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Olympic Athlete Lolo Jones: Virgin and Waiting Till Marriage

May 28th, 2012 by

I’ve had guys tell me, they’re like, ‘Hey, you know if you have sex, it will help you run faster…If you marry me, then yeah.

It’s easy to paint world-class athletes as heroes. They are hard-working and willful people by nature. When you add waiting till marriage on top of that, they shine even more. But Lolo Jones is different. In a field full of heroic people, she still stands out as special. If there was ever a woman that embodied all the values that waiters-till-marriage should aspire too, she is it. Lolo Jones is not just a world-class athlete; she’s a world-class person.

You could strip away all her athletics, you could ignore her waiting-till-marriage decision, and she’d still be a hero; she’d still be someone to look up to. I won’t bore you anymore with an introduction. Read on. Read it all. She’s fantastic. I’ve been compiling these celebrity bios for 2 years now, and she’s my favorite by a long shot.

Video: Lolo Jones Talks about Her Decision to Wait in HBO Interview

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Quotes about Waiting till Marriage

It’s just a gift I want to give my husband. But please understand this journey has been hard. There’s virgins out there and I want to let them know that it’s the hardest thing I’ve ever done in my life. Harder than training for the Olympics. Harder than graduating from college has been to stay a virgin before marriage. I’ve been tempted, I’ve had plenty of opportunities.

I want to wait until I’m married to have sex…I want to have that solid bond.

You stay single because you don’t put out, and they call you crazy, old fashioned, or a liar. I’ve even been called gay.

When I was 22, 24, it was cute. ‘But 24 to 29, it’s not cute. You get judged a lot, a lot of guys won’t return your calls after they find out.

So we’ll talk usually one to three months [later], then they’re like “oh shoot, she was serious”. Time for me to exit.

I’ve seen Celebs get teased less for releasing a sex tapes.

So if they’re making a sequel to ‘The 30-Year-Old Virgin,’ I am their candidate. I would love to. I’m a little bit awkward like Steve Carell. I could definitely play that role.

On her ideal man: Single, Christian, nonsmoker, no kids with any baby mamas, have a job.

I don’t have a hard time finding dates but hard finding the right one to date.

My mom, she was with my dad for 20 years and they never got married and they’re not together anymore. So I just want to have that solemn bond. It’s a gift I want to give to my husband.

Mini Biography

Born Lori “Lolo” Jones August 5, 1982


Lolo attended eight schools in eight years while her single mother, Lori, often held down two jobs to support her family of six. Lolo’s father spent most of her childhood either in the Air Force or state prison.

In third grade, the Jones family settled in the basement of a Des Moines Salvation Army church. During the summer when day camps were offered at the church, Lolo would wake up early to avoid being teased by other kids if they found out she was living in the basement.

Her family was so poor that she had to shoplift frozen dinner when she was young: “I definitely would say, by sixth grade, I was a professional shoplifter.” She added that her family once used food stamps to purchase staple items such as cheese and beans in supermarkets.

Mom, I can’t go to a city that doesn’t have a track. I’m trying to pursue my dream.

When her family was about to make another move, this time to Forest City, Iowa, Lolo told her mother “Mom, I can’t go to a city that doesn’t have a track. I’m trying to pursue my dream.” Lolo and her family parted ways, and she lived with four different families during her enrollment at Theodore Roosevelt High School in Des Moines.

Teenage Years

In order to continue her track training, Lolo lived with several different families during High School (including her role model Kim Carson‘s god-parents, the family of a local attorney, and the family of a former newspaper editor), while she worked part-time at a small coffee shop (Iowa Bakery Cafe).

Lolo excelled academically in High School, keeping her grades up and playing the cello in the school orchestra. And of course, she also excelled on the track. She was named Gatorade Midwest Athlete of the Year and set a record at the Iowa state track meet in the 100-meter hurdles.

College Years

Age 18: She intended to enroll at Iowa State University through its Upward Bound/Science Bound program. Instead, she follows the lead of elite hurdler Kim Carson and attends LSU to compete on their track team.

Age 20: Runner-up in both 100-meter hurdles and 4×100-meter relay at the NCAA Outdoor Championships.

Age 21: Wins at the NCAA Championships and becomes part of the winning team at the 2003 NCAA Outdoor Championships.

Age 21 – 22: Finishes second in two events (60m hurdles and 60m dash) at the NCAA Championships. Wins the 100m hurdles title at NCAA Mideast, the SEC Championships, and the Penn Relays (she rocks pretty hard at 100m hurdles).

Wins another national title at the 2004 NCAA Outdoor. Finishes season as an 11-time All-American and a 6-time SEC champion, and ranks among the top-three women of all-time in both the 60m hurdles and 100m hurdles.

Fails to qualify for the 2004 Summer Olympics in Athens, Greece and starts to question her future. Despite her second thoughts, her heart leads her back to running.  Graduates from Louisiana State University with a degree in Economics.

Her financial situation is getting worse, forcing her to choose between focusing on track and not earning a steady paycheck, or using her economics degree to get a regular job. To save money, she leaves the air conditioner off, suffering through the hot Louisiana summer days. Works several part-time jobs. She works at Home Depot, waits tables, and works as personal trainer at a local gym. Her multiple jobs help her earn extra money and provided the flexibility to leave the country for competitions.

To save money, she leaves the air conditioner off, suffering through the hot Louisiana summer days.

After a disappointing finish at the 2004 U.S. Olympic Outdoor Trials, Jones finished second in her first professional meet in Stuttgart, Germany.

Age 23-24: Runs a personal best and wins at Heusden-Zolder in July 2006. Finishes sixth in 100m hurdles and fifth in 100m dash in the 2006 World Athletics Final. Wins the meet in Ostrava on the European circuit. Finishes the 2006 season ranked fourth in the U.S. and seventh in the world by Track & Field News.

Age 24- 25: Wins her first national championship in 2007 (60m hurdles) at the USA Indoor Championships. Wins two meets and finishes 2nd in two others in the European circuit. Wins 100m hurdles at the Drake Relays and finishes 3rd in the 100m hurdles at the 2007 USA Track and Field Championships, earning a spot on the U.S. Team at the World Championships in Osaka, Japan, where she finishes 6th. Wins meets at Rethimno and Heusden along with second-place finishes at Doha, Sheffield, and Monaco on the summer track circuit.

Age 25-26: Donates the $4,000 prize money she wins in the Olympic trials to Renee Trout, a single mother from Cedar Rapids, Iowa who was hit by the Iowa flood of 2008 while back in Des Moines.

Starts the 2008 season with hopes of making the 2008 Summer Olympics by finishing second in Glasgow, Gothenburg, and Stuttgart in the 60 m hurdles.

Picks up a win in Düsseldorf, setting a meet-record in the process. Runs a personal best time and finishes 2nd to Susanna Kallur (who broke the world record to beat her). Jones’ time was the second-fastest ever by an American.

Earns the title of USA Track & Field’s Athlete of the Week on February 12. Wins her second straight national championship and wins Visa Championship Series title at the 2008 USA Indoor Championships. Wins the 60m hurdles for her first world championship at the World Indoor Championships in Valencia, Spain.

Opens the 2008 outdoor season with a first place finish at the LSU Alumni Gold meet in Baton Rouge, setting a stadium record in the process.

Favored to win the 100 meter hurdles at the 2008 Beijing Olympics, but in the final she clips the 9th hurdle (of 10) and stumbles, breaking stride to drop her back to a disappointing 7th-place finish. Teammate Dawn Harper surged through to win gold.

Watch video of Lolo Jones in the 2008 Olympic Final (she’s winning until the 9th hurdle)

You hit a hurdle about twice a year where it affects your race. It’s just a shame that it happened on the biggest race of my life.

She pounds the ground close to tears, trying to comprehend what had happened. “You hit a hurdle about twice a year where it affects your race. It’s just a shame that it happened on the biggest race of my life.” Later seen crying to herself in a hallway, mouthing, “why, why, why?” The mistake has been compared numerous times to Gail Devers’ famous fall in the same event at the 1992 Barcelona Olympics.

Age 27: Begins the 2009 indoor season in Europe, scoring victories in the 60m hurdles with world-leading times in Karlsruhe and England. Returns to the States and wins the national indoor title in the 60m hurdles.

Suffers a hamstring injury at her hometown meet and misses a month’s worth of training, but return in time for the outdoor national championships. Clashed arms with Michelle Perry in the semi-finals and falls, missing out on the opportunity to compete at the 2009 World Championships in Berlin.

Returns to Europe to compete on the major World Athletics Tour meets, but only manages 7th and 8th in Oslo and Lausanne. Beats Priscilla Lopes-Schliep and Damu Cherry with a world-leading time while in Greece. Faces strong competition on the European circuit: She takes 3rd at the London Grand Prix and at Herculis. She runs her second fastest time of the season at the DN Galan meeting, but was just beaten to the line by Lopes-Schliep.

Her hamstring injury recurred at Weltklasse Zürich, ruling her out for the rest of the season. Having missed the major championships and suffered injuries, the 2009 season was largely disappointing for Jones, although she took some solace from having run the second Poses semi-nude for ESPN’s 2009 body issue.

Age 28-29: Defends her 60m hurdles Indoor World Title in Qatar after finishing with a time of 7.72 (a new American record). Due to there being no major championships for Americans, she travels to Europe and competes in many countries, mainly Diamond League events.

After wins in Qatar, Oslo, New York, Gateshead, and Monaco, going into the last Diamond League race, Lolo is tied at the top of the standings along side Canadian Priscilla Lopes-Schliep. Lopes-Schliep wins the final race which leaves Lolo 2nd in the overall Diamond league standings.

Makes her 2011 race debut at Aviva International Match in Glasgow. Finishes the race in 4th position with after hitting the third hurdle. A close third place finish then follows in Stuggart. Injury and illness forces Jones to miss the rest of the indoor season.

Age 29-PRESENT: Lolo recently bagged the 1st Place at the US Open, Madison Square Garden, New York in January 2012.

She’s back in Baton Rouge training with her long time coach, Dennis Shaver in preparation for the 2012 London Olympics.

The mindset is just making sure that I just so prepared for the Olympics, and just finishing up the hard work and getting into race mode. I feel like when you go to races you get on the line and you know that you have done everything that you can. You train as hard as you can and eaten everything that is healthy and proper and you are just ready to go.

Lolo will be competing in the 2012 London Olympics (her first event is Monday, August 6th), and all of us here at will be rooting for her!

Interesting Facts about Lolo Jones


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17 Responses to “Olympic Athlete Lolo Jones: Virgin and Waiting Till Marriage”

  1. Sally says:

    Wow Mike—good find!! I used to run track in high school so I really like seeing a track athlete 🙂

  2. Mike says:

    Thanks, Sally! Cesar actually found her, and then TinyDancer pointed out that I should probably get her profile done before the summer Olympics started haha. Now I’m glad I did. I think she’s my favorite celebrity waiter so far!

  3. Melodee Forbes says:

    Thank you for sharing this article and I love this site! So refreshing, encouraging and inspiring! Keep up the GREAT work!

  4. Bethany says:

    She might be my favorite celeb waiter now.It’s cool to see a female in her 30s. No ofense to younger readers but waiting is a whole diffrent ball game once you hit you mid to late twenties and older.
    She seems so real and down to earth. Maybe it’s wrong to say but I like that her life growing up wasn’t perfect. She’s someone that has to work hard. She’s honest, but doesn’t seem stuck on herself or holier than though. Seems to have a great sense of humor as well. Thumbs up!

  5. Bethany says:


    I agree 110% Especially the part about waiting later on in life.

  6. LiveTheDream says:

    Not only is she gorgeous, she is pretty funny as well! Comparing herself to Steve Carell, haha

  7. ChaChelleChi says:

    wow.. with that hot bod,she can get any man she wants,yet is waiting for the real,right one… kudos to Lolo Jones!

  8. John Morgan says:

    I think it’s great that superstar athletes like Lolo Jones and Tim Tebow come out in favor of chastity and tell their story. But all of the people who are heaping accolades on them and lifting them on a pedastal just short of sainthood need to bring themselves down to reality and realize that there are people who aree waiting who are much older than they are and who just happen not to be in the public spotlight. And if Lolo sees herself as a role model, she needs to do a double take on the photo that appeared in the April ESPN Body Issue. In my opinion, it doesn’t quite fit a chaste lifestyle. I certainly wouldn’t want the photo in my daughter’s hands.

  9. Mike says:

    @John Morgan – The point of that ESPN body issue wasn’t to sexualize famous athletes; it was to show the purest illustration of the unbelievable discipline and hard work that they put into their bodies. Seeing Lolo Jones tastefully nude is akin to looking under the hood of an F1 car and standing in awe of the love and attention and work that goes into building something great. For an F1 team, it’s their car. For an architect, it’s a building. For an athlete, it’s their body.

    Also, people don’t cannonize famous virgins simply for waiting until a late age. If that were the case, everybody would be heaping accolades on you, right?

    People dote on celebrity virgins because they are heroes first, and waiting till marriage second. If they weren’t already heroic in their own right, nobody would care that they were waiting. But being a celebrity (especially and athelete) who is also waiting till marriage is like a double-whammy of role model-hood. It extends and accentuates the sense of self-discipline that they project publicly. It gives people something personal and deep to love about them.

    I agree that celebrity virgin hysteria is a bit over-inflated and doesn’t account for WTM being a more common decision that most non-waiters realize. But it’s not completely undeserved. It takes a very unique, capable person to get to the top of their field as Lolo Jones has. The fact that she’s done that while also extending her self-discipline to her personal life is an extremely rare accomplishment. To some degree I think that’s worth freaking out over and celebrating.

  10. Somebody says:

    Lolo has discussed the challenge of waiting. So has Rebecca St. James. I guess celebrity of any kind makes it difficult. There are people who very much want to have sex with a celebrity and some can be quite aggressive in pursuing it. Celebrities are overrun with sexual opportunities. I’m sure it’s a big challenge for them. They’re on the road a lot and it must be hard. Not to mention lonely.

  11. Art says:

    Perhaps the point of the ESPN article was not to sexualize athletes, but if anyone really believes that most of the men who peruse the photos of nude female athletes do so to admire their muscle tone, you are incredibly naive. Moreover, Lolo could have posed in attire that would make evident the physical results of her training without being nude. I’ve read elsewhere that at first she refused posing, citing that she was a Christian and could not do that, then later was persuaded to go ahead because it would not really show anything. I’ve seen the photo. She’s positioned to keep the most private areas on the front of her body out of view, but clearly wearing absolutely nothing.

  12. retired track coach says:

    Who cares if Lolo Jones WTM or not? She’s a great hurdler/runner and I will be cheering her on in London (unfortunately from my rocking chair in front of the TV.) As for the photo? That,s her choice. But she really is beautiful!! RUN LOLO RUN !!

  13. Zaire says:

    I really applaud her for doing this,since I’ve heard that the Olympics is like a sex-fest.

  14. Mike says:

    @Art – That’s a fair point. I was definitely not suggesting that the readers don’t sexualize the athletes, or that ESPN isn’t counting on those urges to help them compete with SI’s swimsuit issue. But I think the photos themselves are uniquely tasteful. The ESPN Body Issue also includes male and female athletes, which to me says it’s not ALL about courting the male libido (you could argue that they’re trying to straddle readership demographics, I suppose).

    I think athletes’ bodies are labors of love, and if anybody deserves to show their stuff, it’s them.

    And personally, I wouldn’t think any less of Lolo of she DID do some highly-sexed-up spread. Just because a person is waiting, doesn’t mean they have to be a prude. I hate that stereotype.

  15. jhgjh says:

    why is the interviewer laughing all the time, she’s not respectful at all

  16. nunya says:

    Well nothing says pure like bragging about your decision to wait until marriage while posing naked. Typical Christian hypocrite.

  17. Vick Macky says:

    Can someone please help? I have been emailing and leaving messages and nobody is responding. people are not getting the confirmation emails!

    I would love to join this site but it looks like you’re experiencing some major tech issues.

    Someone please HELP and email me back at

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