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Reality TV Star Angela Zatopek is Waiting Till Marriage

January 5th, 2014 by

Angela Zatopek talking to the camera on Ready for Love

I am hoping to break the stereotype that just because you are waiting until marriage, it doesn’t mean you can’t have a passionate relationship that’s not sexy. You can still have that type of relationship and still wait for the right person.

Who is she?

Angela Zatopek was the star (and winner) of the NBC reality show Ready for Love. The show was kind of like The Bachelor. Professional matchmakers helped three bachelors choose from a pool of 36 bachelorettes. At the end of the show, each bachelor choose the bachelorette he liked best, and was sent on a magical fantasy vacation with them.

Angela Zatopek made history by being the first virgin (who was waiting till marriage) to win the affections of the bachelor (Ben).

Quotes about waiting…

Being a virgin doesn’t mean being a prude.

Now that [bachelor Ben and I] are not together anymore… I’m so glad that I still have that [my waiting]. Because that’s just another testament to [the fact that] you never know how things are going to end up.

I just truly believe that through waiting and preserving that for marriage and for your husband, God will just bless you. I just think it’s an awesome testimony to be able to stand there on the day that you say “I do” and to be able to say, “Baby, I waited for you! I told all those other guys no.

I think God knew that I could take this on because I knew what it was like to be criticized and people can make fun of it [waiting]. There were a lot of people who speculated, ‘she’s not going to win – she’s the virgin”

It’s sad that women are under the impression that you need to do that because you don’t need to do that to get the guy. I was the only virgin on the show out of 36 women. I’m no better than anyone else just because I made that choice, we’re all sinners.”

There’s not a lot of people who can understand waiting until marriage, I know the right person can appreciate that.

A lot of young girls are pressured to be physical. We should guard our hearts for the right person.

Something I’m really proud of is me waiting for marriage. I know [my virginity] been so focused on and there’s so much more to me than that, but even though Ben and I will always have a place in our hearts for each other, I’m glad I saved myself for the person I will marry. That’s why it’s so important that you don’t rush into something. I was in an experience where—oh my gosh!—you’re being flown all over the place and having the absolute most romantic dates that you could ever fathom. I had the most romantic proposal and I got so wrapped up in that …but I thought, if this is a lifelong thing and this is the man for me, I’m going to wait and I’m so glad I did.

I know God has somebody great out there for me and I still held on to my values. And that’s why you wait.

On the show it is talked about so much, but in my normal life I don’t talk about it that much… The show doesn’t show my personality. It almost focuses so much on my choice to wait and that is so not what defines me as a person. I don’t sit around and talk about waiting until marriage all the time.

I’m from Texas and I grew up going to church, but I made the personal choice at 16 when I became a Christian. There was just this one random conversation with my mom about boys and I just always felt in my heart when I gave my life to the Lord to save that for my husband.

I’m 25 now and I have had a couple of serious relationships and they have respected my choice, but I really see the value in saving that for the right person.”

I am hoping to break the stereotype that just because you are waiting until marriage, it doesn’t mean you can’t have a passionate relationship that’s not sexy. You can still have that type of relationship and still wait for the right person.

I’m starting to announce what I am working on and it just ties into me and how I am waiting for marriage and my faith.

When viewers watch the show, it seems to not give as much information about who I am aside from a choice I made, which is to wait until marriage. That is a choice, not a characteristic or quality.  There is so much about me and my interests they didn’t show which is what made Ben and I so compatible. I am huge into fitness, outdoors, sports and travel… these things or sides of me weren’t really portrayed through what was shown.

What’s her backstory?

As a teenager, Angela grew up attending church with her family, and chose at age 16 to become a Christian. After a random conversation with her mom about boys and dating she decided to wait until marriage to have sex.

At age 22, she graduated at the top of her class from the University of Texas-Austin with degrees in Journalism and Corporate Communications.

What’s she doing now?

Angela signed a deal with Barry Zale (of the Zales jewelry empire) to launch the One Love Collection, a jewelry line featuring purity rings and unique faith-based designs influenced by Angela’s commitment to wait. The “One Love Collection” has recently been featured in InTouch Weekly, Fox News, The Daily Mail, Houston Chronicle, and on The 700 Club.

Angela is currently finishing a book about her upbringing and dating, and the importance of guarding your heart as a woman.

Some interesting facts about Angela…

  1. Angela helped build a school in Uganda, and devotes a lot of her time to philanthropy.
  2. Her mother, Elizabeth Justen, competed in the Ms. United America 2012 pageant (a beauty pageant focused on character and achievements).
  3. Her father is a former professional baseball player.
  4. Related to four-time gold medal winning Olympic legend, Emil Zatopek, who set world records in long distance running at the 1948 (London) and 1952 (Helsinki) Games.
  5. Crowned Miss Spring USA and competed in Miss Texas USA pageant.
  6. Worked as a reporter for CBS college sports.
  7. Loves concocting nutritious takes on some of her favorite desserts to share with her friends and fans, and stays active with exercises ranging from hiking and sailing to pilates and boxing.
  8. Represents FIT Athletic Club, the top gym in Houston, Texas and is working towards developing a variety of tools for other fitness enthusiasts.
  9. Was approached to appear as a lead on CBS dating series “Three” as a lead bachelorette around the same time as “Ready For Love” casting. On “Three,” she would be choosing from a pool of men to find which was most compatible, equivalent to Ben’s lead role on “Ready For Love.” She decided instead to risk being eliminated (as a contestant) for a chance to meet Ben.

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6 Responses to “Reality TV Star Angela Zatopek is Waiting Till Marriage”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Just the other day, I was starting to feel bad about being a virgin and here is a girl exactly my age and still a virgin. Its good to know there are others like me out there.

  2. Mishu says:

    I love this site. I’m a 23 year old virgin who is waiting for marriage and the right one. I’ve seen too much drama that comes from sex outside of marriage. I don’t want a child born from wedlock, I want a man who loves me for my heart and soul and not just my body. I shouldn’t (as a woman) have to give my body to “prove” my love. That’s a shallow feature, I need a man to understand me on a deeper level and deep love.

  3. Jason says:

    such a great article and shows women who wait want to ensure that the man is a good person and will treat her right.

  4. Mimi says:

    Being a virgin is hard especially when you are in a relationship but never the less you must never go against your values just to please your spouse. If your better half loves and respects you then waiting till marriage shouldn’t be a problem!… I’m a 17year old and I have vowed myself to wait until marriage, I know who I am and where I want to go in life so peer preasure won’t be that much of a problem plus I believe I’m independent and can make my own decisions no matter what comes my way.

  5. Shut Up Morons says:

    she is awesome. i wish i was a 25 year old virgin. i would marry here!

  6. Vick Macky says:

    Can someone please help? I have been emailing and leaving messages and nobody is responding. people are not getting the confirmation emails! take a look at when the last new member signed up.

    I would love to join this site but it looks like you’re experiencing some major tech issues.

    Someone please email me back at

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