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LeeLee Sobieski – Virgin Until Age 26

May 11th, 2011 by

I guess 26 is kind of old to lose your virginity, but it was important to me that I remained a virgin until after I was married. It wasn’t for any religious reasons or anything like that, but simply because, to me, my virginity was the most precious gift that I could ever give to a man, and I wanted to be sure I was giving it to the right man.

LeeLee Sobieski is not an actress; She is a writer, a painter, and a director who got pulled into acting for a little bit. She is known by her peers as being sweet, grounded, and highly, highly intelligent.

Born with a powerful mind and artistic soul, LeeLee has stuck to her own path in her career as well as her personal life, never wavering far from the vision she had for herself when she was a child to create, and to make her mark on the world.

While other young stars partied, LeeLee studied and read and painted. She didn’t do drugs, she didn’t watch MTV, she didn’t chase rock stars. Today, at only 28, LeeLee is already easing out of acting, and preparing to step behind the camera to start writing and directing, which is what she always wanted to do in the first place.


Born: June 10, 1982 in New York City to Elizabeth and Jean Sobieski, a writer and a painter who are deeply in love (and remain married to this day).

Ages 0-10: LeeLee has a happy, cultured childhood, spent in New York, with frequent visits to France with her parents and extended family. Although they were not particularly wealthy, LeeLee’s parents wanted her and her brother see the great artistic achievements of the world. A true idealist, young LeeLee dreams of becoming a writer like or mother, or a painter like her father.

Age 11: While eating lunch in her elementary school cafeteria, she is approached by a talent scout who’s trying to cast the role of Claudia for Interview with the Vampire. He hands her a card and asks her to come to his casting office with her parents.

Young LeeLee’s interest is peaked. She’d never considered acting before, but it sounds appealing (especially since her father is an actor). She almost lands the role of Claudia in Interview with the Vampire, but loses narrowly to Kirsten Dunst. But she made a big enough impression on the casting directory that she soon lands her first acting role in the TV movie Reunion.

Age 13: Cast for the leading child role in A Horse for Danny (she plays Danny)

Age 14: First appearance in a mainstream sitcom on an episode of Grace Under Fire. In that same year, she gets her first first recurring character role as Jenny Grace in Charlie Grace (daughter of the main character, Charlie).

Age 15: First role in a major motion picture (Jungle 2 Jungle).

Age 16: Achieves wider fame with role in the asteroid blockbuster Deep Impact, where she plays Elija Wood’s girlfriend.

Age 17: Wins an Emmy for her performance as Joan D’Arc in the TV Movie Joan of Arc. She jokes that for the first time, Joan D’Arc (a virgin) will be played by an actress who is actually a virgin. Offered the role of the popular girl in “Never Been Kissed” with Drew Barrymore, but turns it down says she’d rather play the math nerd instead.

Age 19: After several more memorable supporting movie roles, she lands her first starring role in a major movie as Rudy Baker in the excellent thriller Glass House.

Age 26: Marries boyfriend Matt Davis in a secret wedding, something goes horribly wrong, and within a few months she has filed for divorce. In the wake of the Matt Davis catastrophe, she meets fashion designer Adam Kimmel and quickly falls in love.

Age 27-28: After officially announcing that they are dating in January, seven months later Leelee and Adam Kimmel are in engaged. She soon gives birth to daughter in December. She marries Adam officially the following August. Her brief marriage to Matt Davis is all but forgotten. In every article, on every website, and in every interview in the years since, only Adam Kimmel is mentioned and recognized as LeeLee’s only love. And for all it matters now, he is.

Interesting Facts about LeeLee

  1. “LeeLee” is just a nickname she was given as a child. Her full name is Liliane Rudabet Gloria Elsveta, but (in her own words) “[Liliane] was a little too serious and formal for a little girl. So they called me Leelee.”
  2. She is the great, great, great, great niece of King John III Sobieski, king of Poland.
  3. She sometimes paints with her father. They will each take one side of the canvas, and try to pain pictures that meet in the middle and still maintain cohesiveness.

What her peers say about her.

Leelee is smart, but, like, way smart. –Michael O’Keefe, actor in The Glass House

I cast LeeLee because because all the other actresses weren’t thinking. –Stanley Kubrick

[LeeLee is] a woman-child who combines intensely analytical intelligence and sophistication with a dewy face and voluptuous body –Los Angeles Magazine

I’m crazy about her. I know it sounds funny coming from an old guy talking about a younger woman, but when you spend time with Leelee, age doesn’t hang around for very long. Pretty soon you’re engaged and having a conversation, and it’s just like two adults talking. Then her parents show up and take her home, and you go, “Oh, that’s right.” –Albert Brooks

24 Responses to “LeeLee Sobieski – Virgin Until Age 26”

  1. Maqsood Hussain says:

    Respected LeeLee, yours message like a writer and you also writer, but one thing that do every work is in time is good. Thanks

  2. MarriedAt19For29YearsStill says:

    I really like LeeLee Sobieski as an actress, but I’m not sure she makes the best example for you. She may have waited for her first marriage, but your own story makes it pretty clear that she didn’t continue that trend. Or is it ok as long as you’ve been married once? Maybe I don’t understand the point of the website. Is is just wait until you’re initiall marreid to have sex, or to abstain from sex outside of marriage?

  3. ThatGuy says:

    Hello Married at 19,

    Thanks for your constructive criticism. I think the cool thing is that LeeLee waited and she’s not religious.

    Anyway, we might have an “About Us” page coming soon which will incorporate a mission and vision statement which will help our community as well as others understand the “point” of this site.

  4. lezah says:

    she mentioned “I wanted to be sure I was giving it to the right man.” Then after a few months she filed for divorce……what tha!

  5. Danilo "Danny" Patubo jr. says:

    Im Happy For You.

  6. Danilo "Danny" Patubo jr. says:

    Stay In Love Don’t Fall Out Of Love. Silence is the Key.

  7. Danilo "Danny" Patubo jr. says:

    Age 0 – 36 Still “A Poor Boy”. A song and very insightful.

  8. Ragulose says:

    Danny you need to grow up people are not perfect that goes for MarriedAt19For29YearsStill things happen and people change.

    Stay In Love Don’t Fall Out Of Love. Silence is the Key. You need to talk to the people in your life to have an successful relationship.

    lezah people make the wrong choice in spouses all the time and the one you marry may have a great surface personality but can change to the real self latter.

    This person has done good for herself and if you look at most of the actors now you need to give her a break and look at your own life and see all the screw ups in it.

    stop judging others

  9. kaz daco says:

    RaguLose I’m with you on this one 🙂 Caught the words right out of
    my mouth . Very weLL said . I Love Leelee ♥♥♥

  10. Julie Howard says:

    Lee Lee, the world loses a great actress if you walk out too soon. I am a plus size singer, who has thought of leaving the music world every so often, but never have. I am now teaching voice and still making a living performing. I have figured out that I have been put on this earth to do what I’m doing. You are one of my favorite actresses. Do whatever your heart tells you to.

  11. mykids4fun says:

    LeeLee, is so beautiful inside & out! Amazing young woman; great rolemodal for many!

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  13. […] LeeLee Sobieski – Virgin Until Age 26 | WaitingTillMarriage …May 11, 2011 – Mini-Biography … January, seven months later Leelee and Adam Kimmel are in engaged. … She marries Adam officially the following August. […]

  14. […] LeeLee Sobieski – Virgin Until Age 26 | WaitingTillMarriage …May 11, 2011 – Age 27-28: After officially announcing that they are dating in January, seven months later Leelee and Adam Kimmel are in engaged. She soon … […]

  15. […] LeeLee Sobieski – Virgin Until Age 26 | WaitingTillMarriage …May 11, 2011 – Mini-Biography … she meets fashion designer Adam Kimmel and quickly falls in love. … She marries Adam officially the following August. […]

  16. Hb says:

    She was born on 1983. You have reported wrong.

  17. Jon Tee says:

    I’m pleased that Leelee wanted to wait until her marriage day and espouses her virginity as a ‘gift to her husband’. The first time a person has sex induces a chemical change in the body by releasing oxytocin which binds the one person to the other in a strange emotional way. This is medical fact and part of the reason why ‘you always remember your first time’. Well done, lass; I wish others would do the same!

  18. Gaetano says:

    I really have sincere athentic truthfull esentiments about this girl since she played Joan of Arc

  19. zolfagr says:

    you are great Woman.

  20. Anonymous says:

    Waited till 26. Gave it up and got divorced. No gift for 2nd hubby. Lol

  21. Temperance says:

    Uhm she lost her virginity to her first husband Matt Davis..who by the way is if that is true the chemical binding theory then LeeLee and Matt should still be together…while I am glad she found her soul mate she definitely traded down on that one!

  22. Signs of the times says:

    Thanks for sharing the article! Always great to see someone waiting until marriage and treating their virginity as a precious gift which it is. Throughout civilized society for many centuries, any person who slept with another outside of marriage was considered a vulgar, cheap, and corrupt individual and society looked downward upon them. About four decades ago, such irresponsible behavior became the new ‘norm’ as the sexual 1960s destroyed all sense of love, responsibility, civility, family values and societal norms. By the 1970s, people admired someone who had waited until they were married, because virgins were considered more disciplined and respected. Today, the normal way of life, nay, the exalted and applauded way of life are the vulgar, cheap, irresponsible and corrupt people who sleep together before marriage and who often charge their bills for the same to the tax system which the American people willingly pay. And the virgins are scorned. Can the world survive such reprobate, corrupt people? I think I hear the sound of judgment like rain clouds forming. Your article shows that LeeLee was indeed smart, because she understand the whole cat/mouse game and what keeps true love fresh and alive. True love is far more beautiful and joyous and precious than cheap sex, and she’s smart enough to get this in a world where most today are clueless.

  23. Anna says:

    @HB No YOU are the one who is WRONG. She was born in 1982. IN fact she even confirms that she is 17 in an interview in 1999!!

  24. MyName says:

    @Anna there is another interview :))

    – Anything you want to set the record straight on?
    – I needed to correct you on my birthday. You actually believe I’m a year older than I am. At the time, Stanley Kubrik was only seeing girls who were 14 for the role I ended up playing for Eyes Wide Shut.
    – So you were born in 83 then, no 82.
    – Correct.


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