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Shaun Alexander: Virgin Until Age 24

July 2nd, 2012 by

Shaun Alexander is a record-breaking NFL running back and college football star who’s known for his integrity, his friendly personality, and his charisma. In high school, even while he was being scouted on the field by football recruiters, Shaun was still making awesome grades in the classroom (he was also voted class president every year of high school).  But what he prayed for most of all was a wife that would complete him.

Quotes about Waiting & Abstinence

Everyone knows me and my wife’s story. We didn’t have sex until we got married.

When I think about relationship and marriage…if you are patient, every relationship and marriage is part of a long long ride. If you are man of faith, if you are patient and don’t jump on things that married people do, you will see the perfect mate for you.

I was praying for my wife since I was 16

I’m a kind of guy who jots down the characteristics of my wife and I was praying for that…. If it is, then let me look for that girl. I always wrote down and pray, wrote down and pray…. This is my vision of what Shaun’s wife is going to be.

Truth and obedience is possible.

I didn’t have sex until marriage. I didn’t even kiss my wife until I was married.

Watch the blessings while they come and our marriage was awesome.

I tell every single person when it comes to dating and relationships… be obedient and just wait it out.

How Shaun met his wife, Valerie

Shaun met his wife Valerie at a party shortly after signing with the Sea Hawks. Shaun’s teammate was hosting the party, and Valerie was his girlfriend’s roommate.

Valerie asked Shaun to come watch her sister run in a college track meet the next day. He agreed, but was worried about the commotion his presence would cause. Strolling around a mall in Tuscaloosa was already impossible due to the fame he’s already garnered by playing college ball and being called up the NFL.

To Shaun’s amazement, he was completely unrecognized and totally ignored at the track meet. When he told Valerie he basically hadn’t been out in public in three years, she did not understand. She thought he was trying to impress her. Not until they returned to Alabama as a couple did Valerie get it — Shaun was a rock star who required a police escort just to survive a walk across campus.

Mini Biography

Born on August 30, 1977 to father Curtis Alexander Jr., who worked for Morton Salt and mother Carol who worked in the truancy department of the Boone County School District

Childhood: Shaun grew up in Florence, Kentucky. He was in the shadow of his brother, Durran. A year older, Durran was the best athlete in the neighborhood, and the smartest kid in his class. When Shaun told a joke, people smiled; when Durran told a joke, people asked him to tell it again and again. After a while, Shaun—a good-natured, intelligent child—made peace with his situation and simply got used to playing second fiddle.

A superb student, Shaun did not miss a single day of elementary school or high school. No matter how much he had to do or think about, he always wanted to do more. He loaded his schedule with sports and clubs and special projects to keep from being bored. Church life also took up a good deal of his time.

The Alexander family began going to church regularly around the time Shaun turned 10. He has been a deeply spiritual person ever since, and is extremely involved with the church on a national level.

Age 10: Finds his gridiron calling. Initially he was just happy to play football  when he joined a local Pee Wee league, but after returning two kickoffs for TDs — and enjoying the attention he received for it — he decided to switch from defense to a position that would give him the best chance of seeing the end zone: running back. Shaun’s dad believed in rewarding good performances, plying his sons with ice cream and candy. The more they scored the more junk food he bought them. To this day, shaun still has a problem with eating too many sweets.

Age 14: Plays football for his high school’s junior varsity team. Voted Class President as he was every year in high school.

Age 15: He enters the varsity team as the second-string running back in his sophomore season. By mid-season, he was the team’s featured running back.

Age 16: Scores 42 touchdowns during his junior season and makes it to the state semifinals. In a game versus Campbell County, Alexander rushed for seven touchdowns. Listed in “Faces in the Crowd” section of Sports Illustrated in January 1994. Starts praying for a wife who has all the characteristics he is looking for in a woman.

Age 17-18: In 1995, in his senior season, Alexander rushed for 3,166 yards and a state record 54 touchdowns and was named Kentucky’s “Mr. Football”. He also was selected All-American by Parade and USA Today’s 1994 All USA team, named “Old Spice Athlete of the Month” by Sports Illustrated, and was known as “Alexander the Great” and had his high school number 37 retired a few weeks before his graduation.

Age 18: Alexander accepts a scholarship from Gene Stallings, the then head coach for the Alabama Crimson Tide football team. In his freshman season on campus, Alexander was redshirted.

Age 19: Alexander rushes for a school-record 291 yards and four touchdowns in a 26–0 victory over rival LSU at Tiger Stadium as a redshirted freshman. He finishes the year with 589 rushing yards and six touchdowns, and helps the team to a 10-3 record.

Age 20: Finishes with 415 rushing yards and three touchdowns, while the Tide limps to four victories.

Age 21: Decides to return for his senior season rather than leaving early for the NFL. After initially being given Heisman Trophy consideration to start the season, those hopes would fade as the season progresses and ends with a sprained ankle versus Tennessee. Plays a key role in leading the Tide to the SEC Championship in 1999.

Age 22: Leaves the school holding 15 records, including 3,565 career rushing yards.

Age 23-24: Drafted by the The Seattle Seahawks. During this rookie season, Alexander sees limited action behind starter Ricky Watters. Meets his to-be wife at a party, feels like the meeting is a sign from God.

During his second season in the NFL, he becomes the Seahawks featured running back, following injuries and eventual retirement of Watters. Alexander rushes for 1,318 yards and fourteen touchdowns, only behind Marshall Faulk for total touchdowns. Following the season, Fox Sports Net hires him to do a variety show called Shaun Alexander Live, aimed to poke fun at Alexander’s lack of recognition despite his on-field accomplishments, but it was short lived.

Age 24: Alexander marries Valerie Alexander (née Boyd) after a two-year courtship.

Age 25: He starts all 16 games en route to an NFC leading (and franchise record) 16 rushing touchdowns, four of which came in the first half of Seattle’s September 29, 2002 game against the Minnesota Vikings in only the second regular-season game ever at Seahawks Stadium (subsequently renamed Qwest Field) in Seattle. He also catches an 80-yard touchdown pass in the first half. The five touchdowns in that half set an NFL record. This was another ESPN Sunday Night Football game, enhancing Alexander’s reputation for performing phenomenally well in high-profile, prime time nationally televised games.

Age 26: He rushes his way to a career high of 1,435 rushing yards and scored 16 touchdowns. Seattle also makes its first playoff appearance since 2000.

His success in this season earns him his first trip to Honolulu for the annual Pro Bowl.

His first child Heaven was born in September 21, 2003.

Age 27: Alexander remains one of the key components of Seattle’s offense. He finishes second in the NFL in rushing yards (with 1,696) to the New York Jets’ Curtis Martin by a single yard. After being passed over for a late game rushing attempt during his team’s victory over the Atlanta Falcons, Alexander accuses his coach Mike Holmgren of “stabbing him in the back” by denying him an opportunity to win the rushing title. Alexander retracts his comments the following day and expressed support for his coach.

His second child Trinity was born on July 28, 2005.

Age 28: He gets a great deal of success in the 2005 season. He breaks the franchise record for the most rushing yards in the Seattle Seahawks’ history. He becomes the first running back in NFL history to record 15 or more touchdowns in five consecutive seasons on November 13, 2005, scoring 3 touchdowns. On November 20, 2005, in San Francisco, Alexander becomes the first player in NFL history to score 19 rushing or receiving TDs in only 10 games (Steve Van Buren had 18 in 1945). This feat eventually led to him breaking Priest Holmes record of 27 total touchdowns set in 2003, and his 27 rushing touchdowns also tied Holmes for the most in a single season.

In the 2005 season, Alexander broke out by setting several records and was named the NFL’s Most Valuable Player en route to a Super Bowl XL appearance with the Seahawks.

He receives the 2005 NFL MVP Award and becomes the first Seahawk to win the MVP award in franchise history.

The Associated Press names him Offensive Player of the Year after receiving 34 votes of a panel of 50 NFL sportswriters and broadcasters.

He receives the FedEx Ground NFL Player of the Year and the two awards, Best Record Breaking Performance and Best NFL Player from the ESPY Awards.

Age 29: Suffers a concussion early on in the 2006 Divisional playoff game against the Washington Redskins and had to watch the rest of the game, a Seahawks win, from the sidelines. However, in the NFC Championship Game against the Carolina Panthers, he has 34 carries for 132 yards and two touchdowns, which was easily the best playoff performance of his career.

Alexander signs an eight-year, $62 million contract (15.1 million of which was guaranteed and 15 million to be paid in the first year of the contract) to remain with the Seattle Seahawks organization and becomes the highest paid running back in NFL history at the time.

He gets to be featured on Madden NFL 07 because of his success during the previous season making him the first player to appear on the covers of both EA Sports football titles—previously appearing on NCAA Football 2001.

Alexander breaks his left foot in week 3 of the season, effectively continuing the Madden Curse.
He finishes the 2006 season with 252 rushing attempts for 896 yards and seven touchdowns in ten games.

Age 30: Sustains a fractured left wrist during 2007 season. He indicates that the injury was not major and that he would continue to play, but his performance took a noticeable turn for the worse. In week 9, he sprains both his knee and ankle. Even so, in the final game of the regular season, Alexander becomes the eighth player in NFL history to score 100 rushing touchdowns.

Alexander’s final regular season statistics for 2007 were 716 yards rushing on 207 attempts, a 3.5–yard per carry with four touchdowns in 10 games. He added 14 receptions for 76 yards and a touchdown to his rushing totals. After a January 12, 2008 playoff loss to the Green Bay Packers in which Alexander recorded only 20 yards on 9 carries and scored just one touchdown, the Seahawks opted to cut Alexander from the team on April 22, 2008.

Age 31: Alexander visits several teams including the Cincinnati Bengals, New Orleans Saints, and Detroit Lions but was not able to come to terms on a contract until he visited the Washington Redskins. On October 14, 2008, the team signs Alexander to fill the void left when back-up running back Ladell Betts went down with a knee injury. However, the Redskins released Shaun on November 25, 2008 after he logged only 11 carries in 4 games and only 2.2 Yards Per Carry.

Son, Joseph Prince Alexander, born March 3, 2009.

Age 32: Alexander expresses an interest in returning to the NFL, stating that four teams had called, but none had offered contracts: “My training has gone up to a level where I’m as strong and explosive as I’ve ever been right now,” he said. “I feel with the right team and right situation I could really help somebody. One thing I’ve done since I was a little kid was score touchdowns. So if somebody needs somebody to get in the red zone and do some work, I could probably do that again.” However, he has yet to return to the NFL.

Other Facts and Trivia

  1. Shaun did not miss one day of elementary or high school while growing up.
  2. Shaun and Valerie have four kids together namely Heaven, Trinity, Eden, and Joseph.
  3. A born-again Christian, Alexander and his wife are very outspoken about their faith and are regular attendees at Federal Way’s Christian Faith Center. Firm supporters of abstinence and sexual purity, Shaun and Valerie both were virgins when they married. Alexander has discussed the issue publicly on many occasions, including in his book Touchdown Alexander.
  4. Shaun and Valerie never even kissed until they stood at the altar and directed to do so by the pastor.
  5. His older brother Durran runs a foundation he started in his hometown of Florence, Kentucky that helps single parent families pay bills.


7 Responses to “Shaun Alexander: Virgin Until Age 24”

  1. Cesar says:

    Great articles on both shaun alexander and philip rivers!!!! Great facts and details keep up the good work mike 🙂

  2. DD says:

    Great article Mike! I would’ve had no idea!

  3. Brianna says:

    This is awesome! I love seeing people in the spotlight waiting. It just goes to show me that there is hope and rewards for everyone.

  4. Phoenix says:

    Wow! As a Washingtonian, I have always been a Seahawks fan, and spent many a day cheering on Shaun Alexander and the rest of the team, yet I never knew anything about his strong faith and his choice to wait for marriage. This makes me cheer for him for a whole new reason! When so many celebrities drag us down, it is great to see one who chooses to be a positive influence.

  5. Melodee Forbes says:

    Thanks so much! Great article!

  6. Judi Edwards says:

    An article has Shaun and Valerie attending her sister’s College Track event. It was actually at a South Kitsap High School “away” event. My daughter ran track with Valerie and sister Kristen at SK where all three girls ran track and played basketball for South Kitsap High School. Kristen and my daughter Melissa co- shared Best Athlete awards at their Junior High, John Sedgwick.
    Former SK Track and football star Roger Cooper also went in to the NFL for a short term. Roger had Shaun signi his track shoe at the High school event mentioned in the article. Roger definitely knew who Shaun was that day! SK had some amazing athletes back then! Class of 2000. Valerie Alexander (Boyd) graduated in 1999. Val was a sweetheart as well as Kristen! Kristen was full of energy and laughter! The whole Boyd family were (are) true Christians and Mr. Boyd – loved to be around him! Miss them!

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