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Motivational Speaker Nick Vujicic Waited Until Marriage

March 24th, 2013 by

Nick Vujicic and his wife waited

Nick Vujicic hasn’t let a little thing like having no arms and no legs stop him from achieving his dreams. His life story has inspired millions of young people all over the world. A Christian evangelist, star of the award-winning short film The Butterfly Circus, and director of his own non-profit organisation, Nick is also a successful waiter-till-marriage.

Quotes about waiting and marriage…

From Nick’s 2010 DVD No Arms, No Legs, No Worries!

The choices are yours…I made a choice to keep my virginity until I’m married…Because it’s proof beyond words that my wife was worth waiting for.

I want to talk about my wife. I’m not married. I don’t know who my wife is yet. Right? That’s okay. I know she’s coming. That’s fine. She’s coming.

How he met his wife…

My wife Kanae and I fell in love at the top of a Bell Tower in McKinney, Texas at the “Adriatica.” […] Fireworks were in our minds and hearts when our eyes connected that night… and for the rest of the story, get the book.

Nick on Kanae…

She is my best friend, and I adore her.  She has unimaginable grace, love, patience and meekness.  She is such a focused and gentle giver.  We are hoping to have children in a few years, but you never know what the Lord wants.

Kanae on Nick…

To me it wasn’t any different falling in love with Nick, I fell in love with him the way he is now. Because I had dated other guys and I had gone for the physical, and you know, but I was tired of that, and the moment I met Nick I was looking for other things, and all those things I found them in him. So that’s when I felt like wow, he’s not only boyfriend material, but he’s like – he could be my husband.

Interesting facts about Nick…

Mini Biography

Born: 4th of December 1982 to  Borris and Dushka Vujicic.

Age 1: At 18 months old, his dad begins to teach him to swim.

Childhood: His parents decide not to send him to a special school, despite the risk of him being teased and bullied at a regular school. His parents’ decision was hard for him but Nick now considers this as the best decision they could have made for him.

Age 6: Starts learning to type using his toe with the help of his father.

Age 8: Is deeply depressed, often crying to his mum and telling her he wants to kill himself. He hates God for making him that way and feels terrified of what would happen if his parents weren’t there to look after him.

Age 10: Decides to drown himself in the bath, but  doesn’t go through with it out of love for his parents. Throughout the rest of his childhood, he battles with loneliness and depression but credits his faith in God as well as his family and the people who encouraged him for his passion, strength, and victory over his struggles.

Age 12: Elected captain of his school and worked with the student council on fundraising events for local charities and disability campaigns.

Age 13: Reads a newspaper article about a disabled man who had managed to achieve great things and help others. He realises that God had made them in that way to give hope to others. Nick decides to use his life to inspire and encourage others.

Age 17: Starts giving talks at a church group and starts his own non-profit organisation, Life Without Limbs.

Age 19: Speaks at his first major event. This will jump-start his career, and lead to hundreds of different events, speaking to children, students, teachers and businessmen all over the world.

Age 21: Graduates from Griffith University with a double major in accountancy and financial planning.

Age 22: Nick is nominated for the Young Australian of the Year Award.

Age 23: Films a motivational DVD, Life’s Greater Purpose, a short documentary highlighting his home life and regular activities.

Age 25: Travels to Hawaii and meets surfing master Bethany Hamilton, who had her arm bitten off by a shark when she was 12. Here, Nick  learns how to surf.  He also learns how to do three 360 degree spins on his board – a feat which gets him on the cover of Surfer magazine within 48 hours.

Age 27: His first book, Life Without Limbs: Inspiration for a Ridiculously Good Life  is published. He stars in the short film The Butterfly Circus, which won the Doorpost Film Project’s top prize of 2009.

Age 28: Gets engaged to girlfriend, Kanae Miyahara.

Age 29:  Marries Kanae on 12th of February 2012 and settles into their home, an hour north of Los Angeles, California.

Age 30: Nick and Kanae’s first son, Kiyoshi James Vujicic, is born 13th February 2013.

Age 32: Their second son, Dejan Levi Vujicic, is born 7th August 2015.


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91 Responses to “Motivational Speaker Nick Vujicic Waited Until Marriage”

  1. Sophie says:

    A very inspirational story!!! 🙂 🙂

  2. Vie says:

    Wow!!!! Such an awesome and inspirational love story!!!! <3 Thank you for the fabulous find!

  3. April says:

    This is so beautiful and inspiring :’) God works in mysterious ways. I’m so happy for Nick that he is leading a great life and found love.

  4. John says:

    I’m pleased he’s found happiness, but that doesn’t negate the fact there is no god.

  5. Jegsy Scarr says:

    @John: I’m sorry, what? That’s not a fact. Don’t try to pass off your opinion as fact without giving any evidence. Also, what the heck even made you say that? That’d be like me going to some article about baby turtles being released into the sea, and commenting, “Yeah, that’s a cute story, and I’m glad those baby turtles are all happy, but the fact is that those turtles will all be dead in a couple of months when they get caught in fishing nets.”


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  7. Grclee says:

    How do you know there is no God? I’ve met so many people who have found their God. Probably you haven’t done enough research or sought your God enough. Hope you understand what Nick tries to tell people. In the Bible, it says Spirit is like wind. You can’t see it but you can feel it and see the effect of it. Spirit is something you can’t touch easily, but if you open up your heart and try to find one, you will find it. Then you will understand this whole spiritual journey, God thing and His plan for you.

  8. fati says:

    hi nicc I like you i com from iran

    i love you nich

  9. fati says:

    hi nick I like you i com from iran i 16 old

    i love you nick

    من شبیه تو هستم خیلی خوشحالم که با تو آشنا شدم نیک تو فوق العاده ای

  10. Marvo says:

    My God is able/awesome, He can move mountains, keep me in the valley hide me from the rain!! HE IS JUST AWESOME and worthy to be praised

  11. Gin says:

    TO John: You’ll know for sure there is God on your death bed.

    To Nick: You surely give God the highest glory by living the precious life that He graciously gave to you. May God bless you even more.

  12. chien says:

    you are number one

  13. mary says:

    Nick your very admirable…godbless us all

  14. surae says:

    So inspiring nick!u just made me realize how priviledged iam but takes things for granted.God is truely faithful guyz!

  15. WanderingWashingtonian says:

    I had no idea who Nick Vujicic was until he turned out to be the keynote speaker one night at the Creation Northwest festival I attended last year. I had gone to see a few of my favorite bands, but his testimony stood out to me more than any of the music that night. He is an excellent speaker; he had me laughing one minute and crying the next. He has a tremendous ability to inspire others. I really appreciate all that he does in helping people feel valuable and encouraging others to make their lives meaningful.

  16. Detee says:

    Thank you Nick.

  17. Polina says:

    Beautiful and inspirational story. Best wishes in your awesome journey;)

  18. Makoma says:

    Whenever i think of u Nick..The word blssd comes to my mind.I thank GOD for u.U r a true inspiration.I am more than blessd

  19. Vicky Pinehas, Namibia says:

    Nick you inspired me so much, may your life prosper in Jesus name. I wish you all the best in your entire life, God bless.

  20. Nigatu says:

    God bless u Nick! You are man of God!!!

  21. gabriella enny,indonesia says:

    Incredible story,Nick! I showed ur videos n told ur life story to my daughter.n these strenghtened her faith 2 God.How we should thank 2 Jesus for whatever He’s done in our life is GOOD in His time.

  22. catta says:

    sounds like you are talking about some imaginary friend when you say “my god is amazing, he can move mountains etc”. Its amazing how dilluded some people are. I feel sorry for you.

  23. catta says:


  24. catta says:

    no god gave us life, its called evolution. we are just multicellular organisms that have adapted over a long period of time. we reproduce and give our young life, like mitosis- one parent cell splits into two daughter cells, we reproduce to survive as a population.
    the earth started as an uninhabitable anoxic environment, but changed to oxic when bacteria started using sunlight and carbon doxide from the environment for photosynthesis, and so oxygen started collecting as a byproduct. This oxygen allowed for the formation of the ozone layer, which protected organisms from damaging UV light and enabled living things to evolve and colonise on the land. They became more complex and were able to respire.
    If god is the ultimate creater of life and everything on earth etc. who made god? and did god make the universe and space?
    The universe is vast and infinate and unexplainable. God is an easy solution to questions that have no answer. “God” gives you made up answers. lol.
    We- humans are so so so insignificant. everyone needs to absorb that and just move on. when we die, it is the end of our lives- duh and our bodies are just organic matter that gets absorbed into the soil.
    What soul? is that just a term for our minds? where thinking goes on? so then that would be our brains… THATS WHAT YOU MEAN- our brains go to heaven??? what. no. they decay and go back into the soil and get eaten by decomposers. the end, when there is no blood being pumped around the body by the heart, then the cells get no oxygen and they die, so when the brain gets no oxygen it obviously dies and has no more function- no more thoughts, nothing.
    To all those god-lovers, i say grow up and face the facts. yolo.

  25. Jegsy Scarr says:

    @catta: “It’s amazing how deluded some people are. I feel sorry for you.”

    Well, that’s a very condescending attitude. To whom are you referring when you say “some people”? Was Albert Einstein “deluded”? Thomas Aquinas? Martin Luther King Jr? Were all of these men “deluded” because they believed in God? Do you feel sorry for them?

    I’m confused by your next two paragraphs about evolution and the development of the earth. Do you think that all religious people deny science? I’m Catholic, and I have no problems believing in evolution. I also believe in photosynthesis and the ozone layer, and I’m not exactly sure why you brought that up. Evolution doesn’t disprove the existence of God. Evolution can explain the way lifeforms have developed over time, but it can’t explain how those lifeforms came to exist in the first place.

    “If god is the ultimate creator of life and everything on earth etc. who made god? and did god make the universe and space?”

    1. Nobody created God, because “God” by definition is that “first cause” which does not require another cause for existence. If something else had to create God, then He’s no longer the first cause. I recommend the website where you’ll find a deeper explanation.
    2. Yes, God made the universe and space. Again, you’ll find a deeper explanation on that site, where there’s a section on cosmology.

    “The universe is vast and infinite and unexplainable. God is an easy solution to questions that have no answer. “God” gives you made up answers. lol.”

    Just because the existence of the universe is not yet fully explainable or understandable (I wouldn’t call it completely “unexplainable”) doesn’t mean there are “no answers”. So if no one knows the answer to something, that means there is no answer? As for “made up” answers, I’ve always found the atheist explanation for the universe to be strangely unscientific: that the entire universe just “happened” to exist, for no reason at all. All of the planets, stars, and lifeforms – including intelligent life – simply popped into existence. All of the matter and energy in the universe came from nothing. Apparently, even though we know that there is cause and effect, the entire universe somehow came into existence without a cause, and continues to exist without being sustained by something outside of itself.

    And when religious people suggest that God created the universe, suddenly we’re the irrational ones.

    “We- humans are so so so insignificant. everyone needs to absorb that and just move on. when we die, it is the end of our lives- duh and our bodies are just organic matter that gets absorbed into the soil.”

    Why should we “absorb that and just move on”? What evidence do you have that proves humans are insignificant, unimportant, meaningless? “Insignificant” to whom? Certainly, humans are meaningful to other humans. We matter to animals and plants, too, who are below us. So to whom are we insignificant? Who exists above humanity that would find us insignificant? Certainly, to theists, God exists above humanity, and thankfully, He doesn’t consider us to be insignificant.

    “What soul? is that just a term for our minds? where thinking goes on? so then that would be our brains… THATS WHAT YOU MEAN- our brains go to heaven??? what. no. they decay and go back into the soil and get eaten by decomposers. the end, when there is no blood being pumped around the body by the heart, then the cells get no oxygen and they die, so when the brain gets no oxygen it obviously dies and has no more function- no more thoughts, nothing.”

    Again, I’m confused by this paragraph. First you ask, “Is ‘soul’ another term for ‘mind'”, and then without waiting for an answer, you go on to explain that the mind can’t be the soul, because it’s just the brain, and the brain isn’t immortal…No, the soul isn’t another term for the mind. Really, this paragraph is a strawman – no one’s claiming that the brain goes to Heaven (and capitalising “that’s what you mean” doesn’t change the fact that that’s not what we mean).

    “To all those god-lovers, I say grow up and face the facts. yolo.”

    Again, you imply that people who believe in God are beneath you, and not as intelligent or mature as you are. Surely that’s dangerous thinking, to suggest that a person who believes in God is automatically less intelligent. Categorising people who are “god-lovers” as deluded and to be pitied? You realise that that’s bigotry, right? Classing an entire group of people as beneath you? Luckily, God doesn’t think that way. He loves everyone just the same – Christian, atheist, Muslim, Jewish, Hindu, Pastafarian – everyone. He loves Richard Dawkins as much the Pope.

    Anyway, there’s only so much I can say in a comment. You could always send me a private message via the forums if you had any other questions. If not, then I wish you well. Just remember that God loves you, and there’s nothing you can do about it!


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  27. […] it or not, he has also found love: he got married in 2012 and just had a son recently. He spoke of finding love in 2010 even before he met his wife […]

  28. Asu jongs says:

    Hi Nick,
    U r God’s wonderful creation….and so inspirational for the people of this earth, especially to those who go hopeless in their life.

    Love U so so much.

  29. Anonymous says:

    You have blessd us all,may u live a long life and we thank god for giving us you.good luck on your journey,love you nick

  30. a.n says:

    right now i feel gods love,i had my doubts about god but now i know he loves me so much.i believe everything is possible.nick you are my role model from now on my goal is to be like you and motivate people about god.

  31. clara says:

    may God be with you and your family nick

  32. whoops says:

    We love you nick I love your book Life without Limits!
    I believe in God like you do!

  33. Vanessa says:

    I’m not religious but I still enjoyed your book. Best wishes to you and your family.

  34. melanie maina says:

    thanks for the inspiration nick.hope to meet you someday and please visit Africa.(Nairobi-Kenya)

  35. melanie maina says:

    please visit Africa .(Nairobi-Kenya)

  36. Lois says:

    Nick, you were at our church today, Christfellowship, Royal Palm Beach, FL. How awesome you were. You are not just a beautiful person on the inside but, by the Grace of God, your beauty spills over to the outside. You are so strongly for Our God, who could help but love you and wish you and your lovely family all the blessings that God could ever give. Keep on inspiring the world with the help of Our Savior, and I will hug you in Heaven. You are loved and appreciated by more than you could ever dream. Thanks for your great faith and strength and sharing with the world.

  37. Linda says:

    way to go nick! Keep inspiring the world! God bless you!

  38. blessed says:

    God bless you so much Nick

  39. miss sunshine says:

    may the lord bless you nick today and r on this earth for a reason, and oh how happy i am that u r here among us.u are a bright candle in this dark world.shine on my dear brother in christ

  40. miss sunshine says:

    to all those out there that dont believe in God…He exists
    He always did.and He always will.forever. and i am so blessed to be His daughter. He told me so Himself,i heard him with my own ears.thank You Father for every thing.Please save the lost souls i pray ,for i know how much You love them.Amen

  41. Saranyav says:

    I canot explane anything,sometime feel very bad.but i can remember the great person who is nick i feel better…..

  42. teekay says:

    God bless Nick am so inspired.

  43. Georgia Taylor says:

    Heard your presentation you gave at the National FFA Convention 10/29/14, on TV. What an inspiration you are for any age! May God continue to Bless & keep you and yours in His care.

  44. Joys Repher.Kenya says:

    hallow Nick.i am really inspired with everything about yourself.You are a God chosen son .hongera

  45. lydia lekaowa says:

    hello nick I really like you wish one day I can attend u motivational conference God be with you

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  47. Toyin from Nigeria says:

    What a wonder you are from the Master of the Universe. Your life is a testimony of His Glory bro Nick. May your light continue to shine till we all hear His sweetest words ‘well done faithful servant welcome to the joy of your Lord’. U inspire me.

  48. Mikale.kobala (Solomon Islands,Honiara) says:

    I love you my brother Nick.You’re really a man of God and thanks for that incredible,awesome and inspirable words which encourage me not to have doubts about myself.May God richly bless us all.Amen!

  49. daniel says:

    Hi..I m Daniel, I told God that I will never part from this life without meeting nick and ill like to call him my friend…

  50. daniel says:

    ill travel from Africa jus to say ‘HI’

  51. daniel says:

    and one trick big guy ,..keep seeing those legs..that is what is called miracle,.and keep buying them,your wife is a woman of valour a prudent woman

  52. Margie says:

    So inspirational God bless you

  53. Joshua says:

    People can say God is an invention of human being for not be alone and believe something is doesn’t exited or exists but I’m pretty sure if God doesn’t exist how Nick find this beautiful girl who has a good soul? People who doesn’t believe in God need to think twice after of this story. I could be wrong but is make you think!

  54. eve says:

    wow love you fromkenya

  55. kitty says:

    GOD bless u Nick n ur sweet family, love to call u my friend

  56. Agu (solomon Islands) says:

    What a blessing for you my brother,wise i got one of your dvds so that i can continue with your encouragement through your tapes.
    God bless us all.

  57. Bonginkosi Dlamini says:

    Thanks so much Nick,you really giving me all the reason to worship God and to win souls to him on daily basis. Really, when the world says you re not good enough, get a second opinion. On another note, thnx Jegsy for your patience unto the work of the Lord,keep it up!

  58. jeanette says:

    Just saw your story on TLC…had seen you on TV before but not to this extent. What an inspiration you are. And congratulations on your second baby!! So happy for you and your wife’s beautiful.

  59. Peace says:

    Nick, you are a perfect proof that God exists.
    You get no hand, no leg but you get God and you got him all!
    You are a prophecy!
    Just like me too, you have challenges but………hmmmmmmm…….. you only
    make fun out of them and get serious about God!
    You’ve changed my life so much, l’m Sure I’ll meet you one day, if Christ tarries.
    I’m from Nigeria and I love you……..
    My regards to your wife and kids.

  60. Anonymous says:

    To John and other atheists, give your life to Christ.
    If you keep proving that God exists or not you’ll use your life to prove and get to know the truth only when you are dead!
    just think about it, does it make sense that everything exist without a God?
    Even if it does God super surely exists! We see him everyday buy don’t just recognize him!
    How I wish your thinking can be more accurate.
    God is real and that’s the first reality! It doesn’t matter whether scientists can prove it or not. I think your dead great grandfather knows better! Hell is real! And horrible!
    Everything is spiritual!
    Even this life is just a period taken out of eternity given to human to choose where to spend eternity!
    Forget those evolutionary shit!
    I don’t know why they keep teaching those stuffs when they use it to explain explain everything about me, my purpose my mission on earth…………
    Just say it like……. GOD, IF YOU REALLY EXIST JUST SHOW ME . that’s all, and you’ll see him!
    love you John…………..

  61. I'm peace says:

    I’m peace not anonymous

  62. hapy says:

    nick ur inspire mi.god bless u

  63. BB says:

    Your life is real inspirational to every one.You are special God’s gift. Thank you very much for your wonderful work. God bless you & your family. Love you Nick!

  64. jaylene says:

    nick vujici 2nd baby was born last week his name is dejan levi pronounced deyan.

  65. jaylene says:

    i cant believe that nick tried to drown himself in a bath when he was younge

  66. Jegsy Scarr says:

    @jaylene: Updated! Thanks!

  67. Tshish says:

    Waoh! what can i say…am speechlees…i always feel like giving up in my life….when everybody seems to be apart and run away from….and i feel dislike by people…but because of Faith i say no..i must go on…..and since i came across wth your life history and saw u inspiring young ones like i feeled with hope en my Faith increases….they say”Doing the tough things sets winners apart from Losers”….may God bless u so much en ur family too.

  68. Andrei Isayeu says:


    My name is Andrei Isayeu

    Can you please share my Testimony with everyone in your Church as well as outside of your Church?

    I would like to share my Testimony of what Jesus has done for me!!!

    Jesus has set me free from all addictions that I have been struggling with, all my life. Jesus made my broken heart into a brand new heart and He filled my heart with His love, joy, peace, grace, and freedom from sin.

    Jesus poured so much love upon me that I can’t even explain to you because His love is what I desperately needed and was looking for in all of my life. I realized that I was desperately in need of Someone Who can love me so much unconditionally.

    Jesus showed me the most Perfect and Unconditional Love that Healed me, Changed me, Delivered me, Cleansed me from all the junk that Satan has put on me. I was in chains of sin for all my life until Jesus came into my life and broke all the chains of guilt, shame, depression, anger, bullying, fear, loneliness, curses, and much more.

    God has set me free through His son Jesus Christ because in

    John 8:36 it says:
    36 So if the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed.

    God changed me through His Word and Holy Spirit and made me into the person.

    Hebrews 4:12 says:
    12 For the word of God is alive and active. Sharper than any double-edged sword, it penetrates even to dividing soul and spirit, joints and marrow; it judges the thoughts and attitudes of the heart.

    I Praise and Thank God Almighty for His son Jesus Christ and for Holy Spirit that was sent to these hopeless world to bring Hope to all people.

    My Prayer of Repentance: Dear Jesus Christ, I come to you at this time. I realize that I am a sinner and I really need your forgiveness. I caused you so much pain and distressed you many times. Please, I ask you to forgive me all of my sins that I have ever committed in my life. I thank you so much for all that you did for me by giving me Salvation and Eternal Life. I Honor you Heavenly Father for giving your only begotten Son Jesus for punishment, and death 2000 years ago. I Glorify You Heavenly Father for raising your son Jesus Christ from the dead on the 3rd day. I receive you Jesus Christ as my personal Lord and Savior. Please come into my life and into my heart and change me. I believe in everything that says in Your Holy Word, my Savior and my Lord Jesus Christ. I make a decision from today to fully commit myself to you and to serve you with all of my life. Amen.

    I have been Born Again from the God’s Word the Bible and Holy Spirit because
    in John 3:5 it says this:

    5 Jesus answered, “Very truly I tell you, no one can enter the kingdom of God unless they are born of water and the Spirit.

    I am not ashamed of my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and His words and Who sacrificed Himself for me and gave His life for me so I would be set free and live in His freedom for eternity.
    I will never stop witnessing and preaching about the unconditional love of Jesus Christ.

    Romans 1:16
    16 For I am not ashamed of the gospel, because it is the power of God that brings salvation to everyone who believes: first to the Jew, then to the Gentile.

    For everyone has sinned; we all fall short of God’s glorious standard. Yet God freely and graciously declares that we are righteous. He did this through Christ Jesus when he freed us from the penalty for our sins. (Romans 3:23-24)

    God can move any mountain that is in your life because our God is Alive and Almighty God!!!

    No matter what is going on in your life God is in full control of every circumstance that is in your life!!!
    Fix your eyes on Jesus Christ and do not look back at your mistakes, failures, problems, disease, infections, and pain!!!
    Our God is Mighty to Save!!!
    Forever our God is an Author of Salvation!!!
    May God’s Will be done on these earth!!!
    Jesus is my Hero and my Treasure, and my Rock, and my Savior and my Lord and my Redeemer and my Strength, and the Shelter from the storm.
    Jesus is also my Friend and my Tower, and my Shepherd, and my Breath and my Light and my Deliverer, and my Doctor.

    Every time I had an infection or disease or a problem I ran to Jesus and He accepted me the way I was infected and broken from sin, but Jesus received me and hugged me by rapping His Holy and Loving Arms over me and then Jesus healed me from the disease and infections that I had.
    Jesus is my Life.
    My Victory is in Jesus Name!!!
    I love you all so much, but I love God the most of all!!!
    I have been beaten, rejected, and persecuted for Christ!!!
    I lost a job for Christ!!!
    I got suspended from College for a year for Christ!!!
    I have been bullied most of my life and I could get kidnapped.
    I got bitten by snake or something in the river or lake.
    I could die while driving 13 or 14 times I lost count.
    My Lord and Savior Jesus Christ was always beside me by holding my hand no matter what because He knows that I belong to Him!!!
    I have been having a relationship with God because that is what God desired to have!!!
    God wanted to have a very strong and close relationship with Him!!!
    I lost my friend who I new all of my life because doctors found cancer in his knee and I lost my grandfather at 60 some years old because doctors found cancer in his lungs, but I know that they are waiting for me in Heaven, but I know that I am here for a short time.

    I have been having heart pain and heart problems, but I am not alone because my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ is beside me and one day he will wipe every tear from my eyes and I will rest in Eternal Peace in New Jerusalem!!!

    You are not alone!
    Jesus will go before you!!!
    Jesus will never leave you or forsake you!!!
    Jesus will never let go of your hand no matter what happens because Jesus paid the Price for you my friend!!!
    No matter how many times you have failed do not be afraid because Jesus is still holding by your right hand!!!
    One day Jesus will wipe every tear from your eyes!!!

    May you forever be Blessed!!!!
    I love you all very much!
    You will always be in my thoughts and prayers!
    May God answer all your prayers!!!
    May God open every door in your life that needs to be open!!!
    May God close every door in your life that devil uses to attack you!!!

    If Holy Spirit touched your heart through my Testimony with the Scriptures from the Holy and Living Word of God the Bible and you have invited Jesus Christ into your heart and into your life, then please send me an email at

    Psalm 103:2-4
    Bless the Lord, O my soul, and forget not all his benefits, who forgives all your iniquity, who heals all your diseases, who redeems your life from the pit, who crowns you with steadfast love and mercy,

  69. Samuel says:

    From Ghana
    +233271741449 help me too
    so inspired by your message God bless you Nick

  70. franca Molokwu Ebuetse says:

    Nick, u are a true child of God, continue to walk with God, He is faithfull.Nick I love u n ur family. May d Lord b with u n ur family. Rem blesd n keep d faith, God is real

  71. ... says:

    wow helped me alot on my essay

  72. ... says:

    helped me so much!!!!!!

  73. bupe says:

    you have insipred me so much sometimes i feel like giving up on love but you give me hope to be postive that one i will find someone to love me without limits

  74. ngina says:

    God is just awesome.en wen u be live in thee you awesome.Nick u jhs awesome

  75. ankita says:

    such a lovely man u r Mr. Nick salute to u . 🙂

  76. Thabang Kgoebane says:

    Wow God is great all the time. I thank him for creating such 2 beautiful souls, Nick and Kanae. You guys are my inspiration. I always put your family pic as my profile picture and wall paper on my fone to always see you. I love you so much. May the good Lord enlarge your territory. Nick you really are a blessing. I admire your positive attitude and your strength. I love you more guys and how i wish to see you in person. To God be the Glory. I am in JHB South Africa. #Team nick

  77. Humberto says:

    Miracles like Nick are real and remind us of the love that Our Lord Jesus Christ has for each one of us. God only creates good, but with the gift of free will, man sinned and allowed disease, disabilities and death to enter into the world. Yet, God never ceases to call each one of us to be with Him.
    For those who deny the presence of Our Lord, I pray for you that one day you will open your hearts to the beauty and peace of Jesus in you life. No condemnation, no judgement, of your decision not to believe. Only quiet prayer for your eventual union with Jesus.
    The story of Nick is an inspiration to all of us blessed with a ‘complete” set of limbs. Nick reminds us of how petty many of “our problems” really are.
    Thank you Nick!

  78. Malavu Fednard Kenya says:

    Nick ur testmony more than enough to prove there a Mighty God we serve n who leaves. Your a blessing to me n to the world. Your story has made me more focused to God n goal. If u made it i wl make too for God’s glory. Coz want reason will give to God for not making it? Wen u Nick u wl present ur work on earth toGod wen we get to Heaveni also want to do sthng in this kingdom of Heaven in excellent like Nick has do. You a blessing to us in Kenya

  79. shaw says:


    Even pencil, book, table, car, building, “a creator” creates it first. They just don’t evolve , or pop up just like that. That’s small things, massive things like the earth itself, galaxies, stars -> must have creator too!

  80. irene says:

    Nick keep moving i love you

  81. Sofia says:

    wow that was inspirational ! And here i was thinking of myself as a useless person…..everyone has a purpose, i know that now. There maybe some things we’re not good at but there are always other things we can be good at. Thanks Nick for sharing your story.

  82. sana says:

    May god bless u Nick as he is always does.You are precious,special and his darling son.May he(our father)bless you even more abundantly.Whenever I see or read any article related to you I don’t know why tears(out of sadness) roll down over my cheeks.And now when I see or read anything related to you I cry again(out of happiness.Because the time of your test is over(you are qualified by your faith in God) and now it’s your time to rest and God’s time to take care of the rest of your life.For the first time I am excited to see how many and what crowns(made of silver or gold or jewels)our Heavenly Father is going to place on your head for the way you served for him on earth.You owe them.As you believe in miracles you will be able to walk in the future.Because for you the Bible says”Now faith is the assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen.”(Heb 11:1) “For nothing will be impossible with God.”(Luke 1:37) ” And Jesus said to him, “‘If you can’! All things are possible for one who believes.” (Mark 9:23)

  83. sana says:

    may god our father bless you abundantly Nick

  84. thabang Oscar says:

    f*”!;;*ck u Jon

  85. Gaurav says:

    helo Nick. Thank you for your motivation, ur story just defines wat we are capable, God bless us in each n every situation of our life weather its good or bad, but its we who discriminate both bad and good, as we know after dark there is a light so after every bad situation god has reserved a light for us. During the dark hours god gave us person like you to guide Thank u for being the Guide.
    God bless U Nick and Bless every one.
    Love & gerrtings from INDIA

  86. M.N says:

    Hi. congratulation Nick…you are the most motivated and hopeful person that i have ever seen.
    I hope that one day see you… you can help me too much.
    you are the best lecturer.
    Thanks for every thing.

  87. lally says:

    Nick was a brave person

  88. Kenya says:

    Nothing stop’s the purpose of God.I bless God that u r now what He wanted u 2b.’motivating pple and giving a reason to reason 2live irrespective of challenges coz surely in God’s time things will be beautiful.God bless u and your family brother Nick.

  89. Lubabalo Nojoko. South Africa.CapeTown says:

    Wow wow i dont know what to say, i lost my words. you so amazing Nick buddy am so inspired by you my brother, you give people power more especial people with disability, am one of those guys too man. Keep up the good work Nick, everyone has a purpose in life no matter what challanges or obstacles you face but with god everything is possible. I salute you my brother with everything i have. #Lubar

  90. wanlam rymmai says:

    Hey nick vujicic….you are so inspiring to me…..I hope I can meet you someday ,somewhere ….thank you

  91. Rediet says:

    It is so amazing to see a real miracle of Jesus in people’s life…u r a living testimony that it is not thing we have or haven’t matters in life but only Jesus …z whole world should believe in Jesus and live a purposeful life….cause since God is our creater we can only know our purpose of life by asking him….Nick may God bless u and ur family …am not sure we meet or not in zis world but am sure zat we will meet in heaven .

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