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YouTube Celebrity Couple Shay and Katilette Carl Waited Until Marriage (Updated)

September 30th, 2012 by

About The Shaytards

Shay Butler and his wife Collete (nickname “Katilette”) run one of the largest video blogging empires on the web, and earn an annual paycheck from YouTube that is well into the six-figure range. Their daily videos cover a huge range of topics from parenting, weight loss, and life adventures to adults-only topics that they discuss exclusively in their “When the kids go to sleep” series.

We covered the Shaytards earlier when they first came out as waiters-till-marriage, but we are now officially canonizing them in our Celebrities section, complete with cool new background info about Shay and Collete.

Videos: Shay and Katilette talk about waiting until marriage…

Keep in mind here that Katilette was the waiter when they first got together, not Shay. So all of these brilliant and thoughtful insights about waiting that Shay is sharing were things he had to learn through his experience of loving a waiter (Katilette). If any of you lady waiters out there have any doubts that you can find a non-waiter guy that will love you enough to wait on you, then look no further than Shay Carl.

Shay and Katilette come out as waiters-till-marriage (note: discussion starts at 7:45)

YouTube Preview Image

Follow-Up: The Shaytards respond to some of the comments they received and discuss not judging non-waiters, talking to kids about sex.

YouTube Preview Image

Memorable lines from the above videos…

When you take sex…those feelings are pretty strong. We as humans, we attach that feeling [to other things]. When you meet somebody, and the first thing you do is have sex, it’s like you have all those [physical] feelings and you misinterpret those feelings for trust, and longevity, and protection.

Get to know a person before you give them these feelings that you’re going to misinterpret later.


Shay and Collette Carl are kind of a double success story. They’re a great example of romance that started early and is still going strong, but they’re also a great example of entrepreneurship and business success, rising together as a couple to become one of the highest-paid channels on YouTube.

How they met and fell in love

When Shay was 21-years-old, his friend invited him to see a local theater group perform the musical Anything Goes. One of the stars of play was 19-year-old Collette Crofts, playing the role of a classy night club singer. Shay was immediately captivated by her beauty and singing talent. After watching Collette perform, Shay leaned over to his friend and whispered “I will marry that girl.”

Their first date

Shay met Colette again at a university dance, but didn’t have the courage to go up and introduce himself. After some prodding from his friend, he struck up a conversation with Collette and invited her to go wake boarding. She agreed. After their wakeboarding date, Shay was ready to propose (while Collette was simply impressed with his wakeboarding skills, and how much he seemed to care for his younger brother).

He proposed, she said “No.”

After a year of dating, Shay proposed, and Collette turned him down, for most painful possible reason possible: She was still waiting on her ex-boyfriend to return from an overseas mission trip and wasn’t sure who she wanted to be with. Eventually, her ex returned, and she decided that Shay was the one she wanted to be with, so she accepted his proposal and they were married 2 months later on January 3rd, 2003.

How they built their YouTube empire from scratch

The parking space (or lack thereof) that changed Shay’s life

Shay was still working his way through college when their second child was born. He remembers sitting anxiously in class, ready to jump out of his seat because he felt so drawn to be back at home with his kids and Collette.

One morning he arrived late to school because he had been up all night with his new daughter, and couldn’t find a parking spot. That little frustration was enough to push him over the edge. He drove home and never returned to college.

Shay finds his calling on YouTube

Shay had always been a funny guy. A good friend of his once said to him  “You have to get your comedy out there.” After quitting college and buying a cheap Dell laptop, Shay discovered YouTube and was fascinated by it. He started creating his own videos in 2007, starting with his first video: Fun with Helium and Passing Out.

Paying the bills with YouTube money

Six months of videos later, Shay rose to YouTube partner status, making slightly less than $400/month, enough to pay his utility bills. When he reached $2,000/month, he decided to quit his real estate and granite-laying jobs to focus on his internet channel full time. There were a few tight months, but Colette never complained about buying second-hand furniture or clipping coupons.

The threat of turning 30 pushes Shay to do something crazy

Shortly after turning 29, Shay decided that he needed to so something really momentous with his 29th year, so he came up with the idea of posting a new video every day of his 29th year. Together with his wife Collette (under her pseudonym Katilette), they pulled it off: a new video every day for a year.

Their subscriber count shot up, and so did their talent for video production. By the end of that year, Shay and Katilette were a force to be reckoned with on YouTube, and had won Mashable’s “Best YouTube Channel” award. By 2011, Shay and Collette were pulling in more than $140,000/year, making them one of YouTube’s highest-paid channels.

Cool facts and trivia

  1. Where the name “Shaytards” came from: Shay and Katilette often refer to themselves as “The Shaytards.” Shay once had a contest with other YouTube channels to see who could video blog for the longest. Around the 40 hour mark, Shay started talking about feeling “Shay-tarded.” His fans picked it up and started calling themselves “Shaytards.”
  2. Shay’s daughter Babytard was featured on the front cover of the James Blunt album Some Kind of Trouble.
  3. Shay used to leave love notes on Collete’s car when they were in college.
  4. Shay worked as a pest control salesman when he was dating Collete.
  5. The Shay and Collette do not shoot hours of footage all day and then wade through editing. They use about 90% of the things they shoot.
  6. Shay’s family didn’t like Katilette at first, but she quickly grew on them.


Author: Envincebal

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33 Responses to “YouTube Celebrity Couple Shay and Katilette Carl Waited Until Marriage (Updated)”

  1. Sarah says:

    I loved the pyramid symbolism that Shay used about sex and its place in relationships as well as the emotional connection [or lack of] of ONS. They put my thoughts into words.

  2. Meghan says:

    I really admire them

  3. Rose M/ says:

    Nice couple.. good advice and hopefully young teens and older people take lessons.

  4. bethlehem sisay says:

    both of you are compatible not only in that but also in all aspects of life!!!!!!!!! wow!! both of you are lucky because you are best of matches and i believe you say “i am lucky b/c she is mine or he is mine” … if one of you are duted to say that you are lucky then you both are lucky! lucky lucky lucky……… keep it up! i hopefully say that you can be the good or model parents for your children so they also are lucky!!!!

  5. sammy says:

    i love the shaytards i watch every vlog every day and every night i stay up till twelve o’clock watching shay tard vlogs my lil sis don’t like you and says you are pissy but i dont thi k that i also go a calendar and a shay Carl shirt

  6. a loyal Shaytards fan says:

    I’ve watched the Shaytards for years, and I would like to point out a couple of things regarding names in this article:
    1. Throughout the article, you spell Colette’s name several different ways, including “Colette,” “Collette,” and “Collete.” The correct spelling is “Colette.”
    2. Though Shay’s main channel is called “shaycarl,” Carl is not Shay’s last name (it’s his middle name.) His last name (and thus, now Colette’s as well) is Butler.
    3. Regarding the name of the Shaytards channel, the story told in this article is only partially true. During the BlogTV competition, one or more competitors (as far as I am aware, Shay has never specified who) altered the lyrics to the Black Eyed Peas song “Let’s Get Retarded” and began singing “Let’s Get Shay-tarded.” Shay’s “team” (fans that supported him in the competition) then became known as the Shaytard Rebellionites, which is also the name that Shay has given to his team in competitions such as Rhett and Link’s SuperNote. The idea that Shay’s fans were the Shaytard Rebellionites, combined with the fact that Shay’s first successful video on the shaycarl channel was of him dancing around in a unitard belonging to Colette, led Shay to name his secondary channel “SHAYTARDS.” Once he began the daily vlogs (which he posted to the Shaytards channel), he gave each of his children a “Tard” name in order to help protect their identities, and over the years, the name “Shaytards” has begun to refer to the Butler family rather than their fans.
    4. Last but not least, a comment that isn’t exactly about names but is still a correction: the improvement in production quality of Shay’s videos is not due to his or Colette’s “talent for video production,” but rather to the fact that Shay, along with some other popular YouTubers, founded a company called Maker Studios which is now one of the major YouTube and “new media” networks and which has even begun to sign “old media” talent such as Snoop Dogg. The vast majority of the Butlers’ content, including all new videos on shaycarl, katilette, and WhenTheKidsGoToSleep, has a massive Maker Studios production team behind it.

  7. karis says:

    can I live with you

  8. karis says:


  9. karis says:

    I ham a girl

  10. Kennedy says:

    This question has been in my head since I found out that at first Shay’s family didn’t like Collette, WHY NOT!??! She’s awesome! Does anybody know?

  11. kaela says:

    i love you

  12. kaela says:

    i love rocktard

  13. kaela says:

    and princesstard

  14. kaela says:


  15. kaela says:


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  18. Lauren says:

    Hi I am 8

  19. Lauren says:

    So tars

  20. princess says:

    i love watching their videos on you tube

  21. Kitty says:

    I watch the shaytards all the time. What a great family

  22. Anonymous says:


  23. Anonymous says:


  24. Joelle says:

    I love you guys so much . Princesstard you are my favorite

  25. Daryn says:

    This article is great, but I jut want to point out that Shay and Colette’s last names isn’t Carl. Carl is Shay’s middle name. Their last name is Butler.

  26. Emma says:

    YouTube see good sister you I known were go be your but love you she baby brother nice oh my god she lovely so mum and dad house over my house need my big brother your brother but meet and you became is fun my mum my dad OK fine now wach to my house monrig be your but for how are you

  27. Lauren Taylor says:

    hello shay and the rest of your family I am huge huge huge fan of your videos I watch them everyday single day when I get home from high school if I have homework or not I still want to meet you guys in person and get to know all about every single one of you.

  28. Nicolas leroux says:

    I love them so muche you are the best familie ever huuuuuuuuuuugeeeeeeeeee kises for you the shaitards:):):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-)

  29. Jojo says:

    This coming from a couple who are supposed Mormons yet are big-time fame whores. They lead a chaotic, loud and awful life, what terrible role-models. The wife is nothing but a breeding hound, what a disgusting family using their children to promote their ‘fame’.

  30. Hogan says:

    I watch y’all every single day

  31. kristin says:

    Yeah….but what if they are a sham? Cuz um they are.

  32. Abby Road says:

    I think it’s unfair to say the Colette was the only ‘waiter’ in the relationship. Shay made a few comments, while reflecting on the their courtship, about wanting to have sex before they were married, but I don’t think that means that he wasn’t planning on waiting. (By the way, who doesn’t want to have sex? You can still want to have sex, but wait until marriage. Wanting to have sex is NOT the same thing as actually having it, so I think it’s unfair to call him a non-waiter simply because he wanted to have sex.) If you watch The Shaytards at all, those types of comments are pretty typical of Shay – sometimes he says borderline inappropriate things to be funny – but those comments don’t necessarily convey his true feelings. From the rest of the video it was clear that he felt as strongly as her about waiting until marriage and points out that they BOTH had similar feelings about this due to church teachings.

  33. G says:

    Look what 14 years of marriage have done to them

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