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Vote for Your Favorite Waiting Till Marriage Songs!

June 18th, 2010 by

Ok, so I started out by writing that Top 5 Waiting Till Marriage Songs article, listing a handful of great waiting till marriage songs that I’ve enjoyed over the years. People started commenting and suggesting other songs and I discovered, happily, that there were way more songs about waiting till marriage than I had previously imagined. So rather than doing a zillion “Top 5” lists, I figured you’d appreciate a complete list of songs.

Check out the new Songs page. With your help, it can become the most complete listing of waiting till marriage songs on the web. Includes full lyrics, album link, and band website for each song. Plus, you can vote songs up and down, so if you want to download/buy some on a whim, you can start with the best ones.┬áIf you know of a song that should be on list but isn’t, leave a comment and I’ll add it! Note that both Christian and secular songs are included. Anything goes. Even if the song is not explicitly about waiting till marriage, if you found it relevant and meaningful towards that end, I want it on this list!

We’ll let your votes decide who the “top 5” are, rather than my opinion.

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