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Megan Alexander “Comes Out” as a Waiter-till-Marriage

May 4th, 2014 by

Megan Alexander: Virgin until she got married.

For me, saving oneself for marriage is not just about sex. It is a manifestation of a bigger decision to make in your approach to marriage, placing a high value on your own self-worth and a commitment to be a great parent and spouse.

Megan Alexander is the host of Inside Edition who recently “came out” as a waiter-till-marriage. As you read through the short biography on Megan we’ve compiled here, you’ll notice that the ambition, willpower, and compassion for others that underlies many waiters is particularly pronounced in Megan (who’s been an over-achiever since age 5, and is on the board of directors for the nonprofit Girls, Inc.).

Catch Megan on Inside Edition, and enjoy all her great quotes about waiting!

Helpful link: Inside Edition air times by city.

Bonus video link: Megan Alexander parodies Rebecca Black’s Friday music video.

Video of her “coming out” show…

The reason I wanted to do the magazine and then do the story on our show [is that] young people are faced with an incredible level of pressure to get involved sexually very young.

Quotes about waiting till marriage…

People think that if you are a virgin or saving yourself for marriage, you are old-fashioned and out of touch. We live in a world where the value of marriage is looked upon not as a lifetime commitment but as a contract that always has an out.

Brian, her husband: I think that by waiting we developed, you know, a really great friendship. We focused on other things in our dating life. When we got married, we were truly best friends.

Most people are surprised that I decided to remain a virgin until I was married. I am reminded every day in my industry just how unpopular this decision is.

We waited until our wedding night to be together.

[waiting] was really important to us because it couldn’t just be my decision to wait until our wedding night. It needed to be our decision.

Well, life is not a fairy tale, and I think a lot of people think, okay, so you waited until you’re married. Your wedding night is going to be amazing, right? Wrong! Brian interjects: Things are going GREAT now in that department, for the record.

Today’s society has lost the original meaning of what God intended sex to be — an extremely intimate almost spiritual act that bonds you with someone’s heart, soul, mind and emotions. I want to share that with the one.

Saving yourself is just one aspect of it.

Mini Biography


Age 5: While touring a radio station with her kindergarten class, her teacher volunteers her to say something into a live microphone. She cracks up the radio staff and the listeners, and impressed the DJs with her comfort performing on the air.

Age 12: Enters the American Coed Pageant.  Wins Miss Washington Pre-Teen Coed.

Teenage years

Making the decision to wait until marriage.

One day in high school, while hanging out with her close group of friends, she looked at each them and suddenly pictured her guy friends as husbands, and all her girl friends as wives. She realized then that every guy friend of hers would one day be someone’s husband, and all of her girl friends would be someone’s wife, and that she would one day be somebody’s wife.

This brief moment of wistful extrospection completely changed her outlook on dating, and soon after inspired her to wait until marriage to have sex. She still dated and had fun, but also focused on treating people with respect and kindness, and on getting to know people well. She laid out her boundaries clearly and tried to date guys who respected her decision to wait.

College Years

Professional Life

Age 28: Hired as a reporter for Inside Edition. Moves to New York in the fall. Marries her childhood friend Bryan Cournoyer. They now have one child together, named Chase.

Quotes about waiting till marriage

On their marriage …

I can say with all honesty that Brian is the best I’ve ever had!

We were very good friends. We were best friends by the time we got married.

There’s no out in our wedding contract.

God gave me the biggest gift when he brought my husband, Brian, into my life. We are a team; he has my back, I have his. We try to fight the battle that culture wages against marriage by focusing and working on our own marriage. As I have found, awaiting and finding the right partner can be one of God’s great gifts to us.”

If you value it, you will approach it carefully and respectfully. Marriage is hard enough in this world. I wanted to enter into this sacred and priceless covenant the best way that I knew how. That meant working on myself and treating others as I would want to be treated.

Brian on their marriage…

I was not a virgin. I was kind of finding myself a little bit and redefining who I was. And I made that decision, I’m going to stop now and I’m going to wait now, until marriage.

By waiting, we developed just really a great friendship,” he said. “You know, we focused on other things in our dating life.

That’s the point for us. We want people to lay out the foundation for a long marriage.”

Learn more about Megan Alexander

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