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New Forum Feature: Ask a Successful (Married) Waiter

January 26th, 2014 by


3 Responses to “New Forum Feature: Ask a Successful (Married) Waiter”

  1. Renee says:


    I’m a WTM level 1/2. My finance and I are engaged and have only go so far as to hold hands and cuddle (the first time for either of us). I want to kiss him, as he does me, but I’m wondering that once we start kissing it’ll be too hard to not go all the way. We’re both passionate people, we have a very deep and passionate emotional and spiritual connection, and a desire to physically love and to validate each other. If we start kissing, is it possible to still wait until marriage? Or are we just making things to hard for ourselves?

    I really appreciate any insight you have. Thank you.

  2. LoveIsTheAnswer says:

    You both sound like beautiful people and are probably already married by now but for others, my advice as someone who did wait until marriage (and it was one of the best decisions I’ve made) is to be honest with yourselves about what you need in order to be true to your values. Don’t be afraid of sexual intimacy – it can be a beautiful connection between two people who decide to grow old together – and realize that physical/sexual intimacy is best when matched step in step with commitment and connection. But also be honest with yourself about what you can handle and still be true to your decision to wait – if you’re like a fire kettle ready to burst then maybe kissing is too much, but it’s good to want to love each other and be close, especially if that’s the person you’ve chosen to be with forever.

  3. Lance Leander L. Cembrano says:

    Hey.. 🙂

    Is waiting for marriage before having sex really feasible/ possible in this day and age? I’m from a formerly Christian nation, and there are way too many fornicators here. I guess you could say this is a Christian-in-name-only country..

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