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Philip Rivers Waited Until Marrage

May 23rd, 2012 by

An athletic prodigy from early childhood, Philip Rivers has proven extremely gifted with every sport involving a ball. He’s mastered basketball, football, and occasionally wishes he had become a pro golfer instead of a quarterback. Throughout his success, Philip has been outspoken about his faith and his decision to wait until marriage for sex.

Quotes about Waiting and His Faith

We are in a position, because of the pedestal we are put on, the money that’s involved, and the TV, that people think our temptations are greater. It’s a matter of not putting yourself in these situations. You have the means and are in these big cities. It’s about having a plan beforehand and avoiding being put in tempting situations.

I hold on tight to the sacraments, and the faith, and the Church, and my family. And that’s when the football seems to be at its best; when you have everything in order.

You know what you’re going to see in advance, so you prevent your kids especially from seeing those things. You want to protect their innocence, and that’s a preventive way of doing it. But in today’s words, praying for our kids is essential for their protection and continues growth in the faith.

How he Met his Wife Tiffany

According to Philip’s mother, he knew that Tiffany (his wife) was The One in middle school and declared as much to her then. Apparently, 5 years of knowing was not enough. During his freshman year of college at NC State, Rivers was preparing to ask Tiffany to marry him. Before he popped the question, he asked his head coach, Chuck Amato, if it was oaky with him to get married. Straight-faced Amato answered, “What would you do if I said no?” Rivers stammered for a few uncomfortable moments before Amato relented and granted his approval.

Interesting Facts about Philip Rivers

  1. Philip prefers his full name over Phil. In college, his teammates called him “Cheese”—short for Philly cheese steak.
  2. When he met his wife Tiffany in junior high school, Rivers says he pointed her out to his mom and said, “That is a good girl.”  And, he knew she was the one for him.
  3. His parents Steve and Joan believed their son had the talent to turn his dreams into reality. In fact, they were so sure that Philip would earn an athletic scholarship that they decided not to sock money away in a college fund.
  4. Philip is an excellent golfer. Had he not pursued football, he believes he would have tried to become a golf pro.
  5. Rivers is an active Catholic and does a great deal of work in speaking with youth about spirituality and the virtue of chastity.
  6. Rivers is a good friend of Chicago White Sox’ pitcher Jake Peavy, who is also from Alabama and played for the San Diego Padres from 2002 to 2009.

Mini Biography

Born December 8, 1981 in Decatur, Alabama, to Steve who was the head coach of Decatur High and Joan, a teacher.

Childhood years.

Philip was drawn to basketball as an infant. He mastered dribbling at the age of two. A few years later, Philip’s parents began taking him to high school games, both basketball and football. At halftime, he would stand in front of the pep band and pretend to conduct them. His dream was to be the star of the team and lead the music at intermission.

Philip was a video game fiend who specialized in Intellivision NFL Football. He would play for hours against his mother’s father, Bob Gunner, until both of their fingers had turned black from the plastic controls. When Joan watched Philip play real football, she would cheer his successes but also gently criticize his failures. In the Gunner family, winning was the goal. If you made mistakes, you learned from them, and then eliminated them.

Although the local Pop Warner coaches were hungry to get Philip on their teams, his dad refused to let him play youth-league football. Steve felt his son was learning far more about the game by watching high school practices. Even so, Philip would organize neighborhood contests in his backyard. These were not your ordinary pick-up games. Philip chalked out hash marks and sidelines, and used flexible pylons in the corners of the end zone. The youngster had always been fascinated by well-manicured fields. When the family took trips to Altanta and went to Braves games, Philip would beg his parents to go early so he could watch the groundskeepers line the diamond and sweep the base paths.

Age 10: Creates a poster about his dreams and aspirations as part of a 5th grade project. On the poster is his pasted face over that of a Minnesota Vikings player who had appeared on a cover of Sports Illustrated.

Age 12: Spends as much time on practice fields and in film rooms as many college quarterbacks. Learns how to run an offense, and how to command a huddle. He also develops a strange, sidearm throwing motion. Practices with fullsize pigskins (instead of youth-sized footballs).

Age 13: He begins dating Tiffany and continues her relationship with her all the way through high school while they attend rival schools.

Age 14: Moves to Athens — Decatur’s arch enemy — and enrolls at Athens High where his father starts his new work as the coach the varsity. Becomes the starting QB on the freshman squad. Starts in the varsity and earns the nod at linebacker. Recognized as a chart-topping QB by season’s end. Draws the attention of scouts and recruiters from major college programs when a growth spurt sent him past six feet as a junior.

He completes 109 of 195 passes and doubles as the team’s free safety during this second year as the varsity starter.

Age 15: He starts wearing the number 17 in honor of his father who wore the same number in high school

Age 17: As Philip’s senior season unfolded, it became clear that he was the best prep passer in the state. There was tremendous pressure to play college ball for the Crimson Tide, but Philip was thinking about expanding his horizons. As a senior, Philip was simply magnificent. In 12 games, he threw for 4,491 yards and 34 touchdowns, capping his career as the most productive and durable quarterback in ACC history. With his sights now set on the NFL, Philip selected Jimmy Sexton as his agent and began working out for interested teams.

Age 18: Attends North Carolina State University in Raleigh, North Carolina and plays for coach Chuck Amato.

Age 19: After High school, Philip and Tiffany are ready to spend the rest of their lives together. He marries her on May 19, 2001 and just after their freshman year of college.

Age 21: Takes summer job as a counselor at Peyton Manning’s Passing Academy after his junior year. One of the other counselors was Ole Miss quarterback Eli Manning.

Age 22: Leads the NCAA with a 72 percent completion rate and a QB rating of 170.5. Leads his team to four consecutive bowl games, wins three of them, including a New Year’s Day victory over Notre Dame in the 2003 Gator Bowl. Philip was named 2003 ACC Player of the Year.

During his collegiate career, Rivers shattered almost every NC State and Atlantic Coast Conference passing record. His career culminated with an NCAA record 51st consecutive college start. Surpasses Donovan McNabb’s Division I record with his 50th consecutive start. Graduates from NC State in December of 2003 with a degree in Business. Rivers was projected to be an early first-round pick in the 2004 NFL Draft.

Rivers becomes one of four quarterbacks taken in the first round of the 2004 NFL Draft along with Ben Roethlisberger, Eli Manning, and J.P. Losman. Signs a six-year, $40.5 million contract with the San Diego Chargers that included $14.5 million in signing bonuses. However, due to a protracted contract negotiation with the San Diego Chargers, Rivers only reports to the team during the last week of training camp. Rivers begins the season as the Chargers’ third QB option, behind Doug Flutie, but ahead of the #4 QB Cleo Lemon.

Rivers receives very limited playing time in the 2004 season, playing in only two games. He only threw passes in the second half of the last game of the 2004 season (a win over Kansas City), by which time the Chargers had already clinched a home playoff spot and the AFC West division title.

Age 23: Rivers was promoted to the #2 on the quarterback depth chart after the Chargers released Doug Flutie, who later signed with the New England Patriots. Rivers tries to beat out Drew Brees for the starting quarterback job in the Chargers’ 2005 training camp and preseason.

Rivers enters the game after Brees dislocated his right shoulder late in the second quarter due to a hit from Denver Broncos safety John Lynch in the Chargers’ final game of the 2005 season, at home in Qualcomm Stadium.

He completes 12 of 22 passing attempts for 115 yards with one interception and two fumbles. The Chargers lost to Denver, 20–7. However, Rivers leads the Chargers on their only scoring drive that game, which culminated in a 4-yard TD run by RB LaDainian Tomlinson.

After starting Chargers quarterback Drew Brees goes to the New Orleans Saints following the 2005 season. Rivers gets pressure to perform well due to the large amount of talent on the San Diego Chargers’ offense and the performance of his peers from the 2004 draft (Eli Manning and Ben Roethlisberger) as starters.

Age 24: Rivers makes his NFL start against the Oakland Raiders. He manages the game well despite only passing 11 times, but completes 8 passes, one for a touchdown, in a 27–0 rout of the Raiders. Rivers leads the NFL in QB rating with 133.9 after the first game.

He gets his best game of his short career and leads the San Diego Chargers to an improbable comeback against the Cincinnati Bengals. Down 28–7 at halftime, Rivers leads the Chargers on six drives culminating in touchdowns. Rivers throws for 337 yards and three touchdown passes, while LaDainian Tomlinson scores three of their four rushing touchdowns. San Diego outscores Cincinnati 42–13 in the second half winning the game 49–41, matching the biggest comeback in 23 years for the Chargers.

Age 25: He helps the Chargers win their first playoff game since 1994 after beating the Tennessee Titans in the wildcard round of the 2007 playoffs and eventually leading them to the AFC Championship game.

Rivers receives commendation from by his teammates and the press for playing the entire game with a torn anterior cruciate ligament, which later required surgery. He ranks among the NFL Top 10 Gutsiest Performances in the 2007 AFC Championship Game.

Age 26: Rivers leads the NFL in multiple categories including touchdown passes (34), passer rating (105.5), and yards per pass attempt (8.4), and adjusted yards per attempt (8.8).

Age 27: He sets the Chargers team record for touchdown passes in a season with 34, a record previously held by Dan Fouts, who had 33 in 1981. Declined becoming a Pro Bowl Alternate because of injury. Becomes AFC Offensive Player of the Month for December 2008. Signs a 6-year, $92 million dollar contract extension with the Chargers, with approximately $38 million guaranteed. Rivers was voted into his second career Pro Bowl on December 29. He ends the season with a passer rating of 104.4, the third highest in the entire NFL, after passing for 4,254 yards, 28 TD’s with only 9 interceptions.

Age 28: Becomes AFC Offensive Player of the Month once again for December 2009.
Leads the league in passing yards, throwing for a career high 4,710 yards – 10 yards more than second-place finisher, Peyton Manning.

Rivers loses his first ever game in December, a 13-28 loss at home against the Oakland Raiders. Rivers gets to be invited to the 2011 Pro Bowl, his fourth invite overall, and starts in place of an injured Tom Brady. On January 31, 2010, Rivers becomes a father to her youngest daughter Sarah Catherine. Becomes AFC Offensive Player of the Month for October, 2010 for the third time.

Age 29: Nick Canepa of the San Diego Union-Tribune calls Rivers a “better quarterback” than Fouts, a first-ballot Hall of Fame quarterback. Rivers and the Chargers start out the season with a 24-17 win over the Minnesota Vikings. Rivers had 335 passing yards and two touchdowns thrown to running back Mike Tolbert. He also had two interceptions. Rivers becomes the quarterback in the 2010 NFL Alumni Player of the Year Awards over Brady, the unanimous selection for The Associated Press 2010 Most Valuable Player Award. He has a career total of 13 fourth quarter comebacks, his most recent being on September 11, 2011, when he led the Chargers to a 24-17 win over the Minnesota Vikings. Rivers and his family welcome their new son Peter into the world.


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  1. dodgedude says:

    Wow I had no idea he was that religious and definitely didn’t know he was a successul waiter! I have a newfound respect for this guy!!

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    Thanks Mike! I especially like seeing celebrity guys because I think there more rare than celebrity women but it may be about the same in the celebrity world… :/

  3. Paula says:

    I have much respect for Philip Rivers. I’m sure God is happy with him also.

  4. Gio says:

    Age 17: As Philip’s senior season unfolded, it became clear that he was the best prep passer in the state. There was tremendous pressure to play college ball for the Crimson Tide, but Philip was thinking about expanding his horizons. As a senior, Philip was simply magnificent. In 12 games, he threw for 4,491 yards and 34 touchdowns, capping his career as the most productive and durable quarterback in ACC history. With his sights now set on the NFL, Philip selected Jimmy Sexton as his agent and began working out for interested teams.

    Age 18: Attends North Carolina State University in Raleigh, North Carolina and plays for coach Chuck Amato.

    What….? Poorly written to say the least.

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    Have you all ever heard of Darrell McClover who played for the Chicago Bears. His story of faith eclipses any I have EVER heard of. You all should try to get an interview from him.

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    Waiting till marriage then getting married at 19. Wow, so chaste. What a joke.

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    It’s so heartening to hear about his faith and how he lives it. We need more role models like Philip Rivers. God bless you, Philip.

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    Man, Can you just smell the judgment and pretentiousness in the air?

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