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Kirk Cameron – Virgin Until Age 20

March 18th, 2012 by

Sex within marriage is the only kind that’s truly fun and exciting — the kind that lasts for a lifetime. I’m glad I waited.

Kirk Cameron is one of the most famous openly-Christian actors in the world. He started as a young atheist on the hit show Growing Pains. Then after winning several awards and becoming a teen idol, he found religion and started creating movies about faith and family. A true evangelical Christian, Kirk Cameron waited on sex until he married his wife at age 20.

Disclaimer: I know Kirk Cameron perpetuates some negative stereotypes about people who wait. He’s a controversial figure (and personally, I think he’s kind of…easily impressionable). But here at we strive to make our collection of celebrities who wait as comprehensive as possible. Love him or hate him, he is a celebrity and he did wait until marriage to have sex. For that reason he has a place on this site. Please understand that context before flaming in the comment threads.

Interesting Facts about Kirk Cameron

Notable quotes about love and waiting

Sex within marriage is the only kind that’s truly fun and exciting — the kind that lasts for a lifetime. I’m glad I waited.

I’m not perfect in my walk but I want to do the right thing. I could have anything I wanted and if I didn’t have it, it was because I didn’t want it.

The Hollywood lifestyle was just overwhelming. A party here, an interview there, magazine and modeling shoots daily, your face everywhere and girls throwing themselves at you. As great as it felt at the time, I still felt something missing, and that I needed to change.

Sex is everywhere these days, and kids are becoming sexualized at younger and younger ages

We’ve been married for 17 years … and we have six children. So marriage is a very special and sacred thing to us. In a day and age where marriage is falling apart, we want to make movies and projects that really uphold and have a high view of that which is beautiful and wonderful in our culture.

When two people say ‘I do,’ they don’t realize that the falling in love experience is a euphoric time, that people fall in and out of love,” Cameron said. “Real love is about commitment and decision and promise.

Marriage takes hard work.

Love is a promise. It’s a room you go into where you learn how to serve someone else. And you don’t leave that room. You lock the door and throw away the key.

Marriage is not a contract. It’s a covenant. It’s sacred. It’s an absolute, all-out commitment for life.

Kirk Cameron’s Mini-Biography

Born: October 12, 1970 in the Panorama City area of Los Angeles to parents Robert Cameron, a retired school teacher, and Barbara Bausmith, a stay-at-home mom.

Age 9: Begins acting. His first job was in an advertisement for a breakfast cereal.

Age 10: Stars in the television series Two Marriages. At this age, he appeared in several television shows and films.

Age 14: Believes that there is no God. Laughs at religious people.

Age 15: Becomes famous after being casted as Mike Seaver in the ABC television show Growing Pains, where he meets costar Chelsea Noble, the girl he will someday marry. Nominated as Best Young Supporting Actor in a Daytime or Nighttime Drama, Two Marriages. Wins Best Young Actor Starring in a New Television Series for Growing Pains in 7th Annual Young Artist Awards.

Age 16: Wins Best Performance by a Younger Actor from 1987 Saturn Awards and Exceptional Performance by a Young Actor Starring in a Television Comedy or Drama Series from 8th Annual Young Artist Awards.

Age 17: Graduates from high school at age 17 with high honors. Cameron went on to star in many films, including 1987’s Like Father Like Son (a body-switch comedy with Dudley Moore), which was a box office success. Wins Young Artist Awards for Best Young Male Superstar in Television & Favorite Young TV Performer from 14th Annual People’s Choice Awards He was also nominated in 45th Golden Globe Awards for Best Supporting Actor in a Series, Miniseries or Television Film.

Age 18: Becomes a guest star in “Just One of the Guys,” a 1988 episode of Full House in which he played the cousin of D.J. Tanner, who was played by Cameron’s sister, Candace. He was nominated for Best Supporting Actor – Series, Miniseries or TV Film in 46th Annual Golden Globe Awards and won Favorite Young TV Performer in 15th Annual People’s Choice Awards.

Age 19: Wins Favorite TV Actor award for Growing Pains in 1990’s Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards.

Age 20: Cameron and his wife, fellow “Growing Pains” star Chelsea Noble, were married on July 21, 1991.

Age 30: Stars in a television reunion film, The Growing Pains Movie, in 2000.

Age 31: Aside from this, Cameron has often worked in Christian-themed productions, among them the post-Rapture films Left Behind trilogy, in which he plays Cameron “Buck” Williams.

Age 32: Stars in the second installment of the Left Behind trilogy, Left Behind II: Tribulation Force.

Age 33: Hosts “Way of the Master”, a Christian television ministry on TBN.

Age 34: Reunites with his Growing Pain co-starts in Growing Pains: Return of the Seavers in 2004. Ranks #19 in TV Guide’s list of “TV’s 25 Greatest Teen Idols” (January 2005 issue).

Age 35: Cameron reunites again with the cast of Growing Pains for a CNN Larry King Live in conjunction with the Warner Bros. release of the complete first season of Growing Pains on DVD. Stars in the last installment of the Left Behind trilogy, Left Behind III: World at War.

Age 36: Becomes composer for the production of The Magic 7 that was released in 2006.

Age 37: Cameron and Comfort participated in a televised debate with atheists Brian Sapient and Kelly O’Conner of the Rational Response Squad, at Calvary Baptist Church, in Manhattan, on May 5, 2007.

Age 38: Appears in the 2008 drama film, Fireproof, which was created on a budget of $500,000, with Cameron as the lead actor, portraying Captain Caleb Holt. Though it was a low-budget film, the film became the highest grossing independent film of 2008. Releases of his book, “Still Growing: An Autobiography” by Kirk with Lissa Halls Johnson. Along with his wife, he founded The Firefly Foundation, which runs Camp Firefly, a summer camp that gives terminally ill children and their families a free week’s vacation.

Age 39: Cameron and others distributed free copies of an altered version of Darwin’s On the Origin of Species on college campus in the United States. The book consisted of Darwin’s text with chapters of the book removed, and with an added introduction by Ray Comfort reiterating common creationist assertions about Darwin and evolution.

Age 41: Now a Christian Fundamentalist evangelist who is currently a partner in the evangelical Christian ministry The Way of the Master.


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46 Responses to “Kirk Cameron – Virgin Until Age 20”

  1. Sally says:

    Thanks Mike! Glad you liked my celeb suggestion 😉

  2. markb4 says:

    I admire the man for his rule of not kissing anyone else but his wife, regardless if he’s acting or not.

  3. Mike says:

    @Sally – Yeah thank you for suggesting him!

    @Markb4 – Yeah that was my favorite fact too. Totally hardcore lol.

  4. Olivier says:

    Thanks, Mike. Great addition to the celebs section. Like Mark said, I admire him for not kissing a woman other than his wife.

  5. Sally says:

    I really admire that he wont kiss anyone else. If my husband or myself acted I would do the same. I think thats really great and shows a lot if resoect for your spouse as well as reverance for marriage.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Nice article Mike

  7. DD says:

    Thanks for posting Mike!! I love how he won’t kiss anyone but his wife…that is so cool!

  8. Anonymous says:

    You need to get your facts straight first before making a statement like the one in your title.

  9. Mike says:

    @Anonymous – We made that statement based on the best facts we could find. If you have contradictory evidence, please present it and we will happily update the profile and the title.

  10. MARY says:

    wish I had waited. GOD BLESS YOU KIRK

  11. Evangeline says:

    This isn’t me ‘flaming’ anyone….
    But I just had to comment on the fact that this website, although promoting waiting for sex until marriage, it also makes it very clear that it in no way criticises anyone who does not do this. Based on recent comments, it seems that Kirk doesn’t really take these views and is not tolerant- at all. Just because someone waits for marriage doesn’t mean they belong on this website- shouldn’t you choose someone who people can look up to? I mean- this is an extreme example- but if Hitler waited for marriage, you wouldn’t put that up would you? You should look at someone’s personality and life as WELL as their ‘sex before marriage’ messages. “Love him or hate him, he’s a waiter, and for that reason he has a place on this site.”? Nah…

  12. Mike says:

    @Evangeline – That’s a really thought-provoking point. Thanks for posting it. Off the cuff, I’m not really sure what the answer should be. Personally I’m not a fan of Kirk Cameron’s, but I’m also more towards the liberal end of the WTM demographic, so that’s to be expected.

    Perhaps more conservative waiters-till-marriage will actually appreciate some of the same actions and statements that I dislike about him. I tend to be a little flexible in terms of where I draw the line, ideologically, on who gets featured. I try to compensate for my own biases, both to be considerate to more conservative waiters, and in case I’m wrong. :p

    Still, I did find one or two things to like about Kirk Cameron as I was putting together his life story for this article. For example, I thought that bit about him using his wife as a body double for kissing scenes in movies was kind of neat. If I was a movie Director, I would consider that silly and I probably wouldn’t hire him. But it was a neat idea that appealed my inner WTMer. It’s little, relatable facts like those that to me justify the profile’s place here.

    Also, our Celebrities section is not meant to be a list of “heroes” (well, not completely). It also serves a secret second purpose: When somebody is feeling alone about their decision to wait until marriage, they often won’t just straight-up Google “waiting till marriage support group.” They won’t think to check for such a thing, usually.

    Instead, in their lonliness, they’ll try to think of somebody else who is waiting. The most available images will often be celebrities. So their brain might do this: “Urgh, nobody waits anymore. Hey, wasn’t [celebrity] a virgin for a while?”

    That’s what there first cry for help will be: a google search on “[celebrity X] virgin”. So our Celebrity section is not just about giving waiters a hero; it’s about predicting the first celebrity that will come to mind when they get lonely, so they can find us and feel better.

    Finally, you made one (understandable) error in your interpretation: This site doesn’t promote waiting for sex until marriage. It validates waiting for sex until marriage. In that context, quantity is as important as quality when it comes to showcasing Celebrities.

    My mission with this site isn’t to say “Hey everybody! Wait until marriage because it’s great and right!.” My mission is to find people who are thinking “Nobody is waiting but me.” and say “You’re wrong; there are tons of people waiting, and you’re not silly/stupid/naive for choosing to.”

    So those are all my reasons for putting this profile up. But your point is still very well taken, and I’m going to have to think about it.

    Thanks again for the comment!

  13. Thankful says:

    I am ever grateful to The Lord for continuing to work His way in this generation, especially through personal testimonies such as Kirk’s, that His Word may be brought across to everybody, regardless of race, backgrounds, age, culture, that salvation n forgiveness is only possible through Jesus Christ! Soli Deo Gloria!

  14. Rocco says:

    Evangeline – I respectfully disagree. Political correctness and wishy-washiness can only go so far.

    I’m tired of people being shunned or slammed b/c of their conservative beliefs, and I applaud this website for having the guts to feature someone like Kirk. You said it yourself, this site does not condemn or look down upon people who wait, but that doesn’t mean that someone like Kirk shouldn’t be featured. Why doesn’t Kirk “fit” here? Because he doesn’t go out of his way to spare people’s feelings? If a celeb hasn’t raped, beaten, or killed any1, or doesn’t display any other morally reprehensible trait, I say bring em on.

    What many people don’t understand is that people who practice abstinence represent a diverse demographic. Kirk Kameron is going to appeal to a certain demographic. There’s somone out there who practices abstinence, who may be feeling down about it, but who will find inspiration through Kirk. Just as some1 else will find inspiration through Rebecca or A.C. Greene

    There’s some celeb(s) on this site that I don’t care too much for either. However, I put that aside b/c I realize “that” celeb can make a certain person’s day.

  15. Jake Towe says:

    What a douche. I am neither religious nor gay. But what a douche.

  16. Cheryl says:

    Waiting until marriage is a personal choice. Not waiting until marriage is a personal choice. Personal choices should be respected, but sometimes can be regretted by the person who made the decision at the time. Personally, I regret my choice not to wait, but was listening to the wrong voices at the time. My own mistake. Thank goodness there are people who step up and talk about their decision to wait, and that can give empowerment for others to be confident when trying to decide. There is hope for those who regret having sex before marriage. They can choose to rededicate themselves to be abstinent in future relationships. God forgives those who confess and rely on Him for the strength to change past behavior.

  17. steve b says:

    I am truly thankful to God because this is a real example Thatany Teen can abstain from Sex before marriage. I can count on one hand how many people or teens done this in Hollywood. this should be praised in’s true we all have personal decisions that we make but there is a right and A wrong decision every situation.

  18. Robert Flores says:

    What a flicking idiot.

  19. Robert Flores says:

    I obviously said something else.

  20. Darlene says:

    Thank you Kirk!!! I am so thankful that you are being used as a tool from God to spread His word!
    Keep doing what you are doing, and try to disregard all the nonsense some people throw your way, and we can pray that they will come to know the truth soon. You are an amazing role model for young men, men and women as well. Thank you again.
    God Bless you

  21. Came Kirkroon says:

    The question is “Was Chelsea Noble virgin till they married?”

  22. Jen says:

    Believing and worshipping God is one thing but Kirk Cameron is a friggin goody goody! He probably has impure thoughts about women other than his wife and masturbates twice a day like every other man!

  23. shiraz says:

    How can you say the best sex is marriage sex when you did not have premarital sex?

    Ex Christian

  24. Patrick says:

    Casted, really? He became famous after being casted. The e and the d are not necessary.

  25. m.j. says:

    you’re a real hole kirk,a self righteous bigot.real classy getting and “christ like” getting Julie McCullough fired beacuse of a centerfold.btw i am not a christian so i will be judgemental to a two bit punk like yourself

  26. margierosie says:

    Very admirable. Deserving of his place on this site. Kirk was portrayed as a clean cut, we’ll behaved, if you will, boy. I would be period if I were his mom, grandma, sister, wife. Let there be more boss like him in this crazy world of ours. And today, I’ve learned he’s a conservative as well. Looming forward to your new movie Kirk.

  27. margierosie says:

    Very proud not period.

  28. margierosie says:

    I hate auto correct as my phone shows what I typed until I submit. Then it changes. And there’s no edit. Sorry for the typos Kirk.

  29. PTL says:

    Shiraz and others: I admire Kirk for not having to make a comparison and also for not having to rate who was good, better, best, or even worse. What a dilemma for so many; not a problem for Kirk! He is able to focus on true love, his one and only one lover, his wife. I wish that I could say the same; I truly appreciate Kirk Cameron.

  30. Machiste says:

    If my wife was Chelsea Noble I wouldn’t want to kiss anyone else.

  31. Ayo says:

    Well done Kirk Cameron, you are a role model indeed!

  32. Suzel says:

    Hey Mike! I watched your show Growing Pains while growing up lol! I even watch it now! Thanks for being on the show and for being an inspiration! I have all three of the published seasons on DVD, but I hope WB makes more! It was fun and very wholesome to watch and you were a hot number back then and I’m glad your marriage has lasted all this time! Thanks also for being an mentor/role model for young adults today!

    -Sue from Irvine, CA

  33. Robin says:

    Kirk is very obviously mentally ill, and those who criticize him should be pitying him.

  34. Cassie says:

    Actually, this article isn’t accurate. In Kirk’s own autobiography he states that he lost his virginity while in his teens to someone who guest acted on the show. Chelsea also wasn’t a virgin when they married. She was John Stamos’ ex-girlfriend.

  35. Rachel says:

    Kirk Cameron did not wait until he he was married to have sex, he admits as much. He was a famous teen idol that had not yet found God, his wife is six years older than him and she did not wait either. Honestly I felt at the time they married he was a young boy being seduced and manipulated by a more worldly and experienced woman, but obviously they have a marriage built on a strong foundation because here they are all these years later. That is something to be admired.

  36. Saffy says:

    i strongly commend kirk’s wait till marriage.. d part i dnt agree with is he getting married to a much older woman.

  37. sp says:

    He sounds totally o.t.t.

  38. Anonymous says:

    Que bueno que hombres como kirt tomaron la decisión de guardaese en santidad para el matrimonio y llevar en homrra su matrimonio

  39. Kelly Bolio says:

    My parents were not celebrities, but they waited until they were married and were married for “71” years and had 13 children!!!! Last year on July 4th 2015 my Mom passed away, 19 days later my Dad passed away he just couldn’t live without my Mom!! They were and will always be my heroes, I am the youngest girl I have a younger brother, no this may have nothing to do with this site but I wanted to share a little about their life with anyone who wants to listen, I am so proud and so Blessed to me having the most Amazing parents in the World, I miss and love them every day and so Proud to be a loving , caring person because of them, Proud to be a Bolio!!!!

  40. Donna says:

    The only thing on here that really bothers me is that he got someone fired off growing pains because of his religious beliefs,that i don’t agree with, no one has the right to push their beliefs on anyone else,let alone get them fired because you don’t agree with their lifestyle.just plain wrong

  41. Lauren says:

    U go Kirk!!!!!!!!!

  42. Mary says:

    Kirk Cameron has been the first to say he’s not perfect. But he’s not self-righteous, he just believes in God and the Bible and speaks the truth about them. He and his wife are wonderful role models for this next generation of kids who need to find that there is absolute truth in this world. Everything is not based on “it may be right (wrong) for you, but it’s OK (not OK) for me.” Some things ARE black and white and you can say they’re not, but you will become scarred by the results of living like that, which is tragic! Love your stand for the Lord, Kirk and Chelsea!

  43. Kent says:

    I found this site after searching Kirk Cameron, after hearing him on Focus On The Family talk radio show. I think it’s a great thing you are doing here. I did not wait for my first wife, but I sought forgiveness, forgave myself, waited 6 years, and then remarried.. And we waited. And it was worth it!

  44. […] Kirk Cameron – Virgin Until Age 20 | – Kirk Cameron is the most famous Christian actor in the world. A true evangelical Christian, he waited on sex until he married his wife at age 20. […]

  45. Blablabla says:

    Why does when anyone fuck make you happy. If god id so obsessed with sex something is wrong.

  46. Kim says:

    Wow. Haters. Why are you even reading on this site? Oh yea, so you can have something or somebody to hate on. It’s bullying 101. And through all that, Jesus loves you.

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