she should not have slept with him just because he helped her get though a promiscuous abortion.

    heart ache.

  166. heart ache says:

    Would love your input Jennifer or any advise would be appreciated as I am losing my wife of 20 years over this.

  167. Dear Heart Ache says:

    I feel your pain. I too have been married a while for 23 years and I had always thought my wife had only been with one guy and that the sex was very vanilla, nothing special.

    We started dating when we were 17 and she was a virgin. I was her first so she said and I still believe her. After dating 2 years I made a big mistake and thought I didn’t love her anymore so I cheated on her. I know I should had broken it off first but I was selfish.

    Well once she found out she wanted nothing to do with me ad she started seeing this kid who was a friend of the family. I learned real quick that I did love her tremendously and had made a big mistake. At the time I remember her telling me he was great in bed and she really loved him but I thought she was saying it to piss me off. It did and I had to have her back after 5 months I finally got her to come back to me and of course after we got back together I questioned everything that had happened with the other guy and she told me nothing really happened and she was just saying that because she was mad at me.

    20 some odd years later and we start talking and I am playing around and asking her about that time acting like I was aroused to here about it. I had always bugged her about it and she always held true to her story that it was no big deal and she was not into it.

    But this time I guess she trusted me so mush and was tired of me bugging her and she thought I was gonna enjoy it I guess so she told me some stuff I didn’t know.

    I was always a confident guy, but she told me he was hotter than me and had a larger penis and was better in bed. She told me he made her do a few things with him that she has never done with me and that she very much enjoyed them but does not want to do again with me.

    After a few days I started to cry about all the stuff and she reeled everything back in. I know she was being honest cause it all added up why she didn’t come back to me right away. Now all I can think of is how in love she was with this guy to do that stuff and what a slut she was and how he probably pumped and dumped her.

    I also love her very much and always have been so happy with her but now I too look at her very differently. It happened 3 months ago and it is still killing me. I started drinking for a while but she found out and threatened to leave so I stopped.

    I try to act confident but I am hurt beyond belief. I can’t talk to her about it now because she thinks I think less of her so she is denying it now once again. I was so happy she was being open finally and honest but I was not ready to hear that he was this amazing lover that made her com like crazy. It blind sided me.

    Now here I am. I think the important thing I’d like to say to you is this. Even though things have changed, I still love her and I know I won’t find a girl with all her wonderful traits so I am going to forgive her for keeping it from me and I know she loves me but I have to deal with the fact she didn’t love me on the same level as the other guy that summer. It sucks but being with out her would suck more. Hope that helps as I myself am still kinda in a daze.

    Any advice for me would be greatly appreciated.



  168. heart ache says:

    I also can’t stop thinking about those 3 guys inside her now. still looking for some options.

  169. heart ache says:

    J, we are both fools for asking in the first place. But in your case I am not sure that I would believe that he was all that great. It does not make sense for her to tell you that after all this time when of course it would devastate you. If she is that great and loves you that much, maybe she was truly trying to get you aroused for a great night of passion to outdo him? And if a girl does something once she will do it again especially if she is your wife and liked it. I think it was all still part of getting you back. I would hold that in my head and not ask her again.

    In my case, although I am insecure, I know I am the best but I can’t stand the lies or the thought of the other guys inside her and how can she be so stupid to let them. Girls just don’t think that maybe someday they will meet a great guy who would want a virgin. And I know she was not in love with any of these 3 guys so why was she F’ing them. It pisses me off to no end but I am trying my hardest to forget as I am told there should be nothing to forgive as this is normal for a teen. My stomach ache every single day for the past couple of months. I have been to 2 councilors and 2 physiatrists and have be on 3 new medicines but nothing seems to help. Everyone just keeps saying your being stupid, it’s normal, just forget about it, and she probably does not even remember them. none of that matters because every time I look at her naked body I imagine some guy crawling inside her. I can’t even look at her while she is watching tv because I just keep thinking what a slut. I have issues for sure because I love the hell out of her and would not want anyone else. she even gave me a hall pass for 1 girl for 1 time the other day to help me get over it but I don’t even want to do that (but maybe that would do the trick?) my point is, that’s what a great girl she is and I know she was not a slut but I just can’t handle the thought of someone else inside my girl! I know I heard that before as well, she was not my girl back then and did not know me.

    Well I hope all this helps somewhat but I don’t believe he was all that as she would not hurt you like that (and if so she is not all that)

  170. heart ache says:

    Oh, and at least you were her first, that can never be taken away :)

  171. heart ache says:

    J, I also wanted your opinion on whether you felt she was a slut or just being a kid and I should forgive and forget?

  172. J says:

    Heart ache, First I will address what you said about my situation then I will address what you said you are feeling.

    First I agree we are both major fools for even going down this road in the first place. I assume you were as much as or if not more so as confident in your relationship as I was to even want to ask these things. I always felt nothing would change how I felt about my wife. I had her on such a pedestal. And my confidence was feed by her beauty and knowing she was all mine.

    I do like your idea of her saying this just to make me happy and she has said that but too many things add up now that I have remembered her saying over the years. Like maybe 5 years into our marriage and it was a Sunday morning we were just waking up and lying in our bed when out of no where she said I am not in love you. I was like WHAT and she quickly said I am just kidding and started giving me oral sex as a sign of guilt but I always remember how truthful she sounded when she said it. I always remembered that, it stuck in my head. Another time she was doing laundry and we were talking about him and she light heartedly said he had a bigger penis and I got jealous cause it sounded real again and she quickly changed her story to calm me down. These are the things that stuck in my head and I didn’t realize until she told me what she told me 3 months ago.

    It just all seems to add up as I pieced it all together and it really makes sense that what she said is true. She has always been a very sexual person but I always thought she was just naturally that way. Maybe you are just being kind and trying to help me forget and move on and I thank you for that or maybe you are right but my gut says this did happen.

    It sounds like your situation is a lot better than mine, at least you know you were her best lover. I know I was not my wife’s best unless your right and she was making it up, but that is hard for me to believe at this point but none the less I am not planning on leaving her for it.

    I can’t tell you what you should do but I can tell you what I am planning to do and that is to love her. It sounds like this woman is your whole world. Just like my wife is to me. Even though we may never look at them the same way the thought of being with out them would only hurt more. You and I are hurt so bad about knowing a guy was with her 20 some odd years ago, could you imagine knowing another guy was all over her and in her recently over and over, I think that would hurt 10 times more. I think woman especially at a younger age tend to have less self esteem and are more inclined to experiment in sex. Your lucky as am I since both our woman have had way less lovers than normal. Forget about the ones that go to college. They have drunken sex every weekend.

    Plus here is another thought. At our age the woman out there are all gonna have had way more sex partners than our wife’s have so if 3 guys is an issue imagine a woman with 40 years of sex under her belt.

    Plus the biggest issue is how much we love them. I know I won’t find a woman like her with her traits and beauty. I guess we are lucky in a way because now we can appreciate what we once had with them and all though we won’t have what we once had maybe it can become better.

    I don’t know hartache it’s been 3 months since she told me and it is all I think about from the minute I get up to the minute I fall asleep.

    My problem is I have no one I would talk to about this. I am thinking maybe talking to a pro would help, but I am a wreck over this. The thing that keeps popping up is how would I live with out her and I can’t image that scenario with out having a panic attack.

  173. J says:


    Also I know what you mean that you can’t look at her watching TV with out think what a slut. I am having the same issues when I look at her all I can imagine is her giving him oral sex. It sucks man! No pun intended!

  174. heart ache says:

    J, I can spend some time each day on this site and maybe we could help each other. One thing I do not understand is why your wife keeps bringing things up that hurt you (that I can’t understand). My wife is afraid to talk to me at all because so many things can just trigger my thought and then I get all pissed off. she told me how great and hard I was the other night and I got upset thinking is that how those 18 year olds were all the time (since I am 50). she is afraid to even give me a compliment now. I know deep down she is not a slut as I knew back then it was 3, but it is the details about their ages and how they met that kill me now because I here things everyday that remind me.I am going to my 4th physiatrists on Wednesday but as of yet nothing has helped. I know someday something will trigger in my head and say you stupid ass it means nothing and get over it, but until then I am full of anger and heartache

  175. J says:

    Heartache, your the first person I have been able to actually talk to about this and I feel better talking to someone who has similar situation. I’m all for us helping each other as I will check the site often as well. I’d like to know how you made out at the doctors. They didn’t help much?

    Also, as far as my wife telling me, she never wanted to, I had to beg and pry it out of her over 20 years. She only told me cause I out smarted her and made her think I wanted to hear it. I guess deep down I always wondered if what she told me that summer was true.

    I don’t know if you read my first post but in there I said how I was her first and then I cheated on her. Once she found out she left me and started dating this other dude, a friend of her family at the time. I knew right away I had to have her back so I would call and beg her to take me back but she was so made at me that she would tell me that she was in love with this other guy and that he was amazing in bed and all this stuff, but I didn’t believe she never said he had a bigger penis so it didn’t hurt me too bad. Then finally after about 5 months she finally came back to me and we got married.

    I had been bugging her our whole lives to let me know the truth cause I always felt there was something I didn’t know but she never would. Occasionally she would throw something out there until she saw me get upset then she would reel it back in. I finally made progress as she was opening up to me. Over the course of 2 weeks this past October she told me a lot of stuff and I was ok with it cause I was confident my penis was bigger but then she hit me with he had a bigger one and that he made her come in positions I have never and that she deep throated him and she has never done that to me before and won’t. Sorry if I am getting to graphic.

    So it was me who wanted to know. She I think just let it slip that he was better in bed. I don’t think she thought it would hurt me because I was pretending to be into it. I totally out smarted myself on this one. lol.

    I was actually having performance anxiety for a while and couldn’t get a bonner for a few weeks when we were about to do it, but I have gotten over it thankfully. That is the worst thing that can happen to a guy let me tell you.

    Anyway, I’d like to hear how you made out at the doctors what they asked you and what they told you to do and such if you wouldn’t mind.



  176. J says:

    Oh and by the way over the past few weeks because she has seen how I was acting now she doesn’t want to talk about it anymore and has denied it all. I started drinking on the couch for a while and she caught me and threatened to leave if I kept it up so I stopped that. Probably a good thing she caught me cause I used to drink a lot in the past but gave it up for her. Just figured I add that.

  177. heart ache says:

    J, I also know that when I she is down and we are not having fun together, is when all these thoughts start. But I know both of us need to stop pushing these thoughts on ourselves and divert our attention to something else when it happens (I know, easier said than done). Oh, and I too had my wife on a pedestal which is probably why this is happening to both of us because they are not goddesses, they are just human. after saying all that, I am still pissed!!

  178. J says:

    You make a great point. THEY ARE ONLY HUMAN. Great point. I don’t know, maybe we can figure this out together.

  179. heart ache says:

    j, yes I read your whole blog but when you said she woke and said she did not love you anymore, that is when I question some of the stuff she is doing. Doctors wow, OCD, anxiety disorder, manic bipolar depression, and PTSD. the last doctor thinks all this is related to being physically and emotionally abused by my mother who died about a year ago when this and other problems started. I am on all kinds of drugs but nothing works except maybe some valume because you are a little out of it and don’t think. I will let you know what the new doctor says after Wednesdays appointment. I am sure it will be the same, stop, you are wrong, she did not belong to you, she is aloud to have a past, she is not a slut, she lied to protect you, yada, yada, yada

  180. J says:

    Its funny everything we did over the last 23 years now seems different like I have to re think everything when I look back on it. Even looking at old pictures of her, now I see her different in the pictures. Or watching an old movie we liked together it doesn’t seem the same. It really sucks, lol. The hardest part is feeling like you lived a lie. It’s tough but talking to you is a blessing for sure.

  181. heart ache says:

    Let me say one more thing and then I have to go until tomorrow. I know it is our egos that are causing us all this pain but that does not mean you wife could not have kept with her original story and my wife could have just stayed a virgin since she did not love any of the guys. Talk a morrow

  182. J says:

    Sorry to hear about your past with your Mom. I had great Mom and I can’t imagine how horrible that must have been for you. I did have a verbally abusive step father though which sucked.

  183. heart ache says:

    I feel the same as you my friend as we were head over heals in love for 25 years and now things are different for her and I. I feel we will get through this in time. Try and have a peaceful rest of your day J.

  184. J says:

    Thanks Heart ache,

    I have to say your comment about our ladies not being Goddesses and just being human has really helped me a lot at least for the time being. Something clicked, not sure how long it will last but thanks for that. It is amazing how the mind works. Sometimes just a few words can change your whole perspective. It has made me realize another issue for me.

    The thing I think I am hung up on the most, I know you don’t have this issue but I keep wondering why she never did the same thing to me and doesn’t want to that she did to him sexually (mainly a deep throat). I keep thinking two reasons. 1. This is the one I hope, she sees me in a cleaner way an does not want to perform such dirty acts with me. or 2. She just is not as turned on by me as she was by him.

    She did say he was super hot and had a perfect 6 pack body, he was taller than me and was a better kisser and a great dancer. Don’t get me wrong I am a good looking guy with good height and always had muscles but never a six pack. I can’t dance to save my life though. I keep thinking he was just a sex toy to him and that he pumped and dumped her. That is what hurts the most actually. Thinking he dumped her. She probably did all these things and it made him disrespect her and it turned him off. Cause I know I was always turned off by woman that did dirty things like that. So I don’t know. But thanks for the nice words, hope you have a peaceful day too.


  185. J says:

    Heart ache, I don’t think I’m getting over this anytime soon, man. Just heard a few songs that I loved from Boys to men and a few other groups that reminded me of how hard I had to work to get her back and when I finally did get her back way back when and they just don’t sound the same now. Instead there is just a beautiful pit in my stomach. It’s sooo sad man. I can’t help but cry. Sad, sad! Don’t know what to do. I don’t think I will ever find my way back to that state of bliss. I think I am hurting even way more than I realized. Wow I hope I am not bumming you out!

  186. heart ache says:

    morning J, so my stomach was hurting all day so when I got home I just took a valume and slept on the coach. my wife sent me a text at 8:30 last night that I did not get until this morning stating thank you for the beautiful anniversary ring and the love notes around the house. she thinks I am upset about that and no matter how many times I tell her I will never forget about the lies and the other boys, she just doesn’t get it. I would rather her say, ” honey I am so sorry for lying to you and for sleeping with those other boys as both were so, so, stupid of me, please forgive me” I would say everyday if the rolls were reversed whether I thought I should or not.

  187. heart ache says:

    Sorry J, did not see yours. Have you tried talking to your wife about it and telling her how much you are hurting and how much you love her and need the pain to go away? maybe she will respond in a way that you need?

  188. heart ache says:

    and I meant to say on my first one that she thinks I am upset because she did not thank me enough, it is the fucking boys that you slept with (without a rubber I might add)

  189. j says:


    Yea I know what you mean. Last night I got really blue. I was feeling good all day after thinking about your comment of no one is perfect but that didn’t last, lol. That seems to be the way of it. I can trick myself into thinking Im ok for a while but then those images just keep coming back.

    I sometimes think I should just divorce her, but I have 3 great kids who would be hurt if we separated. I am also so back and forth that I am sure once I divorced her Id be begging her to take me back. This uncertainness about the future is killing me.

    I find it hard to picture what things will be like in a year from now. My job is suffering, my friendships have all slowed down since I have nothing on my mind but her and I can’t talk to my friends about her.

    What am I going to say, “hey what did you think of the superbowl oh yea oh me oh well I found out that my wife deep throated a guy in her past”
    I mean I am going stir crazy!

  190. j says:

    To answer your question, I cant talk to her about it. Cause now she is denying it all cause she thinks Im so hurt and she thinks that’s the only way to help me or she just doesn’t want to deal with my jealouy. She has completely retracked her stories and I know they are true. You know how you can when your wife is being honest or not, you know what I mean, you can just tell.

  191. j says:

    Sorry to hear you had a bad night too

  192. j says:

    I think an apology would be huge. I would like to hear some reassurance that she loves me too. I feel unloved by her like she only came back to me because he dumped her and she thought I was the best she could get.

    I wish I never asked her but then again I cant imagine not knowing this and being a tool for the rest of my days. I don’t know heartache I guess time heals all wounds. I always believed everything happens for a reason so maybe there is some good to come from all of this for both you and me one day.

  193. heart ache says:

    Well I can tell you I wish I would have never asked. Especially because 3 guys is not really that bad, although she did lie to me. with my fucked up head that will not let things go, I should have let it go when she said 3 and not asked for details. I don’t know who’s place I would rather be in because at least your wife was your first and there was only 1 more but I could not handle hearing someone is better. I don’t know your wife but that is really shitty to tell you that again when of course that will hurt (but I really don’t want to be critical of her because I don’t know the whole situation. Like my wife, when I asked for details she did not need to say no rubbers (how would I have found out) she also did not need to say she went back to the first after F’ing the second one. They should both know that guys don’t want to hear that shit. And both should have down played them as they were nothing, bad in bed, and do not compare to you. I have had girls (and a lot) that were way better in bed than my wife but do you think I would ever tell her that? Hell no. We will get through this J. I have already wrote up my 2 page history of what has happened to my wife and I this year for my counselor tomorrow but I am sure he will just say let it go or you will lose her.

  194. heart ache says:

    From my wife

    :( This is just a bad time of year, not just weather but the stuff with Jared and the stuff with us. I am feeling sad and I feel really bad that you didn’t book that flight when it was so cheap. You only turn 50 once and you deserve to get what you want on your birthday!

    At least she is acknowledging that there is stuff still going on with us as normally she thinks as soon as we talk it is forgotten, but it is never forgotten. just goes away for a while sometime.

  195. J says:


    I read you brought her an anniversary ring and left love notes? I wonder if you are doing what I have been doing and that is over compensation my love. I have noticed I have been overly telling her how much I love her trying to reassure her of my love since I fear she will think I love her less because of the news she told me. I wonder if you’re doing the same thing.

    Was your stomach hurting because of her? Why were you sleeping on the coach? What does she think you are upset about, I didn’t understand.

  196. J says:


    Why don’t you try asking some tough questions to the counselor. Tell him that the three Drs before him said the same thing and IT DIDNT HELP.
    Maybe you can help him help you. I asked a few questions in my last post too. What is this letter from your wife about?

  197. J says:

    My wife told me he was better by accident. I was pressing her for the info cause like a car wreck I just couldn’t look away and had to know everything. So I made her think I was enjoying her stories. After years of trying to get this info I finally figured out how to get it. Just like you I used time lines of things she told me in the past and things she was saying recently and deduced he was longer than me and had more stamina. Not that I am horrible in bed I can hold my own. Just sucks when we broke up she had to come across super dick.

  198. J says:

    She actually did admit it though so technically she did say those things. I know it sounds harsh of her and I though and think the same thing, “why would you tell me that” but I think she was just being so open and didn’t understand or was to stupid to know where the line was. My wife is not the sharpest tool in the shed but she makes up for it by being a stubborn brat. lol.

  199. heart ache says:

    Sorry J, I should not have put your wife down that is not helping the issue which is us and not them. My apologies sir!

  200. heart ache says:

    give me a sec to write it all. you have wrote a lot.

  201. heart ache says:

    yes I am doing what you do some of the time by over compensating and wanting to sexually please her nearly every single day even if I do not get taken care of. yes I bought her a 2 carrot diamond ring a few weeks ago and took her the key west for our 20th anniversary. 2 days ago I talked with a cousin who told me to stop dwelling on the bad and think of all the good in her (which is a lot as she does anything I want her to do) so I posted sticky notes all over the house to compliment her for everything. not sure about the note but she did just the other day give me a note saying I could sleep with 1 girl 1 time to help me feel better (that is how great she is). and yes I am going to tell the doctor I heard it all before so I don’t need to hear the same shit. I actually want to go to a hypnotist (if they work) and erase it from my mind. and I forced it out of my wife and she told me mostly every bit of true so I have no one to blame but myself but she could have down played it all or stated that she was just very stupid, and young and was searching for attention, or something like that.

  202. heart ache says:

    and yes my stomach hurts everyday because of her and I sleep on the coach when it is too much to handle and then she knows I am upset and she gets a little upset because she knows I am hurting but she does not want to talk about it anymore and I don’t know if I should.

  203. heart ache says:

    Also, when my stomach is hurting like that, if I did not take valume I would be up all night. so I take my crazy pills and my valume and it knocks me out. Late night I fell asleep about 7 or so while she was working out so she knows I was felling bad. She could say so many things to help me out but I don’t think she understands the things I need to hear (even if they are untrue). Again, I would do it everyday if that is what it took to help her get through something.

  204. heart ache says:

    Wow, I just realized while my wife and I were emailing today I sent her a screen shot of air fare and on one of the internet tabs was the name of this site. I don’t think she caught it or would scroll all the way down to the bottom. I don’t know if that would be a good or bad thing if she read all I have written, but maybe she would finally truly understand what I am going through. I need to watch that next time. Wow

  205. heart ache says:

    J, sometimes when I talk to people about it or write to you about it, I am not sure if I am adding fuel to the fire or it is helping. Do you think it is helping you or making it worse because we are thinking of it every day so how can we ever forget about it. or do you think something we say will just make something click in our heads and we will fell better. getting no work done again!

  206. J says:

    Heart ache

    First, let me say I think talking to you has helped me to feel not so alone. Unlike you I have no one I would ever feel comfortable talkin gto about this, so to answer your question yes you have been a great light for me, I hope I can and have provided some help to you as well.

    It seems to me that both our wives don’t want to talk about it anymore. I know my wife don’t, if you wife does then you should certainly keep the airwaves open and discuss it further with her.

    My wife due to the fact how I reacted has completely denied everything and gets so angry when I bring it up that I stopped trying to bring it up. I feel I am hurting her by bringing it up or acting sad so I have been putting on a happy face. I do love this woman more than life and I sometimes have to remind myself that.

    Wow your wife seems pretty great to allow you to have a weekend pass so to speak. I don’t think that doing that would be wise because it might be a test. She would probably reget it if you wnet through with it or she probably knows you so well that she figures you would never do that to her, Either way I would stay clear of that path if I were you. Sounds like more trouble than it’s worth.

    I do think we can help each other, you seem like a smart guy and I have a relatively high IQ and kind of always though of myself as a little bit of a psychologist. My friend seem to come to me for advice all the time and I can usually work out problems that are psychological.

    I just haven’t been able to get a handle on this situation yet, but I do feel I am getting there and you are definitely helping. It is great to have some one in the same boat that I can throw ideas back and fourth with.

    This does not seem like a common situation we are going through so there are probably limited resources out there on this area. If you feel like we are beating a dead horse or if this feel like its not helping I would understand as I don’t want to make you have to think about it every day. But I enjoy talking about it with you instead of bottling it all up.

    Don’t worry about the comment on my wife, no offence taken. I know your only trying to help.

  207. J says:

    I realized something today and that was that even though this guy had a bigger wang and was better in bed she did choose to marry me and as a rule woman don’t usually marry guys they don’t find adequate so that made me feel better that he might have a bigger package but I am the total package. Maybe I had a better combination of things than just being good at sex.

    As for you I would hope you are able to start sleeping in the bed every night with her soon as I think that could cause her some anxiety not that I am a DR or anything, lol. Have you tried asking her to apologize if that would make you feel better or would that seem weird to you? Also is she willing to talk about it or did you tell me all ready?

  208. heart ache says:

    good morning J, I went out again after work and had a few drinks to make the pain go away and the wife is pissed. I know I am doing it because of tonight’s appointment and all I can think of right now is her passed.

  209. heart ache says:

    J, on the hall pass she wrote “don’t ever feel guilty and tell me or I will divorce you”. I am wondering if I did use it I would feel like I have something over her now (or I would feel guilty) and it would make me forgive her. We have talked about it 3 times since December and she said the last time, I am on my own now as she does not want to talk about it anymore as it was almost 30 years ago and she was a kid. she is right but it is still hard because there have been a few white lies this year and she has never, never done that. Also, I am willing to keep talking to help I was just wondering if you thought it was helping. and you are right about the total package, if he was, she would be married to him and not you. although I am of decent size I ask wouldn’t you like me to be a little bigger and my wife says no because sometimes it hurts (she could be just saying that though). I wrote out 2 full pages to read to the dr. to save time so we will see if that helps.

  210. J says:

    Heart ache,

    I hope you don’t mind but I am going to give you my honest opinion. I don’t think you should do it. It is nothing positive. It would just be adding a negative to a negative. I also think that even though she says it would be ok and is being very convincing of that I still think she would be crushed if you went ahead with it. She may be doing it to see where this relationship is and that could be the piece that pushes her away for good.

    As men we are here to protect our woman which I know you have done for a long time and they are supposed to protect us. I know in both our cases they did not protect us very well but I think neither intentionally meant to hurt us and meant well as they trusted us enough to open up. Think of all the stuff you didn’t tell her. I know I have not told my wife hardly anything to spare her feelings so when I get mad at her for holding this back I have to remember I did it too. It doesn’t mean you love your wife any less, right? And I am sure it doesn’t mean they love us any less.

    I think sleeping with another woman would only hurt her and if you’re like me I know that is the last thing you want to do to her. I have a funny feeling we are gonna end up loving our wives even more than we did before out of this because finding these things out about our wives has certainly tested our love and if we can forgive them and move on and still love as much as we once did then we know for sure we adore them and we can put them back on that pedestal where they belong one day.

    I know how bad you’re hurting but I don’t see anything positive from a one night stand. You seem like a guy who really loves your woman and doing this would probably cause you more pain that it would her because it would hurt her and then you would blame yourself for hurting her. She is probably so tired of hearing about it that she doesn’t know what else to do.

    I know I drove my wife nuts trying to make her explain herself and she finally shut it all down. That’s why I am just trying to listen to her now when she says she had enough as I feel I am driving her away. So I have been giving her some space and talking about other non important stuff just to let her know or at least think I am over it so that she will feel loved and that I trust her again.

    I am still in love her and I know your are very much in love with your wife. Let me know how you make out tonight.

  211. heart ache says:

    J, I think this is a great true statement!
    “I know I have not told my wife hardly anything to spare her feelings so when I get mad at her for holding this back I have to remember I did it too. It doesn’t mean you love your wife any less, right? And I am sure it doesn’t mean they love us any less.”

    I have not told my wife about any of my past but she has not asked and would probably be devastated! One thing about the hall pass, she does not want to know if I do it, it would be for my therapy only and she said she would divorce me if she found out. I have never cheated on her but it does sound intriguing as I think it may fix the problems. don’t know if I could follow through though..

  212. J says:

    After all isn’t true love about excepting ones faults unconditionally. Just a thought. Hope you have a great day buddy!

  213. J says:

    A hall pass is every mans fantasy but I think where your head is at right now it would only add to the confusion. Maybe that is something you explore down the road when you have this relationship back spinning like a top.

  214. heart ache says:

    when does this aching in your stomach ever stop. why can’t we just shut down the pictures in our mind and think of the good things only. my wife has so many good qualities I can’t count them. But all I do is think of what she did 30 years ago, what an idiot I am.

  215. heart ache says:

    My wife seems cold today because I am going to see the counselor about her. I said you seem mad, she said “Nope….this isn’t easy for me either and sometimes I have down days just like you” and I asked can you tell me why? she just keeps saying it does not matter. Well it matters to me and maybe if she said something to make me feel better about the situation I would.

  216. heart ache says:

    well J, I just emailed my sister who has been trying to help me and I told her I am getting madder and madder as the day goes on thinking of my appointment tonight. she straight out told me that I am going to lose my wife, my job, my family, everything if I can’t figure out a way to get past this. and she is right. I hope my meeting goes well tonight. I will let you know tomorrow.

  217. J says:

    I think all these things you are doing like sleeping on the coach, going to the doctors, going out are maybe unconsciously or maybe not to show her how hurt you are. I think that could be having a negative effect on her rather than the one you are looking for.

    I tried that myself, listen to songs that reminded me of us while I cried, drinking by myself on the coach kind of hoping she would catch me so she could see how much I was hurting and would feel bad about what she said and did. Well she did catch me and all it did was make her look down on me for drinking, lol.

    I know it is the toughest thing I have had to go through and it sounds like it is for you too. I think you should project confidence to her and see how she responds. Woman love a confident guy and even if you have to pretend at first it might help her to see you more confident
    over this situation. You don’t want her to start looking down on you or feeling sorry for you, thinking you are weak because that could cause her to lose that fire she has for you. Try and be loose around her for a while, take a step back and try to do the things you used to do before she told you anythging.

    I know my wife started looking at me differently for a while because I was acting very insecure and kept asking her if she loved me. Then I was over compensating my love and trying to hug her all the time and tell her how much I loved her, but I didn’t realize at the time I was coming off as very needy and it was turning her off.

    Keep the upper hand heart ache, like the old commercial, try not to let her see you sweat. I know easier said then done.

    The pain in your stomach will go away. Just keep reminding your self what you told me. SHE IS ONLY HUMAN, not a God so try to except her in this new light and remember and realize how much you adore this woman.

    Except that you may never get an apology and remember woman have a different way of thinking then us men. They don’t realize how much they are hurting us sometimes and it’s our job to realize that they don’t realize it. We were put her to protect them not so much the other way around. I hate to say it but I feel sometimes it is a good idea to think of them as possessions. Something we can get enjoyment out of if we take good care of. That we have to care for and keep maintained or it will break down and just like a possession they don’t give back anything then the enjoyment you get from having them, lol.

    Hope your meeting goes well.

  218. heart ache says:

    J, my meeting went well and he stated that I have insecurity issues that I need to deal with and my wife did nothing wrong. I asked him if I could at least ask her never to lie to me again and he said as long as you say it nicely. when I got home she asked how it went and I said good and the doc says he is going to work on my insecurities but I need you to make me a promise. she said what, and I said promise me you will never lie to me again and she got all upset denying she had ever lied. so I stormed out of the house and went to the bar. she texted me to come home but now I was so pissed I texted her more questions about how she could sleep with those guys and other things about her past. she said I will not talk about that any more. so I said, don’t bother worrying about me coming home if you are not going to answer my questions. well she said she would pick me up when I am ready to come home and we will talk about my questions tomorrow when I am sober. well around 3 in the morning she got me off the couch and asked me to come upstairs to talk. she was crying and said she cant handle this anymore and wants a divorce. well after a little bit she let me ask more questions and we worked it out but she said I have mad her want to kill herself. I need to keep going to the doctors and fix my insecurities because she said she was just a kid, no one was bigger, and they did not even know what they were doing. so that is what I have been jealous of, nothing! still wish she was a virgin but she is only human.

  219. J says:

    That sounds good bro, it sounds like when push came to shove she broke down and at least was willing to answer some questions. That is very good. Glad the doctor helped, I think I have insecurity issues as well. It seems that is the root to most jealous guys. It sounds like you are on your way. I am doing much better too. Our talks have helped and it’s funny but when I try and give you advice I’m taking my own advice as well kind of self heeling. Good luck!

  220. heart ache says:

    you too. I am going to take the rest of the week off writing about it to see if that helps but I will check in Monday. btw, there was one answer I needed and might have fixed it all and that was the last guy. after sleeping with her second guy and breaking up, getting raped, and sleeping back with her first guy, having an abortion she then slept with the 3rd guy (all in 12 months). I asked her how she could do that and she said I liked him, so I said oh, all you had to do is like someone and you will fuck them. of course that was the end of the talk but I will remember her answer and never get over that forever because that makes me think of her as a slut then. but I am done talking bad but I wanted to tell you.

  221. J says:

    Yea its rough bro, today I had a hard day. Thinking of her with him it was a bad day. It is such a roller coaster ride, one day good one day sad. it sucks man. Sometimes I think I want to just leave her then the next I feel like I cant be with out her.

  222. heart ache says:


  223. heart ache says:

    huge fight on Friday night. Tell you about it tomorrow

  224. J says:

    Hey Heartache, sorry to hear that. What happened? I actually tried talking to her tonight and I was asking her if she loved me when she married. Based on her stories I have deduced she was probably dumped by this guy and then came running back to me. So now I keep thinking she loved him and he didn’t want her which has totally screwed up my ego but I still love her and tried talking she was listening for a while but kept saying I am not going to talk about it no more so I said fine I will just bottle up my feelings then I don’t know today all I did at work was mope! People are noticing hoe sad I am at times. I think I started to have a panic attack. I felt light headed and almost fainted. Had to get up and shake it off. Hope you’re doing ok at least!

  225. J says:

    I feel like the only way we can resolve this is to talk it out but she doesn’t even want to discuss it so I have to do it all on my own.

  226. J says:

    So we talked a little more and she told me it was just a f**k. That he was really good in bed and that it was just empty sex. So I asked her why she did it if it was empty and she told me she was mad at me for cheating on her and she wanted me to suffer.

    She said she didn’t know he was gonna be so good in bed but that I had broken her heart and she stayed with him to hurt me which is what she said way back then so I kind of believe it. That I was the only one to break her heart (that I don’t know for sure). And that when she came back to me it was because she loved me and wanted me for me. I get the feeling the other guy was not giving her any attention just using her for sex and probably degrading her but she put up with it for a while and then she probably realized she was getting used and said the heck with this Im going back the guy that is begging me for my love. That is kinds how I see it now.

    I guess I have to live with the fact that some Ahole with a bigger wang gave my wife the best sex she ever had, but I guess that is the price I have to pay for cheating on her in the first place. I think I can get over it. I love her very much and I would never leave her for something that was not even her fault. She was not in the wrong so I can’t even get made at her. She ran to him to get over me and he took advantage of her while she was hurting. She enjoyed it but I can tell she is not proud of the fact she enjoyed it so it hurts but at least I can rationalize it a little. Luckily I am pretty confident as I think a lesser man would not be able to stay and deal with it. None the less it doesn’t make it any less painful.

  227. heart ache says:

    Hello J, I kind of agree that if you cheated on her you have no one else to blame. I would have told her though that if you really love me why would you keep hurting me by telling me how great he was when you know that hurts me. you could lie even now and tell me that was all untrue so I would not be hurting. Maybe she is still hurting from you cheating and maybe you could apologize more?

    Well my weekend was crazy bad. we fought until 6 am Saturday morning and most of the day Saturday and made up on Sunday. Friday night she said she wanted a divorce so I told her fine you f’in slut, no one is going to want you nor treat you like I did. I also told her that when she was playing with herself I hope she gave herself the best cum of her life because it cost her a 20 year marriage. later I went back up stars to say other things (I don’t remember) but did tell her I wanted a divorce as well because I can’t live with a slut who cares more about taking care of herself than her husband. about 2 hours latter she came down stars and asked me to sleep in the bed with her so I did. she left at 6:30 am and I left at 9 am as we both had different things to do. since the hurt was not over for me I sent her a text later that day stating everything I was feeling, like those guys were pigs, all they did was use you for sex, and how could you sleep with the 3rd in the same year after having been raped and having an abortion. she then text me back that she was so sorry for everything she did to me and wishes she could take everything back including sleeping with the boys and lying to me. she said I will so badly that I would forgive her for everything and she is sorry she hurt me so badly. Well since I got most everything off my chest and even felt that she hated those boys for using her I felt much better. it is still not easy as things remind me everyday but the pain is getting less and less. I know it is because I laid it all out on the table and did not hold back. not many girls would have taken that and she came back with an apology and nothing else. I don’t know if my pain will ever go away completely but I have been feeling slightly better each day. I go to another doctor tonight to work on my self esteem as maybe that is where all this stems from but I know she brought it out of me. everyone keep quoting the Bible about forgiveness and if you truly love someone so that is what I have been focusing on. I do not know if I am over the hump but I will let you know.

    Remember, I am not the expert so do what ever you think needs to be done in your relationship and maybe try and ask her to tell you things you could do better in bed (but not to be like him). you do not have to be the biggest to be the best. I go down on my wife at least every other day and once 3 times in one day. I make sure I am taking care of her orgasm every time and don’t worry about mine and she thinks I am a god. I am also just over 6″ but have some width and still make her cum like crazy ( with the help of one of our fingers) so you don’t have to be King Kong to be the best, you just have to read up on it like I do and buy toys to use on her every now and then to mix it up.
    Good Luck buddy!

  228. heart ache says:

    J, one more thing that I thought was important for me to say to her. I told her a couple of times what kind of girl jumps from guy to guy that quickly and sleeps with them so fast? I told her that I waited 4 months for you (much longer than these boys) be cause I respected you and I wanted you to love me before we did it. I think that made her think that they were mistakes and she should not have slept with them. if I know she truly regrets it, I feel I can forgive her. and I do love the hell out of her, and this was 28 years ago (except for the white lies).

  229. Giselle says:

    Wow! This article hit everything right on. I am jealous of my fiancees past with women. Just yesterday, I came across old emails and photos of him (time stamped 2013) around the time we met. I was crushed! I comforted him and he said that they were before we met, then was bothered with the fact that I didn’t respect his privacy. He accused me of digging up the past. He is right! I can’t seem to drop it. I believe my jealousy stems off of not feeling as though I’m “enough.” I am miserable. I knew I was a jealous person, but your article enlightened me as to were my jealousy originates. I want to move on and let this go, but why is it I feel I need to get even for something I wasn’t even present in.

  230. J says:


    Feeling as though you are “not enough” is the worst feeling in the world and I can relate big time, but don’t let that make you throw away a good thing. If he is with you and he has done nothing wrong while he has been with you then you really can’t blame him for the past. For 6 months I have been trying to figure a way to travel back in time 22 years ago and not cheat on my then girlfriend and future wife. My cheating led her to break up with me then and then she had a summer fling with a guy who I very recently found out was an amazing lover and made her do things to him that she has never done to me. I can’t tell you how badly I feel “I am not enough” and to top it off it was my fault.

    At least you don’t have to blame yourself since you had no control over what he did before you met him. Getting even would only make things worse as it seems you love him very much or you wouldn’t be so crushed and hurting him would probably only make you feel guilty on better.

    The misery will fade as soon as your mind can rationalize this situation. It will take a few months at least.

  231. heart ache says:

    J, my wife normally likes it on all 4s because if fells better for her but I like it missionary sometimes because I like to see her face when she cums. she sent me a text Tuesday stating ” I want to lay on my back tonight and take everything you give me and want you to tape me cum so you can watch it anytime you want”. she is trying very hard and I am feeling better until I have to go to the doc which was yesterday. as soon as my wife left work at 3 and we stopped emailing as I work till 5 I got lonely started thinking about her past again and the doctors office discussion we were going to have. now the doc wants to see her. so yes it is hard but can get better but definitely takes time and you need to work on yourself because we are the ones that are broken and need to be fixed not them (even if we don’t agree with what they did with out us). no I cant think that way yet.

  232. heart ache says:

    Giselle, jealousy is the worst monster you could have inside you and you need to get rid of in now before it festers into more. Either you love and trust your man or you don’t. if you don’t then run now! but if you truly do then drop this now and stop going through things as you may run into something else from his past and you do not want to do that to yourself. take it from me and J, asking questions and digging into the past have made us both miserable and has put our marriages on the rocks at times. People have pasts and we all need to accept that but please do not go searching it out as it only will tear you up inside. both J and I wished we had ever asked the questions we did and we are both tormented by what we found out and in the end it should not have meant nothing because we were not with them at the time. please, please listen to me and stop now as the road down jealousy lane is loaded with heartache. I hope you will take my advise and love your man for who he is today.

  233. heart ache says:

    J, good week for me and my wife as far as getting along and fooling around, however, I still have thoughts everyday and my stomach aches a little bit still. I still feel like I want her to pay somehow but I do know I have made her suffer a lot. I hope this whole thing goes away soon as this has been the worst 4 months of my life. I am worried that my therapist wants to see my wife and I gave him a huge typed list of all the thinks she should not have done and how she has upset me. don’t know if he will actually go over it with her but there were a bunch of questions I still want answers to (but only if the are the answers I am hoping they will be). selfish I know, but I could not handle any more pain. I am not sure if my wife will even go because I bet she is thinking that we are all good now just because I have not bashed her for her past in a week now. I know I said I was going to stay away from this site but it does help me to get these things off my chest. where have you been? Have a great weekend. me.

  234. J says:

    Hello heart ache,

    The doctor wants you to bring her in. That could be a good thing. Cause at least he will have an open forum where you both will have to answer. You may not like what he says especially if it validates her but it may be the best thing in the long run for you. Glad to hear you had a good week.

    I’ve been feeling better. I am starting to feel powerful like nothing can break me. I do know she loves me and the fact that she chose me over him even though he was a greater lover has made me feel better about myself. Now if she was dumped and then came running back to me it hurts but I have to look on the bright side that at least I got to spend my life with her and I found out one really important thing. That I might actually be the luckiest guy in the world. Cause I know what it is like to truly love a woman unconditionally and above all else. I don’t know how many men can say that.

    I’m here for you heart ache any time you want to get things of your chest. In fact I will probably check this site frequently to possibly be of help to any others that are feeling hurt like us and need some one to talk to.

    Have a wonderful day and I will say a prayer for you.

  235. heart ache says:

    Thanks J, another good weekend. the doctor wants to see her alone and I wrote him a 2 page note of everything that goes through my head. maybe she will then understand how badly I was hurt while also understanding that I am sick as I don’t think she gets that my afflictions cause my thoughts. I also made him promise the she gives permission to him to tell me what she says so I know how she really feels about it. my stomach has finally started to feel much better but I still think of the thing she did every day. No matter what radio show, tv show, movie, or conversation (even with her) something ends up reminding me of the things she has done. But getting better.

    Glad for you!! Do you have kids? If you do, that is the biggest compliment that a woman can give to you that you are the man she is willing to have children with.

  236. J says:

    Hey heart ache, Im so glad you are getting better. I am getting there too but I still have my sad moments. I sometimes feel so all alone now. I have way more anxiety then I ever did and my job is suffering. I think sometimes I kid myself that I am getting better. I don’t know. I suggested to her that I might want to see a therapist and she said I don’t want anyone knowing our business. So I was hurt by that but agreed with her.

    I still have such feelings of aloneness and sadness. I think Im getting better but then one thought pops in my head and I feel sad again. Our talks are very helpful and have helped me a lot. Just got to keep pushing forward as they say time heals all wounds.

  237. heart ache says:

    J, I wish your wife would go to counseling with you. my wife and I has been going separately or together this whole time. I have a new one now because the old one was not doing any further good for us but it does give us both a chance to say what we really want to say on an even playing field and you tend to fight less because you are at there office. You are not spreading your business all around town, you are fixing what is broken in your marriage by talking with 1 person. it helps even if you just go for a while and give her time to come around. I would tell you “do you not want me to get better?” let her know you really need this but I would use a man who understands how men feel. my first was a woman and although she was very good tended to take my wife’s side more. the new guy is Christian as well and he has made the comments that her past are mistakes (which I love) everyone else says it is normal to fuc k around when you are you, basically no big deal and get over it, but not my new counselor. I think my wife will get upset if he calls them mistakes but I don’t care as they are because she did not love any of them. I will keep you informed, going to another doc tonight to get more medicine. Keep your chin up and get to a counselor!

  238. heart ache says:

    Leaving for counseling in an hour and now my stomach is back in knots. this is only my phsyc doctor for medicine but we will still talk some and I am worried it is going to get me pissed off at my wife because today I have not been thinking about it so much. I will probably grab a 40 on the way and he will be pissed because he does not want me drinking on these meds at all let alone drinking and driving but I need something other that my valume to calm me down. wish me luck!

  239. heart ache says:

    Also J, I wanted to say this before, you should ask your doctor for valume as they definetly help calm your stomach down. you can start with 1/2 if it is too much for you. I can take 2 at a time and drink so they can be that bad. You should ask. and there cheap (diazepam)

  240. Daniel Lz.. says:

    I’m so gladful to read your article and this Jealousy is my main problem with my girlfriend. Now, iam ready to take a step forward to forgive her and make Amends with her by discussing with her.

    Guy’s who are also having this same problem,I want you to encourage you to moved forward by not keeping your Jealousy feeling in secret but to openly share all your feeling and dealing the problem with your partner which will really helped you as it helped me.
    Remember as Mother Teresa has said ‘In order for love to be real, it must hurt.

  241. j says:

    Thanks heartache. I think I am going to wait on the meds. I am going to start hitting the gym again and lately we have been talking about how we fell in love. I am starting to think that the sex she with guy way back when was dirty and I think she got used. I don’t think she fells good about it as she has said it wasn’t anything positive. She said there was no heat or love like when she is with me. He was just a talented hip mover. I think she did have feeling for him at the time or she probably would not have done all that she did with him, but maybe she looks at me in a cleaner more wholesome way and I can live with that.

    I have decided to stop pressuring her about it cause I think all I am doing is making her think about him, lol. But yes I have 3 great kids with her and I love my family. I think also the things that were in her past I should be thankful for because it is what made her who she is today and I love who she is today. So today I am feeling good about things. Hope you are doing well bud!

  242. heart ache says:

    Well I am very happy for you J and I think you are on the right track. When I felt my wife did not feel good about her relationships (if true? but I don’t care if not) it made me feel better like she felt they were mistakes and I was not. on a bad note I really f’d up yesterday. I drank on the way to the doctors as I really don’t like going and when I got home I wanted sex but my wife knew I was drinking so she did not but I made her. we after 45 minutes I was not working too good any more and was getting upset at her for not finishing so I just stopped. so I asked her if she wanted me to finish her up and I could tell she was pissed that I did it in the first place so she said of course I want you to finish me up. Well I pulled out this vibrator that I bought for her but only used once as it is big, fat, rotates, messages her insides, and takes care of her man in the boat all at the same time, which is why I only used it one time and got mad when she came. so I pulled it out last night and within 5 minutes she come and I through the vibrator got pissed and we fought all night again. so I kind of know how you feel. I should have known someone in my state should not have pulled that vibrator out last night but I wanted to please her because she asked for it. but her asking is what pissed me off because if you remember my writings she cums like 7 times a week and I thought that was selfish of her just because I was not capable at that time she should have waited till I sobered up in the morning. we have made up but now I will not forget her on all 4s turning around and telling me of course I want you to finish me up now. My own fault for pulling that out but my mouth was not cutting it this time, but I could have pulled out a plain regular one and used my finger with it but I wanted to see if she would take the big one that she knows pisses me off and she did. I went in the garbage this morning $160 down the drain and only used twice but I can’t sit there and stick something inside her that I knows feels better than me by 100 times. she told me today it did not feel that great (protecting my feelings) and I said really? then why did you cum in 5 minutes when you could not for me in 45? she said it was just the vibrating ears hitting her clit. Rough night again and don’t ever get your wife the Jack Rabbit or she will never want you or be able to finish with you. I was trying to be giving but I am not going to have it ruin my sex life and marriage. Me.

  243. heart ache says:

    J, I am going home to have sex right now and her and I are both worried and anxious. She knows she has hurt me again and I am not sure if I will be able to perform as I will be thinking about that Jack Rabbit. she know we are in trouble if I cant perform or she does not have the big O. my stomach is in knots and I am considering canceling because I am thinking of the jack Rabbit more than her. Wish me luck! Me

  244. heart ache says:

    Well J, I got home last night and my wife new immediately that something was wrong (because I was still thinking about her making me finishing her off and I don’t feel that is lady like especially after all the O’s I give her). So she said meet me upstairs and when I got there she was in her undies already. so I stripped down to mine and we hugged for a minute and she said I wish you did not seem upset. I said I am not upset just anxious and nervous and she new it was because I would be thinking of that jack rabbit and also if we both did not make it together (like we have been this past year) I would be upset and blame it on her. knowing I was worried she immediately went down on me for quite a long time (for her anyway) and every thing was working perfect so we got right to it. it lasted about 20 minutes and we both finished together and was great. still going to take me a bit to forget about what she did on Monday night but this is a step in the right direction. Thinking about her past less and less but still think of it every day. the doc quadrupled my meds so maybe that is helping but it only has been a few days so we will see. Just to give you hope, I think time is the healer and we can’t keep re-living it with our wife (even if it is their fault) if we want to move ahead and forget and heal ourselves. Hope you are well. Me.

  245. heart ache says:

    J, and where have you been?

  246. J says:

    I here buddy, so glad to hear it went great. Bacn October when I first heard about this guy I was having an issue with performance anxity but I over came it quickly thank God.

    Hope all is well for you today.

  247. heart ache says:

    today has been good, thanking her for going down on me so long and she said I will complete next time since you loved it so much. we had a deal that she was supposed to do it 2-3 times a month since I do her 4-6 times a week but she complains it to hard to do it that long. I will take what I could get. feel much better today and her past is slowely fading. thanks and I hope we both keep feeling better. me.

  248. heart ache says:

    What do you know J, she had so much fun last night that she just texted me that she wants to go down on me tonight and spray her all over her face! Don’t know if she is feeling guilty or what but I will take it! Me.

  249. J says:

    Thats great I am so happy for you heartache. Keep up the good work.

    I on the other hand have not had sex in a few weeks lol. I spent the day thinking about if I should stay with her or not.

    I read some interesting stuff on line. I think I discovered I am a beta male. I also read that woman are very attracted to Alpha males. I also read that woman who do sexual stuff with one guy and wont do it with another don’t feel they have to do it with the easier going guy. That is me, very easy going, never complain. I guess she was way more attracted to him, and wanted to try harder to please him, that really hurts me knowing that. He must have been really something because I am very good looking, tall and have a decent penis that is above average in length and girth. She did say he was a professional model with a perfect body, so I guess I can’t get mad at her for being more physically attracted to him. My wife is very beautiful. She could have had any guy that I know and she chose me so this dude must have been rea something.

    So I spent my day at work feeling like a beta male. lol. I am still not over this but trying my hardest to keep my head up.

    The thing that sucks the most is not having that feeling of invincibility no more like I had when I thought I was the only one she ever loved. It also sucks that I know I will never view her like I once did. I will view her differently forever and it sucks because I worshipped her. Now she is more human to me and I don’t look at her the same. I actually feel sorry for her because I loved her so much and know I feel she lost something that was so special.

    Say a prayer for me that I can over this soon as it is going on 6 months and I still feel just as bad as I did day 1 hearing it.

  250. heart ache says:

    Wow, I thought you said things were going better J? you sound totally defeated. I really think you should go to some counseling. you can’t be thinking the worst case all the time of divorce as that would be much worse. I know you say you don’t want drugs but I don’t either and I take 5 different kinds (and 2 doctors) but if that is what it takes then so be it. it does not make you less of a man, it makes you more of a man that you are doing this for your wife and no one needs to know. My new mood stabilizer are helping a little right now but now all the way. Even after I new what she was going to do to me last night I came home a little depressed and she mentioned, I can’t believe you seem down when you know about what I am going to do for you later. I could not help it though as on my 45 minute drive home all I did was think about it. I guess it is just going to take some time and my counsilor was on vacation this week and I think he has been helping. I have asked him how I can forget this and he says you are not going to but you are able to forgive her and you will feel the same. so that is the angle I have been trying, trying, trying, to take as she is not a bad person, did not know me yet, and she had been doing everything she can to help. I just am not their yet but maybe you should be trying to forgive her (whether she thinks there is anything to forgive or not). At first my wife said F U, I did nothing wrong I was a kid who did what kids do, not she apologizes and says she wishes she could take it all back for me, and she would! I should be over this but I am not.

    on another note, after having sex on Wednesday I was not able to complete in her mouth so we had sex again instead and we both finished together (as usual). The only time I forget about it now is during sex but when I know I am not getting some, I start thinking about it again.

    Lift you head up brother, because no woman likes a pussy, not even mine, so the more you mope around the less attracted she will be. you need to go down on her 2-3 times a week to show her what kind of man you!!!!! I do it to my wife 3-5 times a week and gave her 9 “O’s” in 7 days a month or 2 ago. Keep being the man so you don’t lose her and eventually this will go away. Time, heals all brother, you just need to accept the you need more time. Talk soon, ME

  251. J says:

    thanks heartache. You’re right I am being a pussy. I need to stop moping around. Thanks, I needed that. I am going to try and focus on making her happy.

  252. heart ache says:

    Also, if you go down on her all the time, you will be twice the man that he was just make sure you lick the button good but also use a smaller than you dildo inside her, during the act or once she starts cumming, they like that. me.

  253. heart ache says:

    J, here I go again. you know how I told you that on Monday she was mean and told me to finish her off with that thing I did not want to use? Well she brought it up on Saturday accidentally and pissed me off again and I had an awful day. Saturday night she had a surprise party for me that she was thinking of canceling. at the end of the night I got pissed at her again and we did not talk the rest of the night and most of sunday. she did say sunday night she will go see my counsilor on Wednesday so maybe she will finally realize how hurt and sick I am.

  254. j says:

    im sorry to hear that your pissed but if she goes to the dr that is great.

  255. heart ache says:

    got into another fight yesterday through emails, then had sex last night and all was good. (never ending cycle) counselor tonight for both of us so I am scared now. I told him he should tell her how I feel but I don’t think he will? I think I am slowly forgetting though :)

  256. J says:

    Hey buddy, at least it seems your getting better. Let me know how it goes tonight. I have been feeling better too. I realized something. I think I was threatened when I heard the news. Threatened I could lose her. I have been researching some things about why we get jealous with our mates and I have learned some interesting things.

    Turns out that jealousy is like an alert siren in our brain that goes off when our territory feels threatened. It is all biological but my conscious don’t realize it. I am alerting myself to something that is not there. There is no threat of her leaving me for this guy and she has never gave me a reason to think she was ever unfaithful. So basically by biological brain is going off because I heard these stories and yet it happened 20 some odd years ago and posses no threat so basically my biological part in my brain is being mis-triggered.

  257. heart ache says:

    That is very informative J, I does make sense but I would like to turn the alarm off all together. but I am glad it is working for you buddy! the doc was OK yesterday, we had a double session and he spoke to my wife for an hour and then me for 30 minutes but he would not tell me about their discussions only that they both think this all stems from my mom and her death about 15 months ago when all this started. kind of makes sense because I was abused every which way but sexually by her and now that she is gone maybe I am taking it out on my wife since my mom is gone? but I don’t know because I would still be mad at some of the things she has done.

    I am feeling better everyday and he gave me a book to read about abused children and how it affects there life. He also just recommended a about insecurities and self-esteem and I don’t have the name with me but I can try and remember to call my wife around 4 and have her get the name of it and maybe you should read it as well. Doc said it would be a big help to me but who knows? but anything is worth trying if there is a chance we will feel better. if I forget make sure you remind me to get the name of it for you as you need to read it as well. So my wife is still at that “time” when she is not feeling great so I told her I would give her a full body message tonight. Even though there will be no happy ending for either of us it will still be fun because I love rubbing her naked body! Keep up the good fight buddy, and BTW my name is Dave.

  258. alexander macdonald says:

    I have been compulsively jealous of my wifes sexual past for 30 years.all attempts to eradicate it have failed.i have spoken to doctors,hypnotherapists,tried hypnosis,i have tried to be nice to my wife,s ex-boyfriend,and all things have failed.not a day goes by,without me imagining the sex they had together,what makes the situation unbearable,is my wife is a nice kind person.the person she slept with is a no-good waster,who only used her for his own sexual gratification.i wish I was writing here,that I was over it,but I know I,m not.i say hurtful things to my wife regarding her past,and regret them afterwards.i feel I have to take my anger,hurt ,and pain out on her.so cruel.

  259. heart ache says:

    I feel your pain Alex, I have been doing the same for the past 1.5 years but seeing new Docs now and taking new meds and it is slowly subsiding but will never be gone, for sure.

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